229 Spirtually Speaking, How did Jesus Lay hands on the sick? Robert Smith Faster EFT

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Do you mind if I ask you what you mean by prayer
I think I'm a prayer expert
Well being single over the years and been through some things in life that
I didn't know what else to do
but pray.
The question is, so, I'm a modeler,
how do do you pray, what do you do,
like, what does that mean:
God take this away from me?
what, what does that mean, prayer.
I ask him to help me with what is right for me
and my prayers have been answered. OK Good
so so here's the test
the test is in, and I believe in directing attention and I believe that God is working through
all of us
so the test and I always test, and I work with a lot of Christians
and, of course, I have a lot of Christians say: well I asked God to take it from me
and He did. I want to check and make sure you know sure you're not lying.

I mean it's the truth
i say, okay God took it away from you, how do you know?
All right, so let's go back to the memory
and we step back into the memory
did God take it from you? If they go back and it's still there,
guess what,
who still has it?
They do.
So, the deal is is understanding
what is God wanting us to do.
You know, I was talking to a lady in Ireland just this week
and (actually) her her uh... sister-in-law
I worked with her and
they were talking about did you notice when you started tapping you start
praying less?
You know, I have noticed I have been praying I have been praying less.
And another person said, well
you know, Robert, I've been tapping and
I'm not needing God that much.
I'm not praying to God.
I said okay so,
so obviously we have a distorted idea about what God is and the purpose behind God.
'cause most people think the way you connect to God is, if you're really hurt and upset and
that's the only time you need God.
What is the mission,
and I'm using the Jesus model, what is the mission behind Christ and He said I have come to give you
and life more abundantly.
That means your life should improve
doesn't it?
Wouldn't you think that's the whole purpose.
Now, you also have to understand
the teachings of Jesus was practical application
that means
he says: "Do this"
and the reason why you do this is because
it keeps you in alignment with God,
not to win favors, because this is what you do.
This is following
the light, that means following in the path. And one of things he said
and, this is very profound, and I use this often times, he uses parables and understanding
he says uh...
The eyes
are the lamp to the body, if your eyes are light your body is light.
If your eyes are dark, your body is dark and how great the darkness is.
What does that mean, I mean, logically, He says the eyes are the lamp to the body, if you
think of good things, positive things
internally and externally it makes you feel good. Isn't that right?
That makes logical sense to me. Okay
so if you think of bad things, see bad things
recall bad things and watch bad things
you feel bad.
He says
he says something in that same parable
and how great that darkness is.
Right now, this is practical understanding, just logical 101 understanding.
So what is He saying
what you think affects your body
you think good things, imagine good things, look at good things, you're gonna feel good
you look at bad things, you imagine bad things, you watch bad things
you're gonna feel bad
and how great that bad could be.
Now in Luke says something
same basic concept, see to it that
the light with you is not darkness
now there's a meaning behind it
the light within you is not darkness
so I believe what he's saying that some people think it's good

to have bad things inside you.
Now he's given us a warning,
See to it that the light within you is not darkness because if you think it is good to have
all the crappy memories handy,
and all the bad experiences handy,
what does that do to your body?
and your life?
It wears you down and this is logical, this is rational.
It makes sense.
And he also said something like this: a good man will go in his mind or heart
and pull out a good treasure and act and feel good
A bad man will go into his heart and pull out a bad treasure and feel bad.
Most people will see this as two people
but in reality it is one in the same person. Do we not have good and bad memories within us?
Do we not pull and some of those show up the bad and good?
And then He also says something like this he says
if your eye causes you to stumble
pluck it out.
Now he knows if you pull eyeballs out, you still have your thinker.
I mean you can still imagine bad things. You know that don't you?
So obviously He's talking about these memories
and what you're looking at
and what you're using
to torment you.
So this is application, so
He's talking about
taking ownership
of your own mind.
Now I see
because you know, Biblical study was my major and you know I've tried I've tried
everything, trying to understand what's going on.
Saved a million times and I went back to the same crud and I said ok
I'm missing something here.
You know I want the real deal.
I don't want none of this "WOO-WOO"
believe, believe, believe, believe and yet you fall back into the pile of crud.
and I said what is the real deal, I began to look at what he was saying.
If we start applying the truth now
In the bible
you and I both know that in our culture what is the leading cause of stress?
Well, I gave you the answer.

Me. Me Me that's easy!
We all know that the leading cause of most of our problems, health problems,
relationship problems, financial problems, everything
breaks down to stressed emotions. That's true.
scientifically, we know that.
