CDC: Tips from Former Smokers -- Marie's Story

Uploaded by CDCStreamingHealth on 04.05.2012

I started having trouble walking,
and I thought I had pulled a muscle.
But I went to the doctor, and they told me
that I had blood clots.
And from the blood clots,
it led me to another doctor,
which diagnosed me with Buerger's Disease.
I've been like this for almost 17 years,
and I still have to be very careful in what I do,
because today or tomorrow, I could bump into something
and lose another finger.
It's a terrible disease.
You know, it's a very painful disease.
And it's an ongoing disease.
My first three or four years were just, I mean, unbearable.
I wasn't living. You know, I was just existing.
You know, you say to yourself,
"You want this pain, or you want your leg?
You want this pain, or you want your finger?"
You know, at that point, it's like,
"Cut whatever you want to cut. Just stop this pain."
You know, it's just too much.
We have choices, and I chose to smoke,
but if I would have had the information
I think that we have today,
my choice would have been much different.
Just think of waking up one morning,
and all of a sudden, your leg is gone.
You know, and it's just something
that you have to deal with.
Life is so different now.
You know, it really is.