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Highlights of the news today Monday 17th December
Pagans who abused children as young as 3 years given 32 years in prison
Landlady wants Qatada out of newly rented luxury house!
Struggling Stores Slashing Prices by Up to 80 Per Cent
JOHN Puxty Today in Dereham in Norfolk. French prosecutors ask EU Parliament to take
immunity from Marine LePen Brutal attack by Muslim cab driver on the
great grandson of former Prime Minister Adenauer 52-year-old Malaga woman throws herself off
4th-floor balcony Gun-Control Laws Failed Connecticut Children
“Sharia Thirsty” Take Solid First Round Lead in Egypt
Electroshock Torture Handcuffs Now Patented Thought for the Day – How long can the world
ignore Islam? And Finally – the older and smellier it
is, the better it is for you!
UK NEWS ‘White Witches’ Who Conducted ‘Horrifying’
Ritualistic Sex Abuse on Children as Young as Three in Cornish Coven Jailed for 32 Years.
Peter Petrauske and Jack Kemp were said to have worn ceremonial robes and pagan paraphernalia
while they abused young girls in Cornwall during the 1970s. Police believe one of their
victims may have been as young as three when the abuse started.
The judge described the victims’ experiences as ‘nothing less than harrowing’ as he
condemned their ‘utterly horrifying’ crimes, sentencing Petrauske to 18 years in prison
and Kemp to 14. The pair, aged 72 and 69, showed little emotion as they were led from
the dock at Truro Crown Court and into custody UK: Hate Preacher Abu Qatada’s New £450,000
Four Bedroom Home — paid for by You. Radical preacher Abu Qatada has moved into
a new taxpayer-funded house worth £450,000 near to a church — and the furious owner
wants him out. The fanatical Muslim, who preached hate sermons towards the West — arrived
in the leafy suburb of North-West London last week. He had left his previous £400,000 four-bedroom
rented home near Wembley Stadium after apparently complaining it was too small for him and his
family. He shares his new detached home, which is paid for by state handouts, with his wife
and four of their five children. Similar homes in the area have sold for close to £500,000.
But the woman who owns the smart four-bedroom house reacted angrily last night after discovering
the identity of her new tenant — and said she would try to evict him. She said she was
‘astonished’ to be told the radical cleric had been allowed to live in the property,
which she rents out through an agency for £1,400 a month. Speaking from her home, the
owner said: ‘I had no idea who was living there.
I have read about this man and why he was in prison, he does not seem like a nice character.
‘A family member was living at the house until they recently passed away. Now we are
letting it out via a local estate agent — who told me they would most probably let it to
a member of their staff. ‘We signed a contract with the company for
six months but there is no way I would have given my permission to rent the house to a
man like that — not ever.
Struggling stores are slashing prices by up to 80 per cent as they launch the greatest
Christmas sales ever seen to tempt back missing shoppers.
The number of customers in the high street and shopping centres is considerably down
on last year and those who are out are spending less, according to the British Retail Consortium
£100 Billion and Counting: What Britain Has Paid to Brussels in the Last 40 Years.
As David Cameron travels to Brussels today for another EU summit, it emerged that from
1973 to this year Britain has paid £97billion in net payments. The Prime Minister is likely
to seize on the vast sum when he finally sets out his vision for the UK’s place in Europe
in a major speech, now delayed until the New Year.
Now I hand you over to John Puxty who is today in Dereham, Norfolk.
Dereham - The heart of Norfolk. The town lies in the geographical centre of
Norfolk and is named after an ancient deer park.
Sometimes known as East Dereham the site has been occupied since Neolithic times. Axe heads,
flint scrapers and worked flints have been found in the area.
Saint Withburga, the youngest daughter of Anna king of the Angles, founded a monastery
here in the 7th century after seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary.
On her death she was intered in the Dereham parish church St Nicholas.
Some years later her body was stolen by monks from Ely and as a result a holy well sprang
up near the church. In the 18th century a building went up over
the spring to turn St Whitburga's well into a bathhouse in an attempt to create a new
Buxton or Bath, but the idea never took off. A railway track was laid in 1847 connecting
the town with Wymondham and the following year another line was laid to King's Lynn.
In 1849 another line was opened to Fakenham and Wells on Sea. Soon Dereham had its own
railway depot and extensive sidings. But by the 1960s the railway had all but gone.
