Krannert School of Management - Deans Message

Uploaded by PurdueUniversity on 01.07.2010

>> Hi, I'm Jerry Lynch, Dean
of the Krannert School of Management.
There are many attributes that contribute to a great university
or a great business school.
You've got to have a good curriculum, good facilities,
and I think we have both of those.
We have a curriculum that is always under review,
and we've arrived at a nice mix
of theoretical underpinnings plus application
as students go through the program.
We also have great facilities.
Rawls Hall, our recent, most recent building,
won architectural awards both for its common spaces
and most importantly, for its classroom space,
and we've taken those ideas and incorporated them into remodels
of our older facilities.
But the real key to any academic institution is the quality
of the faculty and the quality of the students.
We have a great world-class faculty.
In many of our areas they are internationally recognized
for the contributions that they've made, and they take
that sense of intellectual curiosity,
bring that into the classroom, and challenge students to be
on the cutting edge of their discipline.
We also have great students.
I've been at Krannert for a number of years,
and I've seen a number of students come
through the portals, and all
of them are unique in their own way.
But they all have a common theme that runs through them,
and that is that they're hard-working, dedicated,
and grounded students.
They all have the fun that college students have,
but when they leave Krannert, they're ready to go
out into the work world and lead people in organizations
into the future, and they become our alumni network.
We have alums throughout the world who are dedicated
to Krannert, who are helpful for students as they go forward.
So if you're watching this you're already on our home page.
While you're here, navigate our Web site,
learn a little bit more about Krannert.
And whether you're a student thinking about starting off
as an undergraduate, master student or Ph.D. student,
or if you're an employer thinking about hiring some
of our students, I think you're going
to find Krannert's the place that you want to be.
Thanks for your time and attention.