Das Netzwerk (Workshop 10 Jahre 9/11)

Uploaded by alexanderlehmann on 26.09.2011

Everything begins with a terrorist attack in a free democratic society.
If it counts as successful
does not depend on how many people lose their lives,
but on how spectacular the pictures are that it produces.
Because moments later it will become a media event.
Print run and viewer levels increase. Communication networks become overloaded.
The society is seeking for reasons.
Press and general public demand action by the government.
It reacts by bringing extensive measurements on its way.
Social conventions are being affected.
The military is being upgraded and send out.
Funds for police and intelligence services are being extended.
Cooperation between them is expanded.
Laws that cut back civil rights and partly violate the constitution
are being passed in a hurry.
Freedom and democracy lose ground to security and distrust.
Everyone is under surveillance.
Everyone becomes a suspect.
An influential industry is born and produces new technology for security and surveillance.
The surveillance is getting upgraded, freedom and democracy constricted.
Biometric systems, CCTV, full-body scanners
and data retention are becoming an everyday companion for the society.
Not the attacks themselves, but the reaction and counter measurements threaten the free democratic society.
The fear stays.
The profiteers in this complex network are numerous
but the one who benefits the most
is me.