Today Mid-Norfolk Railway Trust preserves an 11 mile stretch of line, all that remains
of Dereham's railway past. Dereham had furniture factories, a clock factory
and a hobby factory which made fretsaws for making wooden models. The most famous industry
was Cranes of Dereham which built giant 100 ton trailers that carried equipment such as
transformers for companies like Wynns or Pickfords.
Linger a while in Dereham and see Bishop Bonner's Cottage built in 1502.
There is a windmill, a museum of rural life and the headquarters of the Mid-Norfolk Railway.
Thank you John, puts Norfolk in a new light from Noel Cowards, frightfully flat Norfolk.
Dhimmi’ French prosecutors in the French city of Lyon have requested that the European
Parliament strip National Front leader Marine Le Pen of her immunity so she can be prosecuted
for comparing Muslim prayers to the Nazi occupation. INN Justice ministry spokesman Pierre Rance
told AFP the request was sent to European Parliament President Martin Schulz late last
month. The request was reportedly related to an ongoing
judicial probe into remarks made by Le Pen in a speech to supporters of her Front National
party in December 2010, during with she denounced public Islamic prayers on the streets of France.
”For those who like to talk about World War II, to talk about occupation, we could
talk bout, for once, the occupation of our territory,” she said. “This is an occupation
of parts of our territory… There are no armoured vehicles, no soldiers, but it is
an occupation all the same and it weighs on people.”
Like with many national parliaments, members of the European Parliament enjoy immunity
from criminal and civil liability for opinions expressed as part of their duties, unless
the chamber votes to lift the immunity. A nationalist spokesperson stated ‘Like so
much of what we nationalists have to put up with these Marxists are delving into the past
to find something to whinge about’.
There was a brutal attack by a Muslim cab driver in Cologne, Germany on Nalle Björn
Adenauer, the great grandson of former Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer, who in 1949 began
the immigration policies which opened the floodgates to all the Muslim problems Germany
faces today. In Cologne, the taxis are virtually all driven
by Arabs and Turks. A harmless argument with a taxi driver ended for Nalle in the hospital
with severe facial injuries. He got into a taxi with two friends after a party. Shortly
afterwards there developed a dispute over the open side window of the vehicle and the
driver threw out his passengers. But that wasn’t enough and the driver swore at Nalle
with the kind of insult that is so typical of Muslims – “I fuck your Mother” – and
carried out a vicious beating. Adenauer was taken to the hospital Hohenlind
Cologne. The frightening diagnosis. Is- Fractures of skull base, frontal sinus, orbit, nasal
septum, and a fracture of the nasal bone. A nerve in the face has been cut and he will
remain deaf. Luckily, Adenauer’s eyes are still intact and he has no brain haemorrhage.
He was in surgery for 4 hours and had to have the bones bolted to steel plates.
“The perpetrator must have struck him with something big” said Chief Medical Jochen
Wustrow. “This is something I see, thank God very rarely. But unfortunately, the violence
in Cologne is getting worse.” A W@8 reporter comments ‘It may be poetic
justice in regard to Nalle’s grandfather but a terrible one. Where are his Human Rights?
It shows that it isn’t the so called right wing or racists that will cause problems it
is the immigrant population themselves, they will turn Europe into the Third World if allowed’.
MADRID. A 52-year-old Spanish woman who was about to get evicted from her home threw herself
off a fourth-floor balcony, local media reported Friday.
Dolores Garcia took her own life in the Los Corazones neighbourhood of Malaga (Andalusia)
three days after receiving an eviction notice for failure to make her mortgage payments,
Malaga police reported. A former tobacconist who went bankrupt and sold her business to
care for her ailing 96-year-old mother, Garcia was distressed about her imminent eviction,
neighbours said. Garcia’s death brought the total of such suicides in crisis-ridden
Spain to seven.
Bank of Italy Says Top 10% Control 45.9% of Riches. (ANSA) — Rome, December 13 — The
Bank of Italy said the top 10% of Italy’s richest families control almost half of the
nation’s wealth, according to the regulator’s monthly bulletin report. The poorer half of
the nation’s families own 9.4% of the country’s riches, the bank said, adding that the distribution
of wealth in the euro zone’s third largest economy was “characterized by a high degree
of concentration”. The Bank of Italy indicated that the Gini
index which measures the degree of inequality of wealth in the nation is on the rise. The
bank said Italian families’ wealth dropped 5.8% as a result of the economic crisis since
2007, the year in which it peaked in real terms.
