Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 24 ~ Secret Ending HD] (English Subs)

Uploaded by Cyberman65 on 18.07.2012

YMX: This world is much too small...
Goofy: Sora's late... I wonder if he's okay.
Goofy: Lea went back to Radiant Garden too...
Goofy: And Riku's gone off to do something for Master Yen Sid
Goofy: Guess there's nothing for us to do, huh?
Goofy: Hm? Gawrsh, welcome back Riku!
Goofy: Eh? Huh?
Yen-Sid: Due to the Keyblade War...
Yen-Sid: The true Kingdom Hearts was engulfed in darkness and its counterpart the X-blade was destroyed.
Yen-Sid: As the replacement for Kingdom Hearts...
Yen-Sid: this world was reborn from the light that remained in children's hearts
Yen-Sid: and became the Seven Hearts of Pure Light.
Yen-Sid: Hence, at the same time, the number of lights that were separated from the shattered X-blade
Yen-Sid: formed the seven that protect them.
Mickey: The Seven Hearts of Pure Light.
Mickey: The Seven Princesses.
Yen-Sid: Yes. Those Seven Hearts of Pure Light are the root of the worlds.
Yen-Sid: Losing them would result in the worlds being imprisoned in darkness once more.
Yen-Sid: Even if we do not assemble the Seven Lights needed to avoid the Keyblade War...
Yen-Sid: Xehanort will again target the Seven Hearts of Pure Light and...
Yen-Sid: will probably succeed in completing the X-blade
Mickey: So, is there no way we can...
Mickey: avoid the beginning of the clash of light and dark that is the Keyblade War?
Yen-Sid: To protect the Seven Hearts of Pure Light...
Yen-Sid: we must assemble the Seven Lights that can oppose the Thirteen Darknesses.
Mickey: One more Guardian of the Light...
Mickey: Oh Riku, welcome back.
Riku: I'm back.
Riku: Master Yen Sid, I've done what you've requested but...
Riku: Just what do you have in mind?
Mickey: Huh? I never would've-!
Yen-Sid: I have heard that you can use a Keyblade so I sent for you.