Kpop Music Mondays - G Dragon "One of a Kind"

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This week's Music Monday will have you jangling your private parts
with G-Dragon's 'One of A Kind'
For starters, this is our 100th Music Monday ever
Thanks to all of you for sticking around for 99 epsiodes' worth of our lame jokes, our face arousing, raunchy thrusting,
Bro-ho-ho-ing, Mordney Present-ing, Ayy Girl-ing, and Ooh you so Nasty!
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Okay enough about us.
How about G-Dragon's 'One of A Kind'? Let's just say that we didn't actually instantly love this song
but it DID grow on us.
The bass line is bloody awesome and that "Wuhka-wuhka-wow"
in the chorus is unbelievably catchy.
Anyone who watches this more than twice is gonna be singing the "Hello hello" all day long,
Not that WE have.
As for me, and, Martina disagrees with me here,
I didn't really like how GD switched from really slow flow to rapping really quickly, which, YES, I agree is really talented,
BUT, it's not something I'm interested in for a hip-hop or a rap song.
If you'd have given me nothing but the chorus for the entire song, this could EASILY have been of my favorite tracks of the year.
But, frankly, this really isn't made as a song for you to sing along to.
Plus G-Dragon isn't singing about love or loss or anything that average folks, like you or me,
can realate to.
He's rapping about himself, the difficulties he has with the perception of him and his image,
and also being, REALLY, REALLY, rich, which
most of us can't really relate to any of those issues,
especially the richness one.
Now look G-Dragon, you're rich, I gotcha. You make a BUTTLOAD of money and don't know what to do with it.
So you play tennis with Chanel balls, with terrible form mind you, in the most inappropriate of places.
And you go boxing with a helmet made of gold PURE GOLD!
Which might I suggest probably doesn't provide the best level of support of punches to the head.
Here's a pro tip. Next time look for something soft and squishy to protect your head. It makes hits to the skull a lot less painful!
"But then I won't look fashionable...?"
The more that I think about it I'm starting to believe that G-Dragon might be, quite possibly the worst athlete in K-Pop history.
[G-Dragon Impersonation] AY YO! Throw me the rock son!
Oooooooh Snaaaap!
Gaaaaah- Oh! Where am I?
Canada?! Aw SNAP!
Another thing. I know that G-Dragon is wild and young, but,
when I first heard the song I didn't clearly hear him pronouncing that 'L' so I thought
that he said that he's WIDE and young, which, I interpreted as him saying that he's a FAT KID, which CLEARLY aint the case.
Because seriously, G-Dragon needs to put on just a bit of weight.
Now, I'm basing this SOLELY off the numbers he put on his mug shot.
He's 127lbs, and 5' EIGHTY inches tall!
Do the math yourself, that would make him, all together, ELEVEN AND A HALF FEET TALL!
That's barely 10lbs a foot. G-Dragon, it's time for you to do some push-ups bro.
Maybe you could add some mashed potatoes with that dry-ass steak of yours. I mean c'mon GD,
You're young and rich! Can't you afford some gravy on that grey steak of yours?
It's time for you to hire a new personal chef.
And, c'mon GD. A Galaxy tab?
You can afford an iPad. Oh-ho! Burn!!! That's a Samsung diss!
Actually, that's not the smartest thing for me to do, considering the country that I'm living in.
[Oh! Someone's at the door!]
I...retract that...f-former statement. I love Samsung and, everything you the world. You're the best. Samsung.
[Samsung] I love you too Simon
You're the best, Samsung iRobot [Samsung] I love you too Simon
Now although the video might seem like a mis-mash of just a bunch of random images and scenes,
but there's actually a boat-load of symbolism and importance to each scene.
Now it's not like 'Cleansing Cream' or 'The Grasshopper Song', which gives you an interpretation of life, or worth, or meaning.
This is just more symbolic for G-Dragon's PERSONAL life, rather than YOUR life, which is why we think that
some people will absolutely HATE this video, and some people will probably LOVE it and take the time to analyze it.
Now, we don't have time to talk about ALL the symbolism here, BUT take, for example, the animal imagery.
GD has a bear in the video and in the chorus he says that he's a bear that can do a lot of tricks
but then he changes his mind and quickly says, no, he's more like a fox.
He's quick to refute that statement because bears are seen as animals being use to entertain
like dancing and performing tricks for their masters, BUT
the fox is a very clever animal that is not easily taken advantage of.
So yeah, GD will sing and dance in the K-Pop industry,
in which the vast majority of K-Pop groups DO sing and dance as they are told to
But GD wants to make the distinction that he's not just a mindless bear being forced to perform.
He's fully aware of what he's doing, and in fact, he's in full control of it.
There's also that awesome scene with the two different versions of GD at the dinner table. Definitely my favorite.
You have the dark heartbreaker-esque, gangster GD, in a blood-stained room as he's like STABBING a heart violently.
But then when the viewer removes their blue tinted sunglasses, we suddenly see a pristinely white room, and a charmingly boyish GD.
Innocently slicing his steak and posing with a tomato for the camera, while asking the viewer to accept him and love him.
So which image should we accept of him? Is he a bad boy or is he good?
And which image does the media use to portray him?
To US it seems like GD doesn't want to STICK to an image.
GD wants to recreate himself over and over again.
Which is why you see him playing tennis and smashing all of his previous outfits that he wore in past music videos.
As soon as he gets stuck on ONE image, he could easily be labeled and easily dismissed as no longer interesting.
But GD is in a state of constantly changing, and evolving, and growing, and recreating himself.
So you can never QUITE put your finger on him. GD will be something different every time you see him.
He's not just a music artist but he's also an image artist.
Similar to how Lady Gaga takes pride in changing her image as an artist.
GD is REALLY great at including SIMPLE looking dances that are actually REALLY hard to imitate in real life.
Do you remember my attempt at doing the 'Heartbreaker' dance?
[shudder] Well I spent all day yesterday trying to master that like knee-wiggle dance and all I got for it was really sore thighs...
But I gotta say, I just LOVE the addition of those female back-up dancers wearing the matching like unitards or bathing suits
that frequent the GD&TOP videos. They were in 'Turn it Up' and 'Knockout' and now they're here as well.
They're the best! There's something so awesome about their like super serious faces juxtaposed with their violent pelvis flexing.
"I take my job seriously"
But I feel like it only REALLY works because it's a guy surrounded by girls wearing unitards.
Cue to Simon in a unitard.
[Simon] I don't HAVE a unitard!
Cue to Simon in a bathing suit.
"Oo yeah! Uh! So nasty!"
As for the English of the song, we give this a...
5 out of 5
On paper all the English is fine, but then G-Dragon speaks with like a hip-hop slang so,
I GUESS that's ok, except for the "Wide and young" part.
He doesn't clearly enunciate everything, but that's on purpose rather than for the sake of throwing random English phrases that seem cool so,
Word son! 5 out of 5!
Just make sure GD you never use the phrase "Leggo" because... I hate that phrase.
Last week we asked you "Which Hot Mess of a Lens Flare Explodomania did you prefer"?
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