Cisco Unity Express Video Data Sheet

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>> Hello. I am Mili Daftary with Cisco, and I would like to give you a brief overview
of Cisco Unity Express, a complete and cost-effective voice messaging system
for the Cisco Integrated Services Router.
Unity Express is designed for the branch office and small-to-medium-sized office.
The software and message store comes on your choice of five different modules,
depending on the number of people in your organization.
We have two versions of the advanced integration module,
which comes factory-installed on 2800 and 3800 Series ISRs and supports
up to 65 mailboxes and 6 ports.
The network module over can be installed on any router and supports
up to 275 mailboxes and 24 ports.
For our second-generation integrated services routers, we have two modules.
First, the integration service module, which is the ISM, which comes factory-installed
on 2900 and 3900 Series ISRs and supports up to 100 mailboxes and 10 ports.
There is also the new service module, which allows you to support
up to 500 Unity Express mailboxes and up to 32 ports.
In addition to voicemail, Unity Express also provides automated attendant;
interactive voice response, or IVR; fax handling capabilities;
and time card management -- on a single module.
For example, with Unity Express you can access and manage messages from any telephone
or your PC, and you can use the display on your Cisco Unified IP Phone
to visually navigate through your voice messages.
The automated attendant ensures that calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
without the need of a dedicated operator.
Furthermore, you can increase your customer service capabilities
with the built-in Unity Express IVR.
Unity Express supports the TimeCardView application,
which allows you to enter and manage time-card data.
Employees, supervisors, and payroll specialists all have separate access
for managing, approving, and reporting time-card data.
Unity Express is very easy for a network or telecom administrator
to manage from a central location.
A system administrator dashboard brings you real-time and historical reports
on all mailboxes and call activity.
You can also take advantage of Unity Express's centralized authentication,
authorization, and accounting features using enterprise-class RADIUS services.
Unity Express also comes with a number of security features
that protect your voice messaging network, such as password hack prevention measures,
secure backup and restore, and HTTPS access to the Unity Express web interface.
Additionally, starting with release 8.0, Unity Express can be deployed
in a survivable mode, taking over voice messaging duties
from a centralized Unity Connection solution in the event of a WAN service outage.
In summary, Cisco Unity Express is an ideal messaging solution for the branch office
and small-to-medium-sized office.
The system offers productivity-enhancing features, ease of operation,
and a total low cost of ownership.
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