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Very well - thank you dear friends. Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Greetings to all of us.
My honorable fellow speakers and friends in the audience.
My diference to the other speakers,
to be honest, is negligible
except for one thing, and that's
my smaller head therefore making me look bigger
(audience laughing and applausing)
You can make yourself look bigger through 2 simple and basic tricks
first - by increasing your body mass second - by reducing the size of your head
(audience laughing)
Well of course with Nanotechnology.
(audience clapping)
Alright - how is everybody in the audience? Everybody healthy?
Great. So if we talk about being healthy - again
When we talk about being healthy, sometimes we make one very simple generalization
that being healthy means not being sick.
But in actual fact, there are other dimensions, guides and scores - some of which we can see here
these figures can be our reference to indicate whether we are actually healthy or no
We see here, for example
Ideally, men should have lower than 25% body fat and women below 30%
To measure these body fat figures for men and women require a special device
Fortunately, Mr. Halim here brings this device. If you can kindly show it later.
You can try this device later outside after the talks to try and measure your body fat.
Then, pants size can also be an indicator
I feel healthy if my pants size is below 35 and for women below 33
My acid alkaline balance for example has to be 7.6 and etc.
But the point is, one more time, dear friends
Being healthy is actually about feeling healthy.
Those figures and measurements are in fact mere guidelines.
Baseline figures that if crossed should give us a warning to shape up
so nothing bad will happen to our health
Remember! Being healthy is often taken for granted, while we're still "healthy"
Health becomes so much more interesting when we stop having them - when we fall sick.
So the definition of being healthy is simple,
That is a state of mind and the body at its peak efficiency
That's more or less how I define it.
Now, if we talk about a healthy nation, a strong country - the people are generally healthy
A healthy society means a great pool of human resources
Just now, like what Mr. Nurul said
Bahwa sumber daya alam yang kaya If natural resources are bountiful, but we have poor human resources
.. we would still have many problems.
Thus it's important for us to have strong human resources.
One way we can measure the health quality of the Indonesian people is
.. by measuring life expectancy.
In America in 1908, life expectancy was only 48 years old
100 years later, life expectancy increased to be 78 years
In fact, in 2010, it's possible
Most countries in Europe and America have life expectancy of 80
A figure that many predict can turn 90 by the year of 2020.
Even more interesting, our biology allows us to live up to 120 years of age.
Now some of you may now
in Japan, in Okinawa, many of the Japanese live up to this age today.
So people have been living up to 100 years old by in Indonesia - here we see
Why are we categorized old by 50? Cause we know many of us face 'game over' by 60
.. that's roughly how it plays out
Consequently, many of us build that limitation and the believe that we will
.. end our journey when we're 60
The truth is, we can live way longer than that
What can influence life expectancy? Usually there are two factors:
The top one if we can see factors up to 80% The one below, more or less, is about
.. maybe 20%.
One more time, top one 80%, bottom one 20%
This is a very simple concept - if we live an unhealthy lifestyle - we ruin the Darwinian theory
What do we become Mr. Halim? Maybe to be like this ...
Let's move on
Our own life quality depends on the quality of our questions
So all these diseases are common diseases in our society
Now what's going to be our next question
If we have diseases like these in society, what are we going to seek?
We're going to look for the cure.
But really, we should change our point of view and
What are the underlying issues beneath the existence of these diseases
One of them is high body fat
So one more time,
When someone actively reduces body fat slowly but surely
one would feel much fitter
When that happens, one doesn't need to think about cure the moral of the story is
"be a student of anticipation, rather than a student of reaction."
I have here some statistics about smoking. Smokers in the room
please do not get insulted and lower down your defensive mechanism
be open minded
Okay. So we see here 84% smokers come from developing countries.
Only the remaining small part comes from developed countries. Why developing?
That has to do with our general public knowledge of health.
In developed nations, people are informed on health and fitness matters.
therefore they understand better the risks of unhealthy habits
Then we see here 2 out of 3 males are smokers
Further if we see here
Now, there are some very interesting stuff here
Cigarette smoking is the gateway to using drugs. If we see here ...
Between 90% to 100% of drug addicts are
.. smokers Yes..
So try to imagine if most drug addicts start their addiction from smoking
imagine if they don't smoke to begin with
maybe - through such limits - we can reduce drug addiction cases in Indonesia that are already affecting close to 3 million people
Let's go on - this is a very simple concept
Friends, why am I sure our smoker friends have this propensity?
