MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 14

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Previously on Masterchef...
Shut your mouth!
Paula Deen popped out of a mystery box
and played judge for a day...
Put some South in your mouth.
Leading to a tag team challenge
that spun the competition out of control.
No, no, no, no, no. They're to your left! Where? Where?
Oh! Oh, my God.
When team Christine and Stacey
were left at the bottom...
This is the worst performance from both of you.
Stacey was the one eliminated.
No. It's okay.
Tonight the final six
are in for the shock of their lives...
Everything you know is gonna change forever.
When past competitors return
for the ultimate challenge..
And then... Whoo!
There's Ryan.
Oh, yeah, this piece of.
For the first time in Masterchef history,
one will get the second chance of a lifetime.
I'm more motivated than ever.
I don't want any of them back in the competition.
And cook their way back
into the competition.
The flavor elevator's back.
And we're going up.
Sync and corrections by Ferke
Please, all of you, come down to the front.
Thank you.
Top six, man.
It feels unbelievable.
There's only five people in my way
of becoming the next Masterchef,
so watch out.
Good to see you all.
The final six.
I need to win this.
This isn't something that I hope to do.
This is something that I have to do.
Today everything you know
about Masterchef is gonna change forever.
It's always a twist, always a curveball,
and I feel more nervous than I do excited.
None of you will be cooking today.
That's right.
All of you head up to the gallery, please.
There's something else going on.
I think that they're going to bring someone into cook.
I don't know who that's gonna be.
Today in the Masterchef kitchen
are some familiar faces--
The last eight people that we eliminated.
Huh? What?
Please welcome back...
Oh-- Stacey...
Josh, whoo! Really?
Cowboy Mike...
And last but not least...
I don't remember who the eighth person was.
That was a really long time ago.
And then there's Ryan.
And I'm like, "oh, yeah, this piece of."
This kitchen has been a better place
since he was eliminated.
Welcome back.
Thank you, chef.
I love the masterchef kitchen.
It's amazing to be walking back in.
But I'm not sure why I'm here.
Even the best chefs in the world
can have a bad day.
Trust me.
I've had thousands.
It's a shame for anyone to be judged solely
on their worst moment
and their worst dish.
This is our search for America's best home cook,
and this is America,
a country built on opportunities and second chances.
We've invited you all back
to the Masterchef kitchen
so that one of you...
Can win this.
A Masterchef apron.
Stop it. For one of you,
this will be your ticket back...
Into this competition.
Everything just changed.
The flavor elevator is going straight to the penthouse.
I am rested, and I am ready to come back
with a vengeance.
The eight of you will now compete
in an unprecedented second-chance mystery box.
The two winners of this challenge
will then compete head-to-head,
and the winner of that battle
will have cooked their way
back into this competition.
I just got eliminated,
so I am earning that apron back
no matter what.
I am a little pissed right now.
Oh, yeah.
All eight of you
are about to assemble a mystery box.
Ryan, you'll go first in the pantry,
where you'll choose a single ingredient
and place it here.
One by one, you'll each take a turn,
ending with Stacey,
the last person to be eliminated.
Once all of you have made your selections,
you'll each be given just those eight ingredients
plus the staple pantry box
to cook a stunning dish
that will keep you in contention
of winning a white apron back.
Ryan, are you ready?
Yes, chef. Go.
I feel like he's gonna choose some wacky ingredient
that's just gonna set the tone for, like,
"okay, this guy's a nut-ball."
I feel pretty good about being the first person
to pick an ingredient.
I get to be in the driver's seat.
I want to try to pick something challenging.
Here we go.
Portobello mushrooms. Okay.
Wow. Scott.
Think smartly.
Off you go. All right, guys.
Definitely surprised to have this opportunity
to actually get back in the game again.
But we had no time to start formulating a plan.
I gotta go with what I know.
What is it, Scott?
I went with a really nice, stunning pork chop.
Wow. Whoo!
Mike. Condensed milk?
I have a plan. Wow. Tanya.
I got white wine vinegar.
Uh-oh. The opposite of condensed milk.
What should I do to these guys?
Uh-oh. Chocolate buttons?
Chocolate buttons.
