Youtaite Voice Meme [Nyamai]

Uploaded by taipuMYmyujikku on 03.09.2012

Hey all you beautiful people who may or may not be listening to me
If you didn't know already, my name is Nyamai
And this is my beautiful channel... of
the original...
thing that was supposed to be my singing alias,
Which is too long and obnoxious for people to remember, so I changed it
I'm here for you to
do this little
youtaite voice meme thing because I'm bored, and you know what boredness brings on.
voice memes~ yeah!
anyway.. um...
Okay, so we start
the first question, I already answered, which was "What's your youtube username and singing alias?"
And that would be
"taipu@MYmyujikku" and
Question 2, "How old are you and where do you live?"
I am 15 years old and I live upon... Len's face... yes...
I live upon Len-kun's face.
because I am but
a chibi starfish who noms gently away at his face... everyday...
...for forever... Anyway,
I also live in Eunjii's pants
uh... just kidding yo, even though-
Even though, I do
live in those places
Oh, by the way, you should check out Len-kun's channel he's
an awesome shota voice actor who does
awesome voice acting reels
and Eunjii just has an awesome voice and I love her so much! Anyway,
I live in New York.
Yep... I live..
The big apple...
But.. uh...
Meh, it's not that exciting over here, I mean... meh
No one, like, all my friends all live in, like, Florida or something and I'm all like, "aaah-
You're all so far away from me" QAQ
Question three
Oh, and, if I'm pausing, it's because i'm eating twizzlers, just so you know.
question three
"Who are your favorite vocaloids and producers?"
and that would be ALL OF THEM
Because, I love all of them. It's true, I do. I'm not being, like-
I'm not being-...
I'm not lying.
If that's what you're questioning.
Cause, I really- I really do love all of them. they're all different, they're all unique and they
all have different styles, so of course
I would love all of them
Um... There are two question threes on this one so I'm going to say... question
three number two...
The-..the second question three
"When did you upload your first cover and what was it?"
um... I uploaded my first cover April 12, 2012 and that cover was
"World is Mine", my most popular cover
Only because i use it for, like, every audition
for every chorus ever xD
uh... yeah, but that was basically my first cover. And...
that came about because I had a friend who was(is) Japanese and he used to
call me "ohime-sama" all the time. And...uh... I just sang it because it was sort of funny.
it was- It was just, like, weird and funny. So, uh, I sang it.
Anyway, number four.. what- what should be number five, "Who are your inspirations?"
My inspirations
um.. are...
everybody who works hard, make sacrifices
to do what they do and loves what they do
and is talented at what they do
and um...
those people who don't care what other people think about them because they know that they are doing- uh...
BEING the best that they could possibly be
and um...
that's really super inspirational and
I strive to be inspirational, I want-...
those people who are
inspirational make me want to be inspirational.
became uh...
You just want to be that- you want-... you want you want that feeling of people looking up
to you
Anyway, question
five, "Do you do anything other than sing?", well,
I cannot mix
or animate in any way, shape, or form ever.
Because I never actually learned
but, um, I do write translyrics and I do draw. But, I lack a tablet
So, that's never going to be on the internet ever
and uh...
My translyrics... I never really finish any of them
I should probably get around to doing that...
Question six, I'm going to skip over it
because this question is
"Sing a part of your favorite cover" and I actually can't do that right now because there's some weird
thing up with my voice right now, and I'm kind of- uh
I'm kind of iffy on singing, plus, I kind of
sang all day trying to
finished these lines for some choruses that I've been sort of pocrastinat-... on.. pocra- procrastinating....
on, yeah...
um, sorry guys.
um...but if you wanted to, uh.. hear me sing, go check out some of my covers. And, I've got
some new stuff coming out for you, so just wait a little while for that.
Question seven.
"What's your favorite thing about singing on
the youtube and the youtaite community?"
Um, actually, it's the people. Like, I've met so many
awesome people
And I've made so many friends
and every voice, every
singing style is different. You pick things up from everybody. And it's just-
it's just amazing
how we can live on the opposite ends of the Earth and
we can still sing together
I just think that's so amazing
and I'm really happy to be a part of it
"for the future"- um... This is question eight.
"What are you hoping to achieve in the future and what goals do you have?". Well,
I'm hoping to
to perform on Broadway, to travel to Japan, and do
foreign exchange, to learn
five languages by the time I'm 30
and to teach English in Japan, and to-.. um...
to be recognized on youtube, like Miku-tan and Ashe, and... everyone
because I feel
like I can do it
and that's a good attitude to have, to know-
to have the confidence that you can be- you can be that person. And I'm - that's
exactly what I wanna be. I want people to listen to me because, I just-...
I love music and
I hope that they like it and if you do like it, I love you.
Anyway, and the last one
Say "Thank you for listening"
uh... In a
super loli or
manry voice
okay.. um... okay.. let's see. Thanks for listening! Aw, that sucked
um... Thanks for- Thank you- uh- eh? Uh... Thank you for listening... Anyway... uh
I'm gonna keep talking like this because...I'm bored... anyway, Thanks for listening and subscribe to me...
...if you... want to.... Like... like.... yeah
Okay, um... I hope to.. hear from
you guys again
Yeah, okay... yeah
um... Alright, bye! thank you!!!