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Hi, I am Yasunari Kawabata
I am a japanese writer
and I was born in 1899
but dont worry friends because basically I'm dead.
Oh! Why are you crying little Kawabata?
Oh, it's not a big deal...
I had a very sad childhood
all my family members died
my father died
my mother died too
my grandparents died
you know...
it has been very hard for me
look at this flowers
they are already dead, I'm dead inside
Once, when I was in high school
I was doing an exam and the professor told me
"Oh! you look like you are cheating in the test"
because I had something written in my hand
but I said: "Oh this is not cheating,
this is Palm-of-the-hand Stories" Yes!
I've created Palm-of-the-hand's
this is stories written on the palm of the hand
Palm-of-the-hand stories, stories palm-of-the-hand stories...
I've always been a very creative man
I'm always creating, always creating
when I'm not doing plays or writing work
I'm involved in the cinema industry
and now, look at this
I am creating a masterpiece
but let's talk about something else
when I was young I studied English Literature
(someone holds his laughter)
you like it?
Everybody knows that I'm a very huge fan of
William Shakespeare's Hamlet
I identify with the main character, Haaamlet
he loses every single member of his family and
in other words, he's like me
No, better said, I'm like him.
yes - I'm - me - yes
very dark, very...
very sensitive.
[emo alert]
People always ask me about
what neosensualism is
and I say...
[not really neosensualism]
[Xavi: vale, vale]
That's basically what neosensualism is
Because of my work
I received the Nobel
but you know,
I always prefered Malboro!
(awkward silence)
This is a metaphor
because it's always raining in my heart
I'm very sad
you guys are here
Well it's time to say good-bye
I'm going to -
to commit suicide
just kidding
or not...
Yasunari Kawabata: Jesus Martinez
Executive producer: Juan M. Asins
Camera operator: Xavi Martinez
Water boy: Rubén Gomez
Make up: Stanley Kubrick
Script: Jorge Luis Borges
Music by Ennio Morricone and the Marmotts
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