Josh. Good luck.
Someone's gotta pull a starch, right?
What's he bringing?
Surely onion, tomato, garlic.
Or some spices.
What have you got? Oh, my God.
This isn't a mystery box. This is a freak show.
Stacey. Last pick.
I'm hoping there's a starch coming.
This mystery box is shape-shifting
like no other,
but I'm smart.
I know what I want to do, and I'm sticking to it.
This is key, isn't it?
This is gonna cement it.
Yeah, 'cause, so far, you have
just a bunch of weird accents.
You don't have anything
to hold it all together.
Gonna like it.
Here comes the rice, please.
Stacey, what have we got?
Heavy cream, chef.
Oh. Oh, man.
This mystery box is a total disaster.
You got chocolate, condensed milk, celery--
It's just-- it's a joke.
I love this.
Okay, eight eliminated contestants,
eight ingredients
hand-picked by you all.
The two cooks
that make the best dishes
from those ingredients
will fight on
and go head-to-head to win
that elusive apron
and join those talented individuals
up on the balcony.
Your 60 minutes...
- Good luck. - Come on, Josh.
Come on, Mike.
To get a second chance in something
of this magnitude is almost overwhelming.
And I'm ready to rock and roll.
I got to remember where all this is again.
This is the most random assortment
of anything we've ever seen.
It is as bad as I could have ever have dreamed.
I mean, I don't think it could've gotten
more difficult than what they picked. Sure.
What would you do? I would make a puree
out of the gills of the mushroom
and grill the pork chop and, like, a little celery salad.
I would go for roasted mushrooms,
a caramelized pork chop,
and glaze it with celery juice
and white wine vinegar.
Is tali using chocolate yet?
He's definitely using chocolate.
I love competition. I love it.
I'm like a feeding frenzy right now
every time somebody even mentions the word "competition."
I'll take out anybody here, and then I'll get started
on everybody upstairs.
I think Ryan just doesn't know when to shut up.
And, for me, Ryan's not a threat.
This is the best place to be right now.
I'm gonna make the most of it.
They probably thought, you know,
they were all safe and stuff because I was leaving,
but now they're really gonna be
into a world of trouble when I get back.
Josh is my biggest competitor.
The idea of him coming back
is throwing another, like, wrench in my master plan.
20 minutes to go, guys. Come on.
I'm foaming at the mouth right now.
He's such a dingbat, this kid.
I know. The flavor elevator's back,
and we're going up.
The last eight eliminated contestants have returned
to the Masterchef kitchen for a second chance
at a coveted white apron.
The two home cooks with the best mystery box dish
will then go head-to-head
to get back into the competition.
I can't wait to see what Mike's
got up his sleeve over here.
Mike. Yes, chef.
What are you doing? I'm doing something
that you would not expect this cowboy to do.
I'm going dessert. I'm making a chocolate flan.
You don't look like the kind of dainty dessert man...
No, I don't. Who would come up with a flan.
I don't. That's why I'm doing it.
Stacey, what are you doing?
I made some fresh pasta dough.
I'm gonna roll out some lasagna sheets
and do ravioli. Inside of that is gonna be
the fresh ricotta that I made,
the roasted portobello mushrooms...
Fresh ricotta? Yes.
Fresh pasta? Yes.
Caramelized the pork chop,
roasted mushrooms, and making a celery puree?
I mean, I've never seen this with you. Yes, I know.
How badly do you want that white apron back?
I'm fierce, so it's time for me to return
and fight my way to the top.
Ryan, what are you making?
I made a pork chop.
I lightly dredged it in flour, salt, and pepper.
Who on the balcony doesn't deserve to be there?
Definitely David Martinez doesn't--
Is he wearing your white apron?
Oh, he's wearing my white apron.
Are you gonna get it back today?
I'm definitely getting it back today.
I'm not gonna stop until I do.
45 minutes gone.
15 minutes to go.
Joshua, how you feeling? Feeling great, chef.
You've gone desserts?
Yes, I'm making a chocolate mousse
with a pomegranate sauce.
Can this dessert get you back up there
on that balcony? Yes, chef.
Who shouldn't be up there?
I did not expect to see David Martinez up there
at all. Really?
