NHS Choose Well - Funny Christmas Special - Turkey Tales

Uploaded by NWNHS on 09.12.2011

SANDRA>> Well, just when you thought you’d seen it all…
SANDRA>> Him there, he was sitting where you were before.
Gets off his face after work in the pub and he only goes and falls into a hawthorn hedge
whilst trying to get home.
Looks like he’s been dancing with Freddie Kruger now.
SANDRA>> Then there's them two daft apeths, dressed in next to nowt and out gallivanting
in town in this weather.
I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if frostbite has set in already.
I mean, it's not body-spray they need, it's flippin' anti-freeze...
SANDRA>> She – Photocopier; works Christmas 'do. Sits on it, glass breaks. Disgusting.
NEERUJ>> I’m sorry...…but what are you in for?
SANDRA>> Well, this! I won it at the meat raffle. It’s too big to get in my microwave,
and judging by the flippin' size of it it'll be New Year before it defrosts.
Now, I remembered about the time when our Pauline done her knee in, and was up to her
chu... Soz... in that plaster cast stuff, and they used one of them fancy power saws
to take it off.
So I'm here to get them to cut this beggar up for me. It'll look all lovely and proper
on me Christmas spread. I mean, after all, it is a public service they do here, isn't
PARAMEDIC>> We all like to enjoy ourselves over Christmas, with a bit of forethought
you may be able to avoid spending some of precious time in here.
A and E and the 999 services are for medical emergencies only, not for the likes of this
With over 20 million attendances in A and E every year, it's essential that you Choose
Well, and only call or visit only for the right reasons.
And just to remind you, if you are having a turkey this Christmas, make sure you defrost
and cook it well.
Have a great Christmas!
SANDRA>> Pauline? Pauline? You can tell your father that if he so much as touches my Pigs
In Blankets, he’ll end up down here his flippin' self, do you hear?