I ponder at times on the smoking experience
When people first start get hooked to the habt, they must think
"Wow, this feels so good"
Usually when people go for their first puffs, they would cough
But when they already had this "feel-good" frame of mind, more or less,
they continue thinking that smoking is great
So at times we have to recognize that when someone starts the habit of smoking
that's because they have formed such positive association to cigarettes
This mental link is very different to non-smokers association to the idea of smoking
So there's a difference of association here
Association is influenced by repitition
As you all know repition is a skill's mother
Repititin is the mother of all skills
Now when we talk about skills here we talk about being good at something
very similar to understanding something
So if we're under the assumption there's easy access everytime to smoke
.. easy - and fueled by numerous advertisements
When we look around , consequently
we'll always associate cigarette with something or being cool
So the challenge here is to reverse the trend
This is, again, to increase our general life expectancy
To have a good quality life so we can be as creative as Irfan and Irwan my fellow speakers
.. and like many here in the audience
to be able to play like Barry - incredible Give one more round of applause to him.

First, that we want to spend sometime to move and do physical exercise
Then we want to have a good eating pattern and enough exercise
Now, the most important muscle in our body is our heart muscle. That's why
Mas Irfan previously said "don't just rely on your muscles"
Very simply put, our heart is a muscle
It requires one muscle to move our heart
So if we don't train this muscle, it may not be able to perform in the long run
it's that simple
Well if we call it simple, there will be critical people who may say
"We are what we wear and what we wear reflects our personality"
"We are the vehicle we ride, we are the games we play" and etc.
Now in the world of fitness, we are what we eat.
Our mouth is the source of health and sickness.
When you talk about your diet and managing it, it's similar to managing your money
The concept is similar to when people say
"why do you have to worry about your diet, just enjoy your life"
"why do you have to control your expenses, just enjoy your life"
We should say no to such voices and remind them that with proper management our lives would definitely be better
and the same goes with eating
Friends, the approach to eating
especially diet programs is not simply reducing food intake
but really it is a long term dietary management I am sure people in the audience are very creative
everyone is forward looking and smart
So the concept is simple
When we talk about food, we talk about the source
We choose what intake is good for us
Secondly, on food, is servings
with different serving styles, our food intake will also be different
excessive calorie intake results in people getting overweight and obese
these are diseases that are direct results of having too much body fat
that's what happen when you consume too much calories
The third - very simple
How do one become fat? The answer is because the person
eats alot - right?
Why does one eat alot? Cause he/she likes to eat
Why does one like to eat? Because one has an excessive appetite
But why the appetite?
Because we let our desire to eat controls us
Believe me or not, when we are slightly overweight and one day we eat late
it is irrelevant whether we go to mosque or church
or if he/she goes to temple - whether he/she's a respectful and humble person
nt arrogant and everything. all the virtues cannt stand againt
the raging hormne in the person's head telling him/her "Let's eat! eat more!"
It's pretty much like when we're sleepy
We wouldn't care - we would just want to sleep
So at the moment we want to eat ;at that same exact moment, we will have to eat
Therefore, timing your eating can have a powerful impact
Another tip for you
"eat before you are hungry instead of waiting until you are"
sometimes people eat only after they are hungry
when we are hungry, the grelin hormone takes over
but when we eat before we get hungry, we become more rational
When we are hungry, we become more emotional
So this one is ok
On the slides I have numbered them 11 ... 12 for every minute
It will tell me when I am close to my 18 minutes
THis is a very simple concept, if i can continue where Irfan left it
if i am not wrong, this morning
he told us about how children follow examples of adults
so the concept is very simply like this
moms are actually the spearhead
the spearhead of the family's health Often people say -
- Why are you fat? - response: "oh yea, it's genetics"
- "Oh what do you mean genetics?" - Yes, the problem is my dad's fat and my mom
..is also overweight, my grandpa, my grandma are also big - so as an effect, I am fat.
You will hear people often reason this way.
Much like myself - in the past when people asked - Why is Ade poor?
- I could have said "Oh yes, that's cause my dad's poor my mom is poor and my grandma's poor."
.. my grandpa is also poor. So I am genetically poor ...
But friends, the genetic part is actually - The Habit.
It's the habit, the pattern - not the body itself.
Now, if the mother lives healthy, she'll ensure there are healthy foods in the house
her husband will live healthier and as a result the children will be healthy too.
when the children lives well, the grandchildren will be ok too
As you can see, the mother's role is very important
at the end of the day, the belief that obesity is mere genetic phenomena is really a mindset issue
Here are few simple things I want to show you
If there are financial IQ, there's also Fitness IQ
Our fitness IQ in generall are sound, but often we tend to forget
Why is that?
This has something to do with being independent, and living healthy
Often what happens is one of these three factors
the first one is, "Complaint Game"
We use this 'complaint game' alot
I do this often, especially when real life realities do not meet my expectations
So, "why is my body like this" "why do i feel weak all the time?"
"why do my clothes keep getting smaller" and many other complaints
the second is, "Blame Game" we love to always point our fingers externally
as example, "why is dad so poor?"
"cause by chance in front of us there's a clothing store, a shoe store, and other stores"
hmm where's the connection?
but if you ask "why are you fat"
- "oh yes, that's because in front of me there's a kwetiau, bakso and siomay stall"
Now people can see the link, why is that?