He said it too now.
I'll go head-to-head with any one
of these people that have said that.
Interesting dishes. Absolutely.
Pretty impressive.
I think it looks like some of the best dishesever cooked
in competition ever. Yeah.
So what do you guys think? If you were up here,
who would you not want to see go up and join you in white?
I would not want to see someone of Josh's caliber.
I mean, the level of confidence that guy's bringing.
I wouldn't want to see Stacey back
because I would think I just eliminated her
a few days ago.
To have her back again with her potential
would be really unnerving. And cowboy Mike.
You know, he made some good food.
He could be the dark horse here.
Okay, folks, three minutes left.
That's where my flan's at right now.
Taste everything.
Come on, guys.
One stunning portion.
That looks good.
No? No. I think it's going to fall.
Come on.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one, and stop!
Well done.
From here, they look amazing.
Already you guys have gone up
a different level.
We're looking for the two best dishes.
But there's only one white apron.
All right, Josh, let's see it.
From the beginning,
I thought that Josh would be in the top five,
so I don't want him back in the competition.
So everybody's kind of scared of you,
you coming back in the competition.
What did you make here that could intimidate everyone?
I made a chocolate mousse with pomegranate reduction sauce
with candied lemon peels.
Presentation-wise, it's not a work of art.
It might not be beautiful to look at,
but that tastes amazing.
That is so good. Thank you.
It tastes absolutely delicious.
Thank you. Great job.
Thanks, chef.
Looks like a proper mousse.
You got enough air whipped in there.
You think the people up there are rooting against you?
Are they intimidated by you as a cook?
A little bit.
This is great. Thank you.
Maybe they should fear you.
Okay, Anna. Let's go.
I made pan seared pork chop with sauteed portobello mushroom
and a shaved celery and pomegranate salad.
Visually, Anna, it looks beautiful.
Thank you.
Great sear on the pork. Little bit overcooked.
And it looks like you sliced it when it was too hot.
It's a great shame. It is.
Next is tali.
This is chocolate pot de cremes
with a little bit of pomegranate syrup,
pomegranate seeds,
and a little bit of a celery foam.
If Josh's mousse was a chocolate dream,
this is like chocolate mortar.
It's very dense, very heavy.
Mm. Okay. Thank you.
Scott, please.
I pan-seared a stuffed pork chop,
then I pickled the celery
and made a little pomegranate sweet sauce for everything.
Slightly undercooked.
However, the flavor and the sear is good.
Thank you. Thank you, chef.
Hello. Hi, Tanya.
I made crispy celery with pork,
and I used the leaves as a part of my marinade.
I also used the celery with the mushrooms
that I made a ragu of with the cream.
The cook on the pork is delicious.
The mushrooms are really good.
But to me, celery fried is just...
I don't get it.
Okay. Thanks.
Okay. Stacey, let's go.
I feel that
Stacey is gonna come through
because she showed a lot of skill in those last 60 minutes.
It is a fresh ricotta
and roasted portobello mushroom ravioli
with roasted celery cream and a pan roasted pork chop.
Based on what you've just done in the last 60 minutes...
You're back with a vengeance. It's delicious.
Thank you.
How made ricotta, pasta, cream sauce,
roasted pork chop
in 60 minutes, I don't know.
Potentially, you've got one hand on that white apron.
Thank you, chef.
Wow. Delicious.
This woman wants her shot
back in this competition.
That was really good. Yeah.
And a part of me fears that kind of hunger.
I'm pretty worried.
All right, let's go, cowboy Mike.
Today the judges brought back
the last eight contestants
that we've eliminated.
All right, Mikey!
And two of the top dishes will go head-to-head
and then whoever wins gets to join the group of six again.
All right, welcome back. How are you, chef? Thank you.
I'm like, "omg, Batman."
I don't want any of them back in the competition.
So what did you make?
I made a chocolate flan.
I incorporated chocolate into milk,
and I've got the zest of a lemon in there
to give it a little bit of tanginess.
Country, Southern, cowboy Mike... Yeah.
Bringing in condensed milk.
What was the idea with that?
I really wanted to do a dessert,
something totally out of the box.