But if you look in that book,
that word is not even
in the concordance at all.
It isn't, it's not there.
So, obviously
He is talking about the same basic thing when He talks about sin.
He's talking about the same basic thing when he talks about lust of the flesh.
He's talking about the same thing
The expressions of the body, now when we are talking about stressed emotions
where do you feel it at?
In your body
now this is what we're addressing
now, by the way guys, some of you may not be aware of this but the word S I N
was never spoken from the lips of Jesus Christ
do you know that
he never used these words
he used a phrase and it was translated
about sixteen fifteen sixteen hundred
by King James
and they've translated this thing that Jesus said
and it's the same phrase basically as you're missing the mark
now he said basically you're missing your potential, you're missing what your designed
to do
and the translator says well Jesus using this phrase
and it's kinda like the archer's over here, they're aiming at the target and they miss the mark.
So they fused this phrase that Jesus used
into a single word
s I n
guys if you, if you translate some this stuff by the way they did not translate from
the original Aramaic which Jesus spoke
they didn't translate the King James from the original
Aramaic or the Greek
but the Latin version
of the Bible.
Now guys, do you know that if you start translating
.. if you start passing a story all around, by the time it gets to the end of the street
it's totally different even if you translate it correctly, one hundred percent
in which was said from the mouth of jesus you still miss it because
the language of Jesus was Aramaic which is
full of metaphors
the metaphor or idioms
is like I said Hey, Pam, you look really hot.
Now they're going to read this a hundred years from now "Pam, you'r really hot"
has she got a temperature?
I mean that's how they're going to translate that.
She's really hot, she has a temperature
or she could be on fire.
And that's how the language, Aramaic, language was
I want the real deal, okay,
and I also want something that is absolutely one hundred-percent universal absolute truth
That means I can take this truth and I can go anywhere with it
That means I can go to India
and I say
you know if you
whatever you think affects how you feel.
If you have positive thoughts in your mind, you see good things in your mind, your body will respond.
in a positive way. If you look at that that's universal truth, wouldn't it be?
Now we take universal truths and you start applying it
all of a sudden your life start to change.
So here it is they're using this process
to release their stressed emotions and all of a sudden they are not crying and begging
And you know why?
Because they're walking in and with God.
you have to understand
if "sin"
that word
the meaning of it, is that means you're missing the mark,
is that you're not happy you're not joyful
but you're angry, sad, hurt, rejected, abandoned,
betrayed, hopeless, helpless
Now if you're feeling all these emotions
you're not in the presence of God, are you?
But if you release these stressed emotions and the hurts,
and you're walking in Galatians 5:23 joy, peace, kindness,
temperance, and most of all
self control.
God's not given you a spirit of fear, but a sound mind.
Now guys, has this seminar been strictly
about your mind?
Yes, it's been strictly about addressing your stress and emotion.
Because emotional intelligence,
healthy emotional people
are already
more spiritually enlightened
than those who are emotionally inept.
and so does that make sense logically?
So that's what we're talking about. So the reason why
they're not begging God and crying because they're miserable because they're walking
in the steps of God.
They're walking in
what he talked about.
Now although, let's say, some of you, all of you, none of you,
believe that there is such thing as Jesus
or don't believe in spirituality whatsoever.
"There is no spiritual, is no God", does it make good sense?
Now I'm just using the model,
but I do believe this
if you do what works,
whatever your belief is,
will get better,
unless you like the pain.
And it's going to ruin all your pain
if you tap
if you aim at your hurt,
does that make sense?
so what do we want to do? What is really prayer? Prayer is just your everyday thoughts.
What you think is a prayer.
It's an affirmation,
which we did cover last week,
was it last week?
No, two weeks ago
By the way I started that DVD I'm going to do that dvd by itself
uh... here's the thing, I have tried to speak in a way that is universal
'cause there's baptisits, methodists, there's
I hear you say Catholics in such a special way
Catholics ...
there's all kinds,
and you know what
each group
my group, I don't belong to a group, but if I had a group, my group would be
thinking they are the right way,
yours is the right way,
but I will tell you this. if you're throwing rocks
and you're being mean to other people that's not good.
You realize that? Just make peace, be at peace
and let go of any judgment, condemnation because in the same manner you judge you're not
only the judge who starts with you
if you start spreading that old
message around, and that ministry is not a good one. That is not what
the maker intend for us to do
(well anyway I don't want to go on with that..)