That's because our financial IQ is naturally higher - so when we think financials, we are quicker
.. to realize our mistakes
one more time - we must be cautious
If outside there's KFC, McDonalds, Kwetiau (rice noodle) and Siomay
.. there's pizza, meatballs
all these things will be out there to tempt us, but it's not their fault if we are overweight
the fault lies with our pattern of consumption, we consume too much!
the problem doesn't lie with a good bag or great designer clothres and shoes
the problem is the fact that we shop everyday
"most of the time we could eat clean food, but we choose to eat bad food
or other consume other unhealthy things
the last one is : "justifying game"
In this Justify game, we justify and rationalize everything
"well, it's understandable - i am old", "i am busy .." etc
This brings us further from
"Healthty body yes we can!"
So when i say "healthty body"
friends, can we say: "yes we can?"
[Yes!] ready?
"Healthy body !!" [Yes we can]
"Healthy body !!" [Yes we can]
Oke.. give the person next to you high-five "yes we can.."
(audience laughing)
This is a simple concept
Strong human resources must start from a capable generation
a Capable generation starts its journey at school
When we think about school, we think about teachers being leaders
that's why if the teachers are healthy, and the school is focussed in maintaining fitness
.. students' health and performance will be more optimal
Wow - i am running out of time
Education system - i'll talk more about that
A good sports facility - the best should be available at all schools
Healthy programs will also be cheaper if schools support and subsidize them
and one more thing - school canteerns - cause children eat there everyday
we need to ensure they sell healthy foods
we'll talk more about healthy foods
sports facilities - i think this is also much needed
if possible to the best of standards
at many places - hotels, offices, shopping malls
Sure- there are many sports facilities, like gyms and others
Fitness center doesn't have to be something fancy
Just a small room that enables us to do
.. sports acitivies - there are places like these
So this is very simple, let's look at this triangle
if we speak on how to make Indonesians stronger
and healthier
these 3 departments have to be worked on together
first, one of the biggest problems in ministry of health - is lack of focus
I can't complain too much about the government maybe because i am already old.
different if i was still young like Barry
So i can said things like
"oh, going into music school is just for making money"
(audience laughing)
So .. so, when i speak about ministry of health
I am sure they've been doing their job well, but as always
when people talk of what's possible, there's always room for progress
"the biggest room in the world, is the room of improvement."
So when we have the chance, we should focus all our energies there.
focus on prevention, instead of focusing on curing the sick
sometimes we use too much funds to fight against 1 particular virus
when often these viruses cannot affect us
if we have a helathier lifestyle
And here are some other pointers, including: service ethics standardization
especially for doctors
but sometimes they are healers, therapists, etc
of course quality of service has to improve
and not be influenced by irrelevant factors or other 'agendas'
if such is the case, our mentality becomes the victim - propelled to always buy medicine
go to the hospital and etc.
most constructive activity in the world is when we have to buy health
People don't realize, we already have much of that health
at the ministry of education and culture developments, I think the old curriculum
in health requires us to remember irrrelevant things
"what's the length of a basketball court" "what's the height of the pole" . correct?
It is as if - we're all going to be contactors when we grow up
(audience claps)
So i think the approach needs a little revision
one way is to teach them more on basic nutritions
the benefits of exercise and the benefits of healthy foods
so after you had your coffee - just before and after you ate - about one minute
how much calorie do you think you've consumed?
(audience laughs)
adding even more stress
Okay, sports facilities
one more thing that the ministry of sports have to do
you may be a bit confused
Why Ministry of sports what happens to the ministry of youth?
when it's supposed to be ministry of youth and sports
when Nagabonar (fictional character) becomes the president, I will become the ministry of sports
I will change the system cause i think ministry of sports need to be a standalone unit
why? becuase
sports belong to all of us, not just the youths
everybody can and eveyrbody should
so more focus is needed
so the message is
to get people to be disciplined in exercise
and here i have other solutions the focus is really on
.. how we can create, and promote a package
promote a healthy lifestyle promoting that is as cool as promoting
.. promoting the unhealthy patterns
cause when people market unhealthy products - usually they are so cool
but when they prmote healthy products, the design and advertising are lackluster
let alone the fact that promotion for unhealthy products and habits usually have a big marketing budget
but when public figures are asked to promote healthy lifestyles
"Well - can we not pay too much, . this is for social"
(audience laughs and claps)
Alright friends - as closing
We need to want to motivate our desire to make this nation healthier
Desire must also be suppored by a positive emotion
Second - it's information information is a crucial part of the strategy
Strategy that will become our skill to figure out how
and lstly - surely when we have ideas like here
all day long, we here have been inspired by all the speakers
but if we dont apply them to our normal routine - at the end of the day
"motivation plus information, but with no action - equals nothing"
So if possible
think "motivation plus information and action equals destination"
Thanks friends I hope we can talk again later.
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
(audience claps)