So you wanted to stand out. I did.
It's baked beautifully.
Th's really delicious. Thank you, chef.
Really good job. To see you in one hour
create something like this...
I think it's a testament to how far you've come.
Thank you, chef. Good job. Proud of you.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
And the flan, you've never cooked it before?
I've never cooked a chocolate flan in 60 minutes.
It's delicious. Yep, it's very good.
Great job. Well done. Thank you, chef, very much.
All right, Mike! Great job, Mike.
Last up... Ryan.
This kid-- he better not
worm his way back into this competition
after being gone for so long.
Go yourself.
What is it?
A pan seared pork chop
with a mushroom and celery ragu
with a pomegranate gastric on the bottom.
Are you happy with it?
Uh, yes.
There's a brashness to you
that is like a chef with the cockiness and the arrogance.
And when you don't deliver,
you're gonna get your ass kicked.
This time, you've delivered.
It's delicious. Great sear.
You kept it on the bones, so it's moist, you know,
and you've nailed this.
I mean, I think it's one of your best dishes you've cooked here.
Good job. Thank you very much.
Well done. Appreciate it.
I see Frank's up there, rolling his eyes at you.
But what Frank doesn't realize
is how delicious this is.
Thank you so much.
I think that
there's a... A potential in you
that sometimes is masqueraded
by this seemingly bewildered
young man who has no job,
probably not doing a whole hell of a lot every day.
You know, I spend my time cooking.
That's what I do during the day.
I love to just experiment with different things,
and I realize that my only limitation
is my imagination when I go into the kitchen.
I think you have something to show them.
Get ready.
There's a reason why we're all still here,
and he's been hanging out in central park
feeding birds or something.
But the final six that are in our spots here
are without a doubt better cooks than Ryan.
Very hard. Yeah.
Wasn't that one of the best pork chops?
Yeah, that was good, actually.
With all the dishes tasted...
It was more like a garnish. Didn't make sense.
The judges will now decide which two
of the eight returning home cooks
will go head-to-head
for a chance to re-enter the Masterchef competition.
Well, let's get one thing right.
It's certainly gone up a level, let me tell you.
Well done. Thank you, chef.
Can the following four people step forward?
You four have shown that you are truly great home cooks.
Great is not quite good enough.
We have to say good-bye to all four of you.
Thank you... Very much. Thank you so much.
Stacey, Josh, Mike, Ryan.
This has been a very tough decision.
Mike, Ryan, step forward, please.
One of you's staying, and one of you's going home.
The only person I'm rooting for is Mike
'cause Mike's my homeboy.
I want Ryan to come back just so I can be the one
to hammer that last nail into his coffin.
I don't think that kid could cook his way
out of a microwaveable popcorn bag.
Are staying in the Masterchef competition.
Good job, big man. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
All right, Mike. All right, Mike! Whoo!
Take care. Good luck, y'all.
I feel amazing right now.
I feel like I've gotten a second lease on life.
I don't want to sound overconfident,
but I think I'm the best chef,
including the ones who are already up there.
Stacey, Josh,
one of you is leaving,
and one of you is going head-to-head against Ryan
to compete to join those six on the balcony.
Based on performance,
I think that Stacey deserves to come right back in the game
where she left off.
I want Josh to beat Ryan into oblivion.
I'm really hoping that it's Stacey.
The person
that's going head-to-head with Ryan...
I think Josh is the better cook.
It's gotta be Stacey. I mean, she deserves it.
I think... Josh takes it.
That person will be...
Stacey, Josh.
One of you is leaving,
and one of you is going head-to-head against Ryan
to compete to join those six.
Josh is dangerous, because if
comes back to the competition he becomes an immediate threat.
I think Stacey really wants this and she just got eliminated
so, she's got a lot to prove.
That person will be
Oh, Stacey
another gallant effort
you're just gonna get better, and better, and better.
I plan on it, chef.
I love you Stacey I love you Stacey
he is the best.
Tonight, you now have a fifty-fifty chance
of re-entering the world's biggest culinary competition.
I think it's safe to say
that the pressure is on.
Get your game face on.
I'm gonna whoop Ryan's ass, man.
This is gonna be the culinary battle of his life.
