Mom's Organization Board Craft Idea

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I don't know about you,
but when school gets started in the fall,
our schedules get crazy.
So, to help you find your groove,
we're going to do this A+ upgrade to this bulletin board
by adding some embellishments and even a chalkboard.
So, to begin, you're going to need a corkboard.
Then in our scrapbook aisle,
we actually sell this burlap,
and it comes in a 12 x 12.
We're going to trim it down to fit the top of our corkboard,
run double-stick tape
along the edge of where you're going to cut,
just inside your measurement,
and then go ahead and cut, just with a pair of scissors.
Put the tape on all four sides.
Go ahead and trim it out and you'll have your nice, neat edges.
And then peel the back off and stick to the front of your board.
Now go ahead and line this up,
and go ahead and press it down on all four sides.
Once you've attached your burlap to your board,
we're going to create the chalkboard piece.
So, to make this,
we're going to use foam core and chalkboard paper.
It comes in a tablet, all different colors,
and you can cut this in all different shapes and sizes.
I've cut it to match my foam core
and I've used double-stick tape to attach it.
Then, using your tape runner,
run along all four sides of your foam core,
that has the chalkboard paper already attached to it.
We're going to place it at the bottom of the burlap.
Just press that on.
Then we're going to embellish it.
I've chosen this black and white ribbon,
and I'm going to measure it out and cut it.
And I'm also going to use the double-stick tape runner
to attach it to the frame of the board.
And, there, I've gone ahead and I've finished out
all four sides of the bulletin board
with the ribbon,
and that just gives it a really complete, finished look.
And you can have this match your decor, even, in your kitchen.
So, last, we're actually just going to take regular push pins,
and we're going to embellish them
with bottlecaps and initials.
We're going to take the hole punch;
and this 1-inch hole punch
will fit perfectly inside your bottlecap.
You're not going to have to trim or measure it;
it fits perfect.
So once you punch out your scrapbook paper,
you're going to go ahead and place it in your bottlecap.
Take your tape runner and you're going to use that
to attach it to the middle of your bottlecap
Then, I'm going to take an initial sticker letter.
I chose "K" for Kyra.
I'm going to place that in the center of my bottlecap,
right on top of my scrapbook paper.
Then I'm going to use this clear acrylic dome
and I'm going to place it over the scrapbook paper and initial,
and this is going to seal everything in
and keep it in place.
So, last, you want to use your clear push pin,
and we're going to use E-6000.
Go ahead and place the E-6000, just a dot,
on the back of the push pin,
and put the glue on the push pin
so you can center it up on the bottlecap.
And, as you can see here,
I've done one for each family member.
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