Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge Week 3

Uploaded by HealthBreakfastShake on 27.11.2012

Do you usually have time to prepare balanced meals rather than take-outs or eating on the
run? Hi I’m Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife. Now whether
you answer yes or no to this week’s question, today’s lesson will help you in your journey.
Let’s talk about a word that is often thought of as a dirty word in the health community
and that is snacking but the truth is snacking doesn’t have to be an unhealthy habit. It’s
not unusual to get hungry between meals particularly if you have a long stretch in between. The
key is making sure that you have some healthy foods available in your home or the office
and that you weed out anything unhealthy in your grocery list ideally you should balance
protein with a little carbohydrate to keep you going. A protein rich beverage, a piece
of string cheese, and a piece of fruit or a small carton of yogurt should do the trick.
Just make sure to keep your portions small. Even a health snack can be bad for you in
high quantities. The four best types of healthy snacks are, number 1: whole grains which are
rich in fiber and complex carbs, number 2: fruits and vegetables provide valuable vitamins
and minerals without adding unnecessary fat and calories to your diet, number 3: nuts
and seeds which are high in protein and mono saturated fat, and finally number 4: low fat
dairy products which are high in calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Just make
sure that these are all low fat and low sugar. It’s important to understand that waiting
for your next meal is not always the right choice, if weight loss or simply managing
your weight is a goal, snacks are important because they keep your metabolism running.
Eating several mini-meals a day will help manage cravings, so you don’t binge on less
healthy foods. Also make sure that you eat meals on time and don’t skip them. Herbalife
has some magnificent products to help you in your quest for healthy snacking. Snack
defense is a unique dietary supplement that helps support blood sugar levels already in
normal range by helping your body process sugar from your meals and snacks. Excess carbohydrate
consumption can cause your body to store fat which may lead to unwanted weight gain, so
while it’s not bad to eat between meals, it’s important to make healthier choices.
Herbalife protein bar and protein bar deluxe are the perfect snacks. They’re loaded with
essential vitamins, carbs, and proteins in order to sustaine you until your next meal.
There are no artificial sweeteners and there are 150 or 140 calories per bar depending
on the flavor. Keeping a bar with you at all times will ensure that you’re snacking right.
For more information about how Herbalife products can help support you in your snacking habits,
you can speak to your wellness coach. This concludes this week’s topic of discussion.
I’m Luigi Gratton reminding you that when you’re snacking, fuel your body not your
sweet tooth