Having perfect health

Uploaded by GuaranteedSolution on 23.05.2012

You don’t need any medicine for your body,
if you put the food after whatever has been put is digested and leaves your body.
Whatever you put in your body
should leave your system in 3 ways;
one motion, another one urine, third sweat.
All 3 should happen between every meal.
Before every meal
everything goes inside, these 3 should have happened to you.
It means,
2 meal a day
and twice,
at least twice you should do one, two and sweating,
means working out.
All 3 should happen between every meal.
Sweating is completely out of our life.
We don’t even sit on the ground.
Especially when I travel around the world, I understand
sitting on the ground is considered to be the great tapas
in western countries. “No no no, I can sit on the ground, Swamiji”.
Oh god,
because of that
nexus of back pain doctors, surgeons and the furniture makers.