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Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
weíre gonna do a red wine cabbage.
Now when cabbage starts to go on sale in cabbage season, you can easily get sick of coleslaw
so what Iím gonna show you is a way to bring some really nice flavor into your cabbage
as well as weíre gonna lightly cook it to take out the bit of cabbagey edge off.
So what Iíve done, I started by cutting up my cabbage and Iím using some purple cabbage
today and Iíve also chopped up an onion and Iím using a red onion to go with my red cabbage
as suppose theyíre both purple.
And Iím gonna use some spices and some red wine vinegar to give it some nice flavor.
If you have red wine you can also use some of that but I donít have any and I have red
wine vinegar and so thatí all Iím gonna do today.
Iíve got a pan heating up back here and I am using a very big one so if you donít have
a pan thatís deep, you could use a sauce pot and just heat it up here to medium and
then weíre gonna add a small amount of olive oil to sautÈ the onion.
Oh! Iím almost out of olive oil. I think thatís gonna be the end of the bottle and
its perfect because that is exactly enough, thatís about a teaspoon.
Throw that onion in right away, you donít need the oil heating in the pan. You want
the oil around the onion to help it cook. So stir that onion around, get it all coated
in the oil.
I normally donít like purple onion but I do like it when itís cooked and I like it
in this kind of dish where it adds some real flavor and variety to the dish. Ok! So let
those guys sautÈ for a little bit until theyíre just a little bit soft.
Now when you see these guys soften up a little bit your ready to carry on and what youíre
gonna do next is take one star anise, pop it in there. Iím going to get some ground
cinnamon. Yup, cinnamon! I donít know how much you want, I like some in there.
And a little bit of ground cloves. Not everybody like ground cloves and theyíre quite strong
so be careful with them. And then youíre gonna stir this around, get those onions coated.
And what you want with this whole star anise flower is you want it to infuse its flavor
just a little bit into the oil so get that down on the bottom and have it covered up
with some onions and then let that just ñ let the flavors just infuse into the oil for
a minute or two.
Now once that had a minute or two to infused, weíre going to add the cabbage and it looks like a lot, it is gonna shrink
because weíre gonna cook it. The tricky part is stirring it in without having it get all
over the place. And you want that cabbage to get down to the heat and you want the onions
and the spices to mix through the cabbage.
And Iíve left that star anise in there, you can take it out at any point you wish but
Iím gonna leave it in so that the flavor get infuse when we add some liquid to this.
And then yes, you take it out before you eat it. You can either go hunting for it or you
can just take it out when you have it on your plate. It highly depends on who youíre cooking
for right?
Ok! So what Iím gonna do now is Iím actually gonna add a little bit of salt here and Iím
gonna sprinkle this over the cabbage, work it in there a little bit and what the salt
is gonna do is its going to draw the moisture out of the cabbage but we donít want that
moisture to evaporate so what Iím gonna do is cover it up and it only takes a minute
for this cabbage to wilt down. So leave it for a minute or two, take a peek and then
weíll carry on.
And actually while thatís going on what Iím gonna do is chop up my pears, I found some
beautiful red pears and Iím going for a monochromatic color scheme tonight.
Normally I like to get a variety of colors but sometimes itís nice to have all of the
same color and then have widely different flavors so cabbage, onion, pear and theyíre
all the same color.
So thatís looking good, itís not soft when I poke it. Its still ñ you know you can tell
thatís itís gonna be a little bit crunchy when you bite into it.
Ok! Next, pears, chopped it in there. Pears add a little bit of sweetness to offset the
slightly bitter cabbage flavor and the pears again I donít like to cook things too much
but itís nice to just soften them, get them warm. Sometimes itís nice to have some warm
food right? Especially for dinner, see at the end of the day, your kind of tired, gets
some warm food into you, feel you really nice and cosy.
Alright! So get that stirred around and the heat gonna do its work there. Now what weíre
gonna add next is some liquid to finish off the cooking and also to bring in some really
nice flavors.
I lost something more exciting to say there but anyway, alright! So red wine vinegar and
I donít know how much you want but here we go. That was probably a tablespoon and a half
maybe two.
And then if you want a little bit more sweetness you can add a little bit of sweetener and
brown rice syrup is usually may favorite but Iím out so Iím using some maple syrup which
is delicious but its super sweet so Iím being really careful and actually pouring it on
a spoon before I put it on the pot.
Thatís fine! And that was probably half a tablespoon if that I really donít want to
make this too sweet. So we got some pears in there and Iím gonna add some cranberries
as well. One more red purple thing to our dish.
Ok, so stir that through. You probably want something to offset just vinegar whether itís
sweetness or whether itís a bit more oil or something like that or red wine that would
be where you and I would pour red wine if you want to see that.
Ok, so that last thing Iím gonna add are some almonds which I toasted before and some
dried cranberries just for some sweetness, some softness in your mouth and you know they
got nutrients in them too so lots of vitamin C there, lovely!
The almonds Iím just gonna roughly chop up. I love almonds and there you go! Youíre ready
to serve red wine cabbage. Thanks for watching, you can find the recipe at
Iím Heather and this is Freshly Served.