Record Figures for Sweden Democrats A new poll puts the far-right Sweden Democrat
party at a record 10 percent, with an increase in support among older voters and voters in
north-central Sweden. The Sifo poll, published in the Svenska Dagbladet and Göteborgs-Posten
dailies on Sunday, showed that the Sweden Democrats have gained 1.5 percentage points
since November. By comparison, in August the party polled 6.2 per cent.
Sweden: ‘Open the Borders’: Centre Party The Swedish Centre Party believes free immigration
into Sweden could solve the country’s labour-power needs. The Centre Party has outlined the new
immigration policy in its proposal for a new party programme, writing that Sweden should
open its borders and welcome anyone who wants to come to the country. “Anybody who wants
to should be able to create a future here,” Per Ankersjö, chairman of the Centre Party
programme group, told the Aftonbladet newspaper. According to Ankersjö, who is a city commissioner
in Stockholm, open borders are a necessity due to Sweden’s lack of labour power and
the “flight” from sparsely populated areas. A nationalist spokesperson said ‘This is
where it starts, from greed not necessity’.
In the wake of the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Conn., voices across America,
and indeed across the globe, have been calling for stricter gun-control laws. Yet what gun-control
measure could have prevented this crime? The state of Connecticut already has strict gun-control
laws in place, at least three of which the shooter broke, as he could have only obtained
the weapons through illegal means. A W@8 writer comments ‘The odd thing is
that parents who are horrified by real violence are drowning their children in Simulated Violence
it has been reported in Natural News The great contradiction in the recent Newtown, Conn.
Elementary school shooting is that many of the parents who are horrified at violence
directed at their children are the very same parents who allow their children to inundated
with simulated violence from every imaginable direction.
Many of the very same kids who were seen crying after the shooting incident will go home and
watch simulated murder on television, where mass murder is considered “normal” and
“acceptable.” Beyond simulated violence on television, children are also routinely
exposed to violence through Hollywood movies. The violence in movies has dramatically escalated
over the past two decades, to the point where movies that are considered PG-13 today would
have been rated “R” just twenty years ago.
The message? Its okay for children to witness mass murder on the big screen, over and over
again, while dosing them up with mind-altering psychiatric drugs that we already know are
linked to violent thoughts and suicidal behaviour. We are all approaching this from the wrong
angle, taking the right away to defend one’s home and yet putting more violence out there
in the meantime’.
“Sharia Thirsty” Take Solid First Round Lead in Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum
Al-Ahram is reporting the ten individual governorate and pooled final results, noting that all
these unofficial tallies, are from governorates’ presiding judges, except Cairo’s, which
are from the tallies of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Popular Current operation centre
and Al-Jazeera TV network. The Cairo tally favoured “No” votes-”No”:
1,256,248 (56.9 per cent); “Yes”: 950,532 (43.1 per cent)
But the overall tally was “Yes”: 4,595,311 (56.50 per cent); “No”: 3,536,838 (43.50
per cent).These results elicited a predictably crowing response from the Muslim Brotherhood’s
Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). One of the men pardoned by Morsi, the new Muslim Brotherhood
president of Egypt, was Mostafa Hamza, the head of The Islamic Group, an organization
that was responsible for the Luxor Massacre of foreign tourists. The Luxor Massacre consisted
of an hour of torture, mutilation and murder that would have sickened even Breivik. But
what is an incomprehensible atrocity to the Western mind is an act of courage and bravery
to the Muslim mind. And it is on such atrocities that the Salafi crusades build their caliphate
of blood and bone
Reported in Natural News It’s like something ripped right out of a dystopian futuristic
sci-fi novel: A U.S. patent has been uncovered that describes electronic handcuffs capable
of delivering torturous electroshocks, “gas injections” and injectable “chemical restraints”
to prisoners who wear them. The cuffs can be remote-controlled by prison guards, cops
or MPs to deliver stronger or weaker electroshocks as desired… or even chemical injections.
The handcuffs are able to deliver electroshock torture in combination with RFID chips that
determine the distance between prisoners and weapons or other objects. If the prisoner
wearing the cuffs approaches too closely to an RFID-equipped object, they are electro-shocked.
