Frost/Nixon (1/9) Movie CLIP - No Holds Barred (2008) HD

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Now, this is where Brezhnev and I had our summit;
Yeah; Brezhnev was there, and Gromyko there, Dobrynin there;
We talked for nine hours straight;
After the meeting, as a souvenir of the visit,
I remember that we had a Lincoln specialIy made;
Dark blue, cherry wood, Ieather;
WelI, we got inside for the photographers,
when the next thing you know, he steps on the gas;
Now, the first rule of political Iife is
you never Iet a president get behind the wheel of a car, ever;
I mean, we're not used to doing anything
for ourselves, Iet alone drive;
And the Chairman, Jesus, the way he put his foot down,
my guess is the Iast thing he drove was
a tractor on some Ukrainian potato farm;
He crashed into curbs;
He went over speed bumps;
He went twice around my whole estate;
FinalIy, we ended up at some remote point on the coast,
out there overlooking the sea;
He turns off the gas, and he talks for two hours
about his favorite subject, steel milIs;
He said, "Mr; President, most politicians
"have tragedy in their early Iives;"
WelI, I told him that I Iost two brothers to tuberculosis;
And he watched his father die from the cancer he caught in the steelworks;
He was a sad man and a noble adversary;
I wouldn't want to be a Russian Ieader;
They never know when they're being taped;
Okay, I guess that's it then, huh?
Until March; I Iook forward to it;
WelI, thank you, Mr; President; So do I;
You know, it's a funny thing that
I've never been chalIenged to a duel before;
I guess that's what this is;
FROST: Yeah, welI, not realIy;
Of course it is;
And I Iike that;
No holds barred, eh? No holds barred;