Fun And Easy To Use?!

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Hi guys! Today we\'92re looking at redundant kitchen
technology in a segment I like to call
Redundant Kitchen Technology
This may well become a regular segment
as there are many kitchen appliances we have all either purchased or been gifted
which lay in the dark recesses of our kitchen cupboards. Today's piece of
redundant kitchen technology will be Muffin maker by...
Actually doesn't have a brand.
But who doesn't like muffins?! Probably diabetics...
People with an allergy to gluten Soy, milk, peanuts
So lots of people...lots of people don't
like muffins. Before we begin, lets take a look at the
amazing features of the technological marvel
that is "Muffin Maker" It features a non stick coating for easy cleaning
It features "Makes 7 mini muffins" And it also features "fun and easy to use"
So, let's get this boat on the road That's not right, is it?

A clear indication of the necessity for a
muffin maker is evident in the fact the product
is still in its original packaging. 12 months
on, the warranty is void and it's yet to be
used. But let's crack this puppy open and begin.
Got it!

This certainly beats going to the supermarket
and getting the old packet muffin mix.
When in doubt, read the instructions. There's probably a bunch of recipes in
here for choc chip or...something...
Nothing. This product does not come with ANY
suggestions on how to make your own muffins.

So I've just come back from the supermarket
to purchase the muffin mix I didn't think
I'd have to buy.
I guess rather stupidly I was under the
impression "Muffin Maker" might tell me what
was required to make muffins.
Nevertheless, one hour later let's begin.
So what I'm going to do is follow
the instructions here to make my muffin mix, to follow the
instructions here to make my muffins.
Here we go... Muffin mix, Egg
Milk Butter
Mix. We're ready to go.
What do we need to do?
Note: When heating up for the first few times
a slight smell may be produced. Awesome.
Make sure the room is adequately ventilated.
Great! Heat the appliance for 10-15 minutes.
This must be the fun and easy part.
Whoa, that is pretty strong (coughs)
That's good stuff. Ok now that's over it's time to commence
This so called instruction manual doesn't
actually explain how much batter to put in here.
In fact it doesn't even say how long
to cook them for. I'm not joking, this is genuinely
just a list of things that you shouldn't do
with the appliance.
"Never immerse the appliance in water"
Oh, really? "Disconnect the appliance during a thunderstorm"
"Do not use on a flammable surface" What would that even be?
So the rest really is a guessing game. Im thinking they're small so what 7
minutes should do it? I think.

Great! They're not ready.
Jesus! Ouch! Steam burn...non scripted.
Sesame Street Band-Aid make me feel better.
Hehe...Elmo. All better.
I think they're done.
Ouch! (in pain) That's boiling! Oh my God! And there they are, aren't they beautiful?
It says here "For reasons of taste you
should not eat the first seven baked muffins but
should throw them away.
The question I hear you asking is:
At what point in time is this no longer fun? The answer is 20 minutes ago.
This is going to make about 50 mini muffins.
Why do I even need mini muffins? What's wrong with normal sized muffins.
This is my issue with these appliances.
It's not required. We don't need a machine
to make muffins. Especially one that doesn't
even tell you how to make them! And burns the living $#!& out of your thumb.
Don't buy an appliance, use a muffin tray,
and put it in the oven that came...with the
house that you live in!
"But Andrew, not everyone has a house" Then why are you trying to make muffins?!
Just go to the supermarket, get a six pack for $4.
Join me next time on my redundant kitchen
technology segment when we have fun making snow cones using Kambrook's
Snowy Flakes machine. No hot parts to burn myself on.
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technology you own.
If I can get my hands on some of the things you post, I'll be sure to feature it.
Before I go, did anyone find the link to the
hidden video in the How To Stalk Yourself video? Nobody commented.
Anyway, catch you next week. Yes I realize if I'd have used gloves or a
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I'm running out of time.