As the patent describes: Natural News has learned that the inventors of these electroshock
torture handcuffs are the same people involved in the manufacture and marketing of S&M sex
toy handcuffs. This picture on the right, taken from their home page, depicts some of
the sex bondage cuffs that their company promotes at
Thought for the Day- How long will the world ignore Islam in Europe?
Our World leaders and powers that be seem to be ignoring the very real and actual threat
of encroaching Islam in the UK and Europe today. All fears and concerns from ordinary
people with ordinary views are being put aside under the titles of either ‘racist’ or
non progressive. More and more stories are coming in on real violence being carried out
in communities occupied, for that is what it is, occupation – by members of the Islamic
communities, who seem unable to live a fairly civilised western lifestyle without causing
trouble. They act out their violence along with a sickening pretence of peace and love
which of course, gets most western minds confused. It is something we are not used too, we are
used to outright dictators and war mongerers, that is what the European mindset has lived
with for centuries, not this creeping, oiling invasion by stealth.
We are not alone however, already acts of violence have seeped into Europe which are
coming to light, however not through the mainstream press or media, who are only too happy to
make a meal of an immigrant nurse’s suicide and a terrible killing spree in the United
States – neither of which although awful, directly affect our lives, unless you go for
mass hysteria and bunches of wasted flowers!
In the UK Labour Still Can’t Face Facts on Immigration and we have Millipede extolling
the virtues of ‘integration’ which of course needs two or more sets of people to
do. Islam and its followers do not want to integrate, they want to convert and submerge
and this must be obvious even to a clunk head and product of the ‘progressive’ society
like Millipede – clinging on to his stone like fun by his rather protuberant nose! Last
week the BBC and the Labour Party, after a decade seeking to crush all public debate
on immigration — were finally forced to confront the truth with the bulletins on Tuesday
with the extraordinary news from the 2011 census that 7.5million foreign-born residents
now live in England and Wales — almost four million of whom have arrived since 2001. Mr
Millipede admitted that Labour ‘did too little to tackle the realities of segregation
in communities that were struggling to cope’. Just words and too little, too late!
Meanwhile in Denmark the Danish are feeling the brunt of massive Muslim immigration as
well. There are only two gangs that rule in Nørrebro, Copenhagen and they are Muslim
– the Blågårdsbanden and Brothas, and Jihad Watch has earlier reported on Muslim
extortion against non-Muslim businesses in Copenhagen. Non Muslim businesses are being
approached and threatened for being in a ‘Muslim’ section of Copenhagen, bearing in mind they
have been there since well before the newcomers occupation.
A female bar owner stands up against Muslim mafia's Jizya demand. 67-year-old Jane Pedersen,
owner of Cafe Viking, has become a national hero after she spoke out in public against
the Muslim gangs that demanded "protection money" from her because she runs a cafe in
"their territory". The Café in Nørrebro in Copenhagen Thursday
evening was filled as never before, with hundreds of people who showed up to support the owner,
who earlier Thursday stood up and told publicly how a gang tried to force her to pay protection
money after threats and vandalism. She received support from both the neighbourhood and the
people who showed up following a request at the Facebook group "No to Bullies - Yes to
A new case of ‘Jizya’ extortion in Nørrebro in Copenhagen was reported to the police.
This time the claim is not directed at a tavern, but a local church. Now the criminals have
turned against the Holy Cross Church on Kapelvej in the heart of Nørrebro, a few hundred meters
from Blågårds Plads. Three young boys met up twice this week at the rear entrance to
the church. Here they notified the verger that the Church was in their territory and
therefore had to pay money. Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen, President of Blågårdsplads
parish, said ‘no’ and since then has not been approached again, but he has confirmed
to that the Church has reported the matter to the police.
Disgusting as this is, these demands are on the increase. In the UK so far, they just
stick to abusing and abducting our young girls without fear of payback, but nothing stays
still in this world and the demands will get more violent.
Now the Jizya. A demand based squarely on the dictates of the Qur'an. That much lauded
"protection" and Islamic "justice" that Sharia law has in store for non-Muslims who refuse
to convert to Islam. Rather like a penalty clause if you run a business or obviously
a Church in areas they take over. Invite barbarians into your midst and this is what you can expect.
