Honest Trailers - Prometheus

Uploaded by screenjunkies on 05.10.2012

NARRATOR: From the director of all those Russell Crowe
movies you never saw. And the writer of LOST’s unsatisfying final episode. Comes a sort-of
prequel that doesn’t use the best parts of the Alien franchise. Prometheus. A film
whose first 30 minutes are mostly landscape shots. Where two scientists are on a quest
to find extraterrestrial life based on really flimsy evidence. A trillion-dollar mission
manned by the worst crew in space. A lazy captain, who leaves his crew to die. A stoner
geologist with state of the art computer maps, radio communication, mapping balls, and GPS.
MILLBURN: We are at 7401477, why?
NARRATOR: Who still gets lost. An inconsistent biologist
who is scared of a 2000 year old dead body,
MILLBURN: No, ship’s good.
NARRATOR: but falls in love with clearly dangerous alien
MILLBURN: Hey, baby.
NARRATOR: And an idiot woman who can only run in straight
lines. A film with so much CGI, the visual effects department forgot to change anyone’s
heart rate. One man will achieve his lifelong dream of finding aliens but somehow feels
like a failure after only investigating for 6 hours. And one woman will give forced exposition.
SHAW: I can’t create life.
NARRATOR: And will create life
DAVID: You’re pregnant.
NARRATOR And get her uterus cut open which will hurt
a lot during standing, but not jumping, falling or repelling. A film so forced, it attempts
to connect to the Alien franchise by having someone drink a drop of black goo then impregnate
our main character with an squid baby which impregnates an engineer which creates an alien
that only kinda looks like the aliens in the real movies even though they already showed
a picture of that queen alien on a wall. An epic quest that has no answers or payoff to
anything, like: The green goo. The giant head statue. The disregard of evolution. This green
crystal. The engineers’ hatred of humans. The black goo. The black goo creating an eye
worm. The black goo creating a zombie. The black goo dissolving an engineer. The reason
why people in the holograms are running into a room full of black goo. David murdering
someone for no reason. The engineers leaving ancient humans maps to their weapons facilities.
And why it matters he was Vicker’s dad. Starring: Noomi Rapeface, Data, Dr. Manhattan,
Black Oil from The X-Files, Charlie The Ron, Benjamin Button and Super Vagina. Prometheus.
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