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ALLISON HOLKER: Jonah Hill gets wild with Liza Minnelli,
insider info on Madonna's new "Girls Gone Wild" video, and
tWitch stops by to reveal some exclusive details on Step Up
This is Just Dance for March 15, 2012.
Hey, guys.
I am so excited to be back.
We have a lot to talk about, so let's jump in.
Jonah Hill is busy promoting his new movie 21 Jump Street,
and my favorite appearance he made was hosting Saturday
Night Live.
It was his second time hosting the show, and Tom Hanks made a
cameo during his monologue to wish Jonah well and to tease
him about losing at the Oscars.
The highlight for me was seeing Kristen Wiig show off
her Broadway-style dance moves acting like Liza Minnelli
before she pulled Jonah in for a duet.
They ended the episode with a big performance of Coolio's
"I'll See You When You Get There." Why don't more shows
end with a Coolio performance?
I don't even think you'd have to make a cover because I'm
pretty sure Coolio's available.
The one and only Madonna is releasing her second music
video for her new album MDNA.
It's called "Girls Gone Wild," and it's scheduled to hit
YouTube at the end of March.
The queen of pop decided to treat her fans to a little
teaser clip.

Let me know below if you think Madonna's new
video will be a hit.
Some breaking Step Up news.
The fourth film of the franchise will officially be
called Step Up Revolution.
Lat week, I treated you guys to an interview
with Kathryn McCormick.
Well this week, I have another treat for you.
The one and only Stephen "tWitch" Boss.
TWITCH: One thing about this Step Up that's different, that
really sets itself apart from the other Step Ups, is it's
not battle based.
There's a particular group of dancers named
the Mob in this one.
So what we've done is we've taken the idea of a flash mob
and applied it to what our crew or our organization
stands for.
We're really making statements with these mobs doing
intricate choreography.
It really is using dancers' strengths
in huge, huge numbers.
Everybody can catch Step Up Revolution in
theaters on July 27.
Now, make sure you do not miss it.
ALLISON HOLKER: My favorite little penguins from Happy
Feet 2 waddled on to the Blu-ray DVD
combo pack this week.
There are a ton of special features including three
sing-a-longs, which I know I'll be
enjoying with my daughter.
There are also some great dance scenes that were
choreograph by Wade Robson.
I want to know which one was your favorite.
So leave a comment below letting us know if you like
"Bringing Fluffy Back" or "Rhythm Nation" more.
The best comments will win a free copy.
Florence and the Machine released her new music video
for "Never Let Me Go." The video is haunting, romantic,
and kind of dark.
And I'm not just talking about Florence
Welch's jet-black hair.
The ice dancing in the video is truly unique.
Let's see what Lisa Schwartz thinks of the video.
LISA SCHWARTZ: This week, Florence and the Machine came
out with a new music video for their single "Never Let Go,"
and it is really weird.
I repeat, it is really weird, which is to be expected for
Florence and the Machine.
But this one is over the top artsy and strange.
And I had to watch it a few times to figure out
what was going on.
There's many themes of water running through, no pun
intended, the whole video.
And it got real weird.
I mean she had bloody stuff coming down her head.
And I don't know, apparently it had to do something with
the Titanic based on the idea of the Titanic, never let me
go, ice, love.
The part that I like the best is when the two of them are
just on the ice skating rink having fun.
Too heavy for me, a little artsy-fartsy, but overall, the
song is beautiful.
Florence is amazing.
Her voice is wonderful.
I miss her red hair though.
But you know what, the next time you're going to do a
Titanic-inspired music video, I'd like to see some Leonardo
DiCaprio with his shirt off dancing.
ALLISON HOLKER: Tuesday night, NBC premiered its new show
Fashion Star.
it's the first of its kind.
It's a fashion design competition where the winning
designer's get to launch their new collections in three of
America's largest retailers.
The show features choreography by Kevin Maher, and Stefanie
Roos is on board as creative consultant.
Looks like Fashion Star is going to be bringing it with
hot fashion and even hotter dance moves.
Speaking of heat, Abby took her dance group to Miami for a
competition on this week's episode of Dance Moms.
If you missed it, our friend Todrick has an
FYI recap right here.
Newsies is dancing on Broadway, and
previews start today.
The musical features really athletic choreography by
Christopher Gattelli.
A lot of the Newsies happen to be fellow veterans of So You
Think You Can Dance.
So be on the look out for Jess LeProtto, Thayne Jasperson,
Alex Wong, and Evan Kasprzak if you're lucky
enough to get tickets.
The show doesn't officially open till March 29, but we
were able to get a sneak peek behind the scenes.
CHRISTOPHER GATTELLI: The dance in the show is
particularly important because it's the perfect marriage of
what it can do to a musical, and it's a scrappy
group of news boys.
But their dancing, to me, shows their ethic of how they
deliver the papers.
They may be poor, but they have integrity.
And so their dance kind of shows that.
ALLISON HOLKER: As some of you may know, we just held a big
giveaway for Footloose on Blu-ray DVD.
We even have one signed copy by Blake Shelton to give away.
Congratulations to our winner Neil.
Check him out doing the fake ID line dance.

Things are getting more and more juicy on Smash.
There was even a bar mitzvah in the mix.
If you missed the mitzvah, Luan can fill you in on
everything you missed.
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