Interview with NS @ StarLadder Season 3 (with ENG subs)

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Hello my friends!
Itís the 2nd day of StarLadder.
And weíre talking to Yaroslav Kuznetsov.
Also known as IceFrog, yeah?
Yesterday you failed the group stage.
What do you think about your teamís performance in the tournament?
I think itís bad, as how can I consider it to be good if we havenít
pass the groupstage?
It was obvious that we had a strong group.
So we werenít lucky, what can I say?
I think that Empire and Na`Vi are the major favorites here.
So we arenít ashamed though we could be better.
We had chances while playing 2 games with Empire.
We could win and we tried to do it.
With Na`Vi we could win the 2nd game.
We had a lack of time so we made lots of mistakes.
The team is very young.
Itís the 1st LAN for 2 guys out of 5.
And Illidan isnít experienced enough.
They havenít had serious LAN and matches as well.
They were nervous so maybe that was a reason.
It seems that you said that the players were chosen
on the principles of their comfort-to-play-with feeling,
their in-game understanding and things like that,
Is it true?
Well, yes, we tested guys in August before the International
after we understood that we wouldnít participate there.
We changed the lineup, we said goodbye to KuroKy, Azen.
It was the mutual consent.
Weíve been testing our players
for the whole August and now you can see the lineup.
What objectives did set for you?
To be in the Top.
I think that weíre making progress.
Itís a pity that we were in such a group on StarLadder.
I think that if we were in another group, A or B, I donít know
where M5 was, we could try to compete with these teams,
I think we would have had good chances to play in the playoff today.
We havenít succeeded but I think that
now weíre approximately in the European Top 5.
I canít tell about the organization, but weíre satisfied.
Thereís still something to strive for.
Itís only a start for us; weíre playing only for 1.5 months together.
I think weíve got decent results for such a short period of time.
The main thing is to find the backbone of the team
which will work out later on.
Youíre right.
You told few time times that
Roshan had a great influence on the game.
The recent changes lead to the fact that
Aegis exists for 6 but not 10 minutes.
Do you think these changes are positive?
Well, maybe they are positive.
I suggested taking away Roshan or Aegis completely.
Maybe I was heard as well by someone and this issue was solved.
Aegis works for 6 minutes now, I think itís some kind of a fix
as before the game came to the fact that
the team which killed Roshan and took Aegis
could dominate on the map because they were becoming
an actually 6 players team.
Another team canít fight with them because of that and
it results into teams farming for 10 minutes
I think you could see lots of such games
Especially in serious ones, like the International.
Where every 2nd game was like that.
One team dominates for a while, kills Roshan
Takes Aegis and is farming till it kills one more Roshan,
So everything repeats again.
In the result this team is more dominant and wins the game.
So it is not interesting.
6 minutes is at least little bit less.
The team has to either use Aegis withing 6 minutes or
Farm for 6 more minutes and the rest 4 minutes are fair for both teams.
I think itís a great decision and
I hope it will be even more balanced within the nearest future.
It would be perfect if it is taken away completely.
You donít like it?
It creates imbalance, it gives resurrection,
I think itís unfair.
What do you think about the situation
when 2 instead of 3 heroes are banned in the first pick/ban phase?
It gives chance to players to take heroes
at the beginning of the game.
How does it effect on the game and its balance?
To tell the truth I havenít understood what happened
I think nobody really understood.
Nobody will be able to come and tell that he understood everything,
except maybe Puppey who will make it with a smart look,
but I think it wonít be truth.
This tournament had really crazy picks.
We were doing them by ourselves, THD as the first pick,
Batrider, Pudge, just a hell knows what picks -
Literally everything that wasnít picked for the past 2 weeks.
Empire is now playing with ex-mouz
And they have such picks of 10 heroes
that simply couldnít be there 2 weeks ago.
How can it happen?
I think the change with bans played
a great role in this situation
Itís impossible to ban too many heroes now and it means
that almost all heroes are available.
Instead of banning such heroes as Sirene,
DarkSeer and Rubick,. etc they ban heroes according to situation.
For example they know that the opponent plays
with Wisp or Bounty Hunter
Like Empire banned Bounty Hunter today vs mouz
and mouz banned wisp vs Empire.
This situation happens with every team.
So the pool turns out to be really big.
Take everything you want.
So these strange picks are because of that.
I think itís only a start as nobody got used to this.
Itís necessary to settle and come to some default for everything.
It always happens that after any patch thereís a bustle in picks
and then everybody comes to the consensus when everybody
starts picking again almost the same heroes.
Itís rather funny for now.
Are you in friendly terms with Lost?
We know each other for long.
I canít tell that weíre real friends but I can say that weíre on friendly terms.
I communicated with him yesterday and his girlfriend plays Dota 2 as well.
I know that yours plays Dota 2 too?
What do you thing about girl playing Dota 2?
Do you understand each other in everyday life?
Do you play 1v1 at home?
I think that all guys who have girlfriends who play Dota
try not to play with them too often.
As itís a simple reason to argue.
I donít think itís a surprise that a person playing Dota and devoting
it so much time and attention would have a girlfriend playing Dota as well.
Itís logical as actors are dating with actresses,
Sportsmen are dating with sportswomen and
Dota players are also with Dota players,
itís connected with the interests.
Do you assist the female lineup of
with advice and strategies?
Of course I help when Iím asked.
I think that theyíre one of the best female lineups but
compared to male teams they arenít so good.
Thatís why if I start teaching them our strategies
they wonít be doing well with that.
Thatís why I try to help them with little issues.
I can show them something or explain anything.
Have you seen a movie ìLucky NS?î
What do you think of such an art?
What can I say?
Itís a little bit strange.
Itís like making movies about PGG.
Everybody fails.
If you enter each game for example on StarLadder and see
that a guy has a statistics of 0-10
You can see it in any game.
and start to create movies about how he has died for 10 times per 1 game.
The sense of it isnít understandable enough.
On the other hand I am pleased with the attention.
Every popularity means popularity.
Everybody had a negative statistics there;
Scandal has died on Sirene for 10 times,
But it wasnít about him, so Iím more popular.
The movie quality is high.
Someone was trying his best.
It was made by Warch.
Heís cool.
Thank you for the interview.
Do you have anything to tell?
Any greetings or thanks?
Yes, I want to thank to everybody who was supporting us
Weíre sorry for the failure but we tried
our best and I think weíll be better in the future.