Shopping W2M (english sub)

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when you go shopping, you are excited because you are going to get something
until this happens...
- good afternoon if you need anything I am here to help. -Thank you.
-I'll be right here ok? -thank you
-remember.... I am right here... -thank you...
-I am still here ok? -yeees... thank you!
-do you need anything yet? -No!!! thank you!
-Don't feel pressured ok? -shut up!
Damn it!
I go to the store to buy, not to talk!
and then.. she cheated on me!
I am so sorry, but you might feel better if you buy one of our shirts!
-really? -yes, I promise!
they always end up selling us something
-what about body to body selling?
Can I help you?
no, I was just looking, but thank you...
-what's going on? -no, nothing...
ok then ill go over there...
what's wrong? -nothing
-Im going over there... -go ahead...
-what do you want? -nothing... go on...
hey reff!!!
let's talk about shopping!
we only talk about very important international affairs
ahhh just kidding... hi ray william johnson!
shopping makes our life less empty..... or the other way around
what's wrong?
my husband... my husband hasn't come back yet!
where did he go?
he is over there! over there!
you can go into the corner stores but leaving them is almost impossible!
and it's all because you go through the aisles over and over
the juice, the cookies, the sandwiches!
and then you remember you were not hungry or thirsty
i think that the 7 elevens should be used for something different!
hey hello, how are you?
good and you?
very good, whats your name?
hi samantha my name is Partik
hi Patrik , do you come here often?
no, not at all...
oh well, 7 eleven is getting really fancy
yes i know...
-ok listen, Im going to go buy a hot dog ill see you later. -ok Im going to buy some pop corn for 50 cents...
it would be a perfect place to meet people
but if we are talking about shopping...
there are two things that always go together...
the adolescent mom!
meaning, the mom that takes his teen age kid shopping
look in this store they have everything, what do you want?
look in this store they have everything, what do you want?
a t shirt mom
why another t shirt!? why not some undies! your under wear is all messed up and smelly!
its true! they are all ugly! but ok how do you youngsters say? undies? lets buy you undies!
you are embarrassing me mom!
you are so ungrateful! bur ok ill leave you alone, which one do you want?
that one, over there!~
oh ok that one, hey sir! sir! how much is that one? with the red robocop!?
mom! its iron man!
bur if going to the store, and seeing an adolescent mom is embarrassing ...
this is worse!
seeing a mamadoloc, and you might be wondering what is a mamadoloc?
mamadoloc, doesn't exist and i don't even know what it means...but didn't i get you thinking?
ahhh just kidding, but if its sad to see a teen ager being embarrassed by his mom
its even worse seeing a mom buying clothes for his 23 year old son!
-hmm lets see... sweet heart come over here! -what mom?
- which one do you like baby?that one? -yeah that one over there! -you are going to look so cute!
-you are 30 but there is no problem! -yes mommy!
of coarse at that age, what do you complain about!?
if your mom keeps buying you clothes after you are 18
it would be stupid to complain!
and i don't want to offend all the lazy 18 year olds that watch me...
ahh just kidding but... come on find a job!
being in a typical mall store is the same as this
red code red code!
-yes sir! -aisle 3 there is a bomb! -A BOMB!!!
for some odd reason whenever you are shopping you always wanna fart
who was it?
what!? eww it was this guy! dude it smells so bad! what did you eat? a pig!? gross!
while you are shopping a million things can happen! you can be embarrassed in many ways...
-dude that one is so cool! if you don't buy it ill buy it! -yes it is! i need one for the party!
-yes or those pants look! -dude yes! they are so cool!
-can I help you? -yes can you show us those white pants please...
yes but mmm... this are the girl clothes!
yes yes... we knew that.... its for my aunt... haha.. can you show me those white shoes? -what size?
9 1/2
is his freaking sister king kong or what!?
they should have bigger signs that say, male department or female department.. what are they thinking!?
this is not for girls! is for guys! is a guys dress! I am scotch! what the hell!!!
ahaha I missed that, you don't say it anymore! come on!
and many relationships are like the clothes from zara or couch at first they look cute but then they are awful!
there are specials up to 70% off!
what happened?
-did you find anything? -yes a sweater...
-look we can all wear this sweater... -isn't it too big? -yes we can all wear it at the same time
you can only find clothes that fit a big huge freaking ugly gorilla!
and the worse thing!
-here is your stuff, come back soon! -thank you...
oh my gosh she is stealing something get her!
it always happens!
cachorros i love you! i sent you a bunch of love letters!
ill see you later! uhhh a bunch of cinnamon kisses!
don't forget that I am reading your twits #shoppingw2m
lets see... ohhh a bunch of nice things!
Ill see you next week, take care, and if you have internet, ill see you there!