Attacking Deep/Fast Chops - Table Tennis (HD)

Uploaded by TableTennisMaster on 11.10.2011

Against bottom spin I know some people
that push really good.
So going to the white line here.
uh... this one when you're trying to attack
You can try... the easy way the first thing you need
is a smaller motion
So your loop
try to smaller
a little bit smaller stroke.
And when you
catch the ball
you just brush it.
Because the ball if come very fast
you can borrow the power.
So okay I'm going to show you, you just serve it, serve the bottom spin
just multi ball serve
So you can borrow the spin
just smaller, yep good.
And quick brush the ball
you don't have move
forward too much because the ball is already too fast
you have no time to do the
uh... add more power. Just borrow the power
brush it. Quick brush the ball, the ball going to be
very fast.
Quick brush the ball
smaller motion
a little bit longer, here.
So you're ready like this, right, then...
See just smaller
and quick brush.
You can borrow the power from him
from the ball
so the ball
go back very fast. I know it's not too much power there, but speed is enough.
Okay this is very easy to return those balls.