There's one dish
that separates you from success
or failure.
That dish is a glorious...
Fruit tart.
Instant happiness with Josh's face
and fear in Ryan's.
I think Josh versus Ryan in this challenge
is gonna be a slaughterhouse of horrors
because Ryan got sent home on a dessert against Josh.
This challenge is all about flavor and creativity.
There are no limits on your interpretation
of this classic dessert.
But it's not us you'll have to impress.
We have some special guest judges
with, uh, I would say, very, very refined palates.
Say hello...
To your six judges.
We're all like...
Holy crap.
One, I'm incredibly honored.
Two, I'm a little nervous.
Because I know those judges are gonna be looking at us
to make sure that we know what we're talking about.
They'll all taste a slice
from each of your tarts
and vote for the best one.
Being able to judge food in Masterchef kitchen
is an honor.
I'm expecting Bobby flay or Jean-georges
to come walking through the door,
and then he drops the bomb on us
that the six dopes upstairs are gonna be judging my food.
It will be a totally blind taste test,
so they will not know
whose dessert is whose.
I think that makes it fair,
and you know what?
The other contenders will now see what I do every day,
judging the texture and taste profiles.
Your fate is now
in their hands.
I think my palate has come
a really long way since being on Masterchef,
so I'm pretty stoked about this today.
Make your way through to the Masterchef restaurant.
Thank you.
Plus, this is a Masterchef first,
so we really, really have to put our minds to this
and prove that we have what it takes.
Josh, Ryan,
welcome to culinary thunderdome.
Everything that you need to make a basic fruit tart
is already at your station in front of you.
Any other ingredients
are available to you in the limited pantry.
You can make any kind of fruit tart you want,
incorporate any ingredient.
You can finish it with any kind of fruit.
You've both got
90 minutes.
Are you ready?
Yes, chef.
Your time starts...
Good luck.
It's the culinary battle of my life.
I'm motivated than ever to pursue this dream.
I got a second chance, which is completely unheard of,
and I'm ready to fight.
This is the biggest opportunity of my life,
but I've never made a fruit tart before,
so I have a lot to prove at this moment.
The secret of a great tart for me
is the perfect crust.
Do they go shortcrust? Do they go sweet pastry?
I think it depends on your topping,
'cause if you're going, like, a more fragrant topping,
I would say a more butter crust.
I mean, that crust is the foundation, right?
You know, it has to rest and set in the fruit,
and then put it into the mold.
I mean, you want a firm base
'cause it has to take the weight,
not only of the pastry cream, but the fruit on top.
This tart is, like, the most important thing
in my life right now.
I mean, I already beat Ryan's ass once
in the dessert challenge.
I mean, it's only right that I do it again.
Culinary thunderdome-- two men enter, one man leaves.
He's a great competitor, but he's gotta go home today.
How is your tart gonna separate from his?
What I plan to do is use a lot of exotic ingredients--
you know, pineapples, mangos, kiwis.
If that fruit is too hard on top, you've destroyed it.
The pastry cream--how are you flavoring that?
I'm gonna flavor it with a little bit of vanilla.
Good luck. Thank you.
Ryan, you left here on a bloody dessert last time.
This guy kicked your ass.
Is there a double victory for him again tonight?
Not a chance. Talk to me about the tart.
What are you doing? I'm going to do a fresh berry tart
with a blood orange pastry cream.
How desperate are you to get back into this competition?
There's a few times in somebody's life
when they have an opportunity like this,
and this one's mine,
and I'm not willing to let it pass me by.
Good luck. Thank you very much.
Guys, halfway there.
Two tarts, but only one white apron.
Your six judges are eagerly awaiting
your dishes, which they will blind-taste.
Make sure this is a magnificent fruit tart.
You know, waiting in that restaurant
is pretty intense, man.
We're gonna be handing someone their dream back.
In the end, even though I don't care for Ryan,
I know that this is his dream,
as well as I know that this is Josh's dream.
I think they're really both fighting for their lives,
and the best man is gonna win here
because it is a blind taste test,
and I'm looking forward to it.
What is the deal behind pastry cream?
If the pastry cream is too weak, the fruit will bleed through it
- and turn the pastry... - Soggy.
