World of Tanks - Epic battle of Prokhorovka (five IS-7 in a random battle) by Ellestar

Uploaded by EllestarTheElflord on 26.05.2010

I'm second on a shooting position. Skipping the actual shooting...
Aiming, aiming... Low chance to hit
That was Su-14, near miss. I can't move for a while But now i know where it is (thanks to the tracer)
Move, move, move!
IS-7. Short stop for a shot... and a miss :(
Tennoheika BANZAI!!! It's time to kill Su-14
Enemy IS-7 has low health so i'll finish him with a shot to side armor
Anti-artillery evasive maneuvers...
And another near miss from Su-14. I can't move again and i lost a loader Imagine what a direct hit will look like...
That's a King Tiger
Hush, hush! Scared kitty, huh?
Ow, my ass! But here is Su-14
I'm ramming it so to shoot it for sure With 25% health and no loader i probably have only one shot at it
I'm alive! I'm alive! I'm covered from 3 sides by terrain so it's important to turn 180 degrees to face the enemy with my front armor
Looking for trouble? Make it double!
Looking for trouble? Make it double!
T-34-85 is trying to flank me
King Tiger hides behind the rails again but maybe there are other targets somewhere?
IS-7 facing me with a side armor, that's what i call a good target
But side armor of my turret is facing the direction where King Tiger can come from so i'm kinda worried
Bang! Second IS-7 is shot down. I used auto-aim to shoot in one direction and look in another one
Now it's time to finish King Tiger. T-34-85 near him is less threatening
Ramming T-34-85 for extra damage and so to immibilize it