And, meanwhile, it's imperative that Danish males, speaking here in the aggregate, grow
a big one. In other words, time to kick ass. So we have the French Socialists bowing down
but the French people rising up, we have the Swedes who do not seem to know what to do
at all except build special houses for the Muslim bastards to breed in, the Germans well
they have gone to the dark side now to avoid any even vague similarity to the third Reich,
the Spanish, Greeks and Italians are too poor now to do anything except get bailed out by
the EU, which is a part of the source of the problem , similarly the eastern Europeans
who tried some years ago to get rid of their encroaching Muslim population and now have
a fresh wave of heavily subsidised Muslims courtesy of the United Morons and the EU and
no right of appeal to their Human Rights either!
So we also have escalating violence in Cologne with the Muslim taxi drivers which no doubt
will go unpunished. I could see the way they acted in believe it or not, Camberley some
years ago when they started to take over the local run taxi ranks in the town. It must
have been about 8 years ago and my car was out of action, my husband was working away
and I needed to go to Frimley Hospital for an urgent appointment.
I rang for a taxi for a certain time, they did not turn up, I rang again and was told
he had driven up the London road and didn’t see my number. I then lived in a house which
was in a private turnoff and had given directions to the English woman on the board of exactly
how to get there. He was already late and she told me to go out and stand on the road
so he could see me. I did this although feeling like death warmed over (it was mid winter)
and sure enough half and hour late and speaking no English at all, I got picked up by an Iraqi,
Pakistani or something of that ilk. I had to direct him to the hospital which was difficult
as my Urdu or Pashtu aint so hot and was grateful to get there. Now in the real old fashioned
world, a Taxi driver should not get a taxi unless he has either passed his driving test,
can speak the language of his passengers and knows where the bloody hell he is going! Is
that too much to ask of an immigrant who is after all getting paid for doing a job his
cousin probably got him in the first place?
Rant over but you can see just how accommodating we have become since the last war in this
country and Europe? This would not have happened anywhere before the last war and massive immigration.
We are not only welcoming these people in or rather doing nothing to stop them coming
in and prospering but our governments are not looking after us at all in allowing them
to take over under the guise of multiculturalism. It is not multiculturalism it is State genocide
and nothing less.
It is not blame the Muslim time but facts are facts and it is these people more so than
any other religion that frankly take the piss and seemingly get paid for it. If we in the
British National Party went around telling our people to ‘behead the Muslims’ what
would happen? Answers on a postage stamp please. It seems as if there is a conspiracy to keep
quiet and it will all go away. Do not discuss it, do not meet neighbours and talk about
anything other than the weather because people do not want to be seen to be ‘racist’,
certainly do not discuss it with your children because most of us have bred a generation
of liberal lefties who cannot face the truth however unpalatable – in fact we have the
true British nature of ignoring something until it gets too great for even us to ignore
and when practically all is lost we come up with a solution or ask the Americans for help!
And that aint gonna happen this time because they are ignoring the problem just as we are!
If we had fought immigration and for our country the way we fought against the Germans we would
not have this problem today or the related problems so, no EU, no Channel Tunnel, no
Immigration, no Foreign Aid, but we would have more manufacturing, a decent level of
education, a fully functioning National Health, more intensive and subsidised farming and
fisheries mantra, decent TV, a fairly passable press and total independence from Europe.
We could choose who we sold our goods to and also whom to import from. We would not be
saddled with crap from abroad we could not pay for or indeed should not pay for. Our
bankers would be working for the country not themselves and likewise our ministers. Our
religion would be paramount in schools and if we did have a small immigration policy
they would have to conform radically to our way of living. It sounds perfect but it is
not obviously – there would be hard times but then what do you want, hard times paying
for strangers or hard times paying for our own? Your choice, Mozar’s 5 year plan or
what we have now?
And finally- the older it is the better it is for you. The secret why the French live
longer is Roquefort cheese. Eating this cheese could help guard against cardiovascular disease
despite its high fat and salt content, according to new research that suggests why the French
enjoy good health. It is reported by Reuters that the properties of the blue cheese, which
is aged in caves in the south of France, were found to work best in acidic environments
of the body. Scientists discovered that Roquefort cheese, known for its mould and green veins,
has specific anti-inflammatory properties. It could provide clues to the “French paradox”
and explain why people who live in the country enjoy good health despite favouring a diet
high in saturated fat. This presenter comments that it isn’t high fat or salt that might
get you it is sugar and too much fast food and takeaways which are packed with high MSG.
Monosodium glutamate that is’. Nothing beats good smelly cheese biccies and a glass of
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.