That kinda makes sense logically
because a lot of people will look at this tapping and say "that sounds like Buddha to me"
Well ..
"I don't think God's in there. God don't want you to take control of your life
he wants you come to church uh... you know"
They don't want you to be in control, but you have to understand this is the truth
this is the real deal
And I think I mentioned to you before, you know, at the end of the gospels,
you know, Jesus He gave four basic commandments
and each one, He says, the first one
he said
go to the world, He goes everywhere,
go to the world,
Two: preach the gospel, which basically means teach the truth
that's what it says teach the truth
and translated, they combine that word called the gospel
teach the truth, (3) make students
disciples, that means people who want to learn
Go and teach people so that they can learn and be a follower of truth.
and guys I'm after truth 100%, okay.
teach truth, makes students.
The last part is
touch the afflicted,
lay hands
on the sick,
Now, guys, I'm a student, I'm looking for how do you do it.
I looked in every book, I didn't figure out how to lay hands on the sick.
We don't know how he did it.
We can't say he didn't do this
we cannot say he did,
but I'll bet he did something similar
we don't know.
I do know this, it works
and all of you seen some of the
Michelangelo's paintings, pictures like this, you know
maybe that that uh...
what's that code ....
DaVinci code, they missed that part
They're trying to snubb out the tapping
Who knows..
But it ...
That could be the holy grail
who knows
the secret ...
it is the secret, yes, definitely.
so anyway so
anyway that's just for some people who want to try to understand it.
that but I think it
there's a lot of logic here because
you know he talks about forgiveness
he talks about
he talks about
one of the most powerful things he says
uh... resist not evil
don't give bad things effort
don't give it interest
don't run from it, make peace with it, make peace with your enemy.
Guys haven't I told you, when you find a problem
isn't that the gift,
that's your spiritual gift to heal you.
If you run, you say I'm not receiving that gift today, I'm choosing to keep this crap inside me
and you get to experience it over and over again.
but if you receive this gift, and you start releasing your reaction
not only do you emotionally
evolve, but you spititually evolve
if you're a spiritually minded person
and if you're just a wise person, this is just smart, let it go.
So that's the whole key, we want to heal yourself, take full ownership and
anytime you're angry and upset
feel it, tap it and keep doing it until it's gone.
That's the key. Makes sense?
That's very very powerful
and, of course, you know I talk about
the spiritual evolution
and of course we want true divine love perfect love, mature love
or whatever you want to call this
and the only way that you start to evolve
is you understand that it does start with your mind in your body.
It is the power within you
and of course uh... changing
your reaction
changing, and releasing the pain, releasing the hurt and as you are doing you start
to evolve and then of course making peace
within yourself, within the memories that you hold within
the reactions inside you, every character of yourself
every age of yourself, every person, everything inside you, make peace with that
and then of course
become non-judgmental
and be forgiving, I had to go back and remember what I wrote
cause you can't read that!
That's Robert Smith code!
And as you do this, you naturally start to evolve.
That's what you want
spirtually evolved
uh... spiritual, emotional, intellectual
evolution, healing.
By the way, The gift is yours.
Basically, I think, we're talking about, right here,
what goes on inside you
the pictures in your mind.
I mean, if you, when I read, Mathew didn't get those books out, but when I read (the book)
"Mind works", that book you bought last week
It's a very good book. When I read this book
and after I read it, I went back and started reading the New Testement again and all the sudden, it opened up.
I realized that what he talked about was the mind
internal process, thinking
Jesus teaching was practical application
when you start to see that, you say, Ah, it's emotional intelligence that's what he's talking about.
and that's how you begin to heal.
so everything inside you, of course, most people live right here
"God save me"
"God save me"
and God is saying "Hey you know what you came to this class"
he's showing you what's really happening
and He says God will not be mocked, what you sow, what you plant, right in here
who reaps
absolutely you!
So that means he's putting it right back on you
and we have to say: okay I'm going to clean my stuff
make peace, and all of a sudden as you start to make peace, you begin
to take power away from
everything outside of you
and then you start walking and empowering life, because I'll tell you
that this way of thinking and living
is a narrow way to live
it's a narrow life, not many people do it.
Because it's easy
to go back here
and to react
and to blame, to judge, to condemn
to feel guilty, to feel hurt and many, many go this way.
It's not easy here taking ownership
and that's why we want to make it simple as we possibly can,
apply the principles and start to transform
Your mind is the Temple
Honor yourself by making peace
with every memory