Ask MadCraft: Olisko Michael Jackson ollu parempi mustana?

Uploaded by MadCraftOfficial on 27.03.2011

Juho! Are you recording here?
What? Yeah. - Did you get a haircut?
Absolutely. That's what I've heard
Pretty cool. Hey Juho, we got a question
Would Michael Jakcson have been better off black?
Definitely. - I see you...
You know, if Michael Jackson wanted to be white
Your trying the opposite here
I think we need to reach higher notes
You can't quite do it if your white
You don't have that soul thing going on
Oh yeah. As a backing vocalist
You should be able to sing
On the "black keys" so to speak
Indeed. Out of tune... Well, maybe not that...
We need a bit of that Hallelujah thing going on
You know that gospel choir stuff
That's pretty sweet - They do it pretty good, you know
I think that hair is the secret for that
I think your almost there
Alright. I think we're done here
Any last words?