How to light a match inside a balloon - Smarter Every Day 36 LASER MONTH

Uploaded by destinws2 on 23.12.2011

So what we're gonna do for this experiment is we are going to take a balloon,
a real big clear balloon, and we've got a match, and we roll the string up on the match.
We're gonna start blowing the balloon up.. just a little bit..
and we're gonna, make it where we can get a straight shot, straight down into
the balloon. We'll drop the match, down in there,
and proceed to blow it up.

Alright, so you can see we have a match, dangling inside of a balloon,
but watch this. It's pretty cool. When I let the air out of the balloon it kind of
pushes the match out. [laugh]

It's like.. eating the string and pushing it.
It's great. Alright. Alright. We'll do it again.
Except this time we'll leave it. OK, so. What we're gonna do here, is we're going to try
to light that match, inside the balloon, without popping the balloon.
Well at least, until the fire pops the balloon. OK so,
It's your show Johan, go for it. (Johan) OK 3..2..1..

OK flame.

ohh there you go. (Destin) Nice.

[unintelligible] (Destin) Awesome! We didn't even pop the balloon!

That's it.
(Johan) Nice. Without popping the balloon. (Destin) Check.
(Johan) I was expecting the match to pop down, like, to fall down.
(Destin) Yeah but why didn't the laser pop the balloon? (Johan) The balloon is transparent so the light
just passes through and as it doesn't absorb it, the balloon doesn't heat and it doesn't pop.
(Destin) That's it. You're getting Smarter Every Day. Have a good one.

[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]
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