But the topping--
are you going for visual impact,
or are you going for the practicality
of cutting the tart?
What would you put on top of a fruit tart?
Something soft,
nothing with a skin on it. No.
It's all about the knife going through.
I don't want anything to catch on that blade
and then run through and destroy the tart.
Here we go.
The crust is the backbone to this entire fruit tart.
If the crust isn't good,
the rest of it is gonna stink also,
so I need to get the crust in as quickly as possible.
Your top bases should be in the oven by now.
Josh, let's go.
Come on. I'm looking at Josh.
It looks like he's moving too slow.
Come on, what's going on?
It should have been in 20 minutes ago.
Come on, get it in the oven, please.
I'm worried right now
because I should have had my pastry crust done,
but I took a little bit too much time
cutting exotic fruit.
I'm nervous for Josh now.
Rolling out his pastry, it was crumbling apart.
It was a little bit like patchwork.
It looked like some Jigsaw.
Ryan's crust, on the other hand...
Looks perfect. Looks amazing.
Really amazing.
It's really gonna come down to the wire.
I'm just hoping it gets to cook through,
and hopefully, it's done.
This has to be the best dish I ever made in this kitchen,
otherwise I'm going back home,
and that's not what I want to do.
Exactly 15 minutes to go.
Come on.
Where's your crust?
My crust is in the oven.
It's not cooked yet?
Uh, probably, like, ten more minutes.
How are you gonna cool it in time?
That's the question.
80 minutes gone
and 10 minutes to go.
Tonight, Josh and Ryan
are going head-to-head in a bid to return
to the Masterchef kitchen.
You should start putting these tarts together.
In a blind taste test,
the six remaining contestants
will judge which fruit tart is the best,
and the winner will join them back in the competition.
This is the first time
the winner tonight is out of our hands.
I mean, it's going in to the palates
of the six remaining contestants.
They don't know whose is whose.
This is purely based on that slice of tart
that's in front of them.
It's looking good.
I just got a little patch right there,
but it'll set, and it'll cool.
My hands are shaking right now,
and I'm having a hard time
maneuvering these small fruits.
This is a pretty delicate thing to do,
and I'm not the most delicate of people.
Well, my tart is way better than his.
I just gotta let it cool off some.
Seven minutes left. I gotta go.
Most technical cook out there right now is Josh,
but, I mean, Ryan looks in front.
just on his management of the fruit.
He's using whole berries. Very classic.
Josh's mistakes are so grave at this point.
I mean, this is a bad spot to be in.
If Josh pulls this off
with the exotic fruit,
think about the textures. I mean, he could nail it.
60 seconds to go!
Come on!
Finishing touches, guys.
You need to knock your opponent out
to stay in this competition, guys.
Josh, concentrate on yours.
Here we go.
Ten... Nine...
Eight... Seven...
Six... Five...
Four... Three...
Two... One...
And stop.
Very carefully,
bring the tarts down
to the front bench, please.
Oh, wow. Look at that.
I'm looking down at my dish and I'm thinking,
I have a real clear shot at winning this,
and the dream to get my cooking school started
is real, and I literally have a shot at it.
I've always dreamed of opening up
my own food cart in New York City,
and I know that if I win this challenge,
I think I can win it all.
How do you feel?
Feeling great. Good.
Two individual tarts from here.
We all think they both look good, let me tell you.
Very carefully,
slice your fruit tarts
and present six stunning slices.
- This is crucial now. - Yeah.
I mean, the baking's half of it,
putting it together, now being able
to cut into it.
If that fruit is too hard, it compresses...
The pastry cream, and it just helps to split.
Doesn't matter how sharp your knife is.
Two very good first slices.
Ryan was clearly the underdog coming in,
but it doesn't look like that to me anymore.
Your six slices will be served
to our judges.
Sit patiently and await your fate.
Good job, both of you.
What's the color of the crust?
It's, like, a light golden brown.
Light golden brown? Okay.
I'm a little nervous about doing the taste test
because I know that two people's futures
depend on a decision that I have input with.
Fruit tart's actually my favorite dessert.
I eat a lot of it. I'm, you know,
a pretty good judge of them at home,
so why not judge them in Masterchef kitchen?
The top six contestants have been given the task
of judging which fruit tart is best,
based purely on presentation and taste.
They're both pretty nice.
And it looks like there's some better knife work
on this one.
The pastry cream's pretty nice.
It's really close.
I'm not fond of the maraschino cherries.
I think it's a little strange to use that in a fruit tart.
Maraschino cherries, man, might get you.
I think they might get me to the next round.
I think it might get you back to New York City.
It's not cooked fully,
and then, once you cut it...
There's no-- it doesn't make any noise.
It's like bread.
This one,
nice crust.
It's falling apart though.
I love the visual on this tart.
I think the knife cuts are beautiful,
and I love the combination of tropical fruit.
On this tart, I did care for the pastry cream,
and you can tell there was a lot of skill involved.
Hopefully, they make the right decision,
and I can be here cooking next week.
Hopefully, the better man will win this one,
and the flavor elevator will be rising
to the next level.
This one could have been put together
with a little bit more finesse.
This one could be a little bit more custard.
You got a little bit of sweetness.
Not too much.
This one's definitely
a little bit sweeter.
I don't understand
some of the components on here.
I really don't want to go back to New York City.
I feel like I have a lot of unfinished business here
to take care of.
Oh, God.
In the infamous words of tom petty,
the waiting is the hardest part.
And it's pretty much unbearable sitting there
with your entire future hanging in the balance.
This moment is super intense.
You could just smell the tension.
It's crazy.
I'm thinking at this moment
that I do have the winning dish
and that I am gonna pull this off.
Right there in that room really lies
my existence in this competition.
Hopefully, the judges made the right decision.
The two tarts have been judged,
and the results are in.
Thank you.
Josh and Ryan are about to find out
which one of them is back in the competition
to become America's next Masterchef.
I want this so bad.
They have no idea what this means to me right now.
I'm just hoping for the best.
You never get second chances like this.
It means the world to me.
I am ready to come back with a vengeance.
Josh, Ryan...
The decision
has been made.
Congratulations to...
The six of you
have tasted and voted individually
without knowing who made
which fruit tart.
Let's start with you, monti.
Which one did you prefer?
I think the tart that was prepared
with the tropical fruit,
the knife cuts were beautiful,
the pastry cream was obviously chilled well
before it was placed on the tart,
and the tart itself was only
about 1/4 of an inch thick,
which is about as thick as a tart shell should be.
Look at you. I mean, it's like a dialogue
of a food critic for the New York times.
which one had the biggest impact?
I think the berry tart had more visual impact
because it was more delicately put together.
Now you're about to find out
who you have decided
will be coming back to challenge you
in the biggest culinary competition in the world.
I hope Ryan comes back in,
so I can send his ass back out.
If Josh comes back into the competition,
I think he's gonna fight tooth and nail
to get to the top and do his very best
to knock us all out.
Returning with his white Masterchef apron back on,
please welcome back...
Y'all messed up now.
Oh, man, they have no idea what's coming for them.
I cooked circles around Ryan,
and I'm more focused than ever.
I'd like to say to the remaining seven contestants,
you're lucky they threw another baking challenge at me.
But now, I really think Josh will win
because anybody who could take out the flavor elevator
deserves to be the next Masterchef.
It's time to tighten it up, guys.
You are in a serious battle.
Man, that kid is not fussing around.
You can see it in his face.
This is gonna be fierce.
From here on in, no more second chances.
There can only be one...
Next time we walk into that kitchen,
the gloves are off.
We're all bringing our "a" game.
Josh, congratulations.
The remaining six cooks should definitely fear me.
They want a challenge, they're gonna get one.
Trust me.
Tomorrow night, on Masterchef...
Some pesky sea creatures
invade the Masterchef kitchen...
Oh, God!
I'm so sorry!
What I hate the most in a kitchen is anything
that can look at me and plead for its life.
Followed by one of
the most brutal elimination challenges of the season...
I feel like I've just been run over by a bus.
Unedibly disgusting.
As one more Masterchef hopeful says good-bye.
The time is done in Masterchef.
Sync and corrections by Ferke