Ewa Pieniakowska ICON Field Armor Stryker set

Uploaded by EwaPieniakowska on 16.12.2012

Hi, this is Ewa Pieniakowska
This is a common question for me, I actually made a video which should answer all your questions about gear.
While riding my motorcycle for training or competition I always wear professional protective gear.
The must-have gear apart from your helmet, jacket and gloves are: knee and elbow protectors and also a vest protecting my back and chest.
These products are a part of a set called Field Armor Stryker from Icon.
What’s important for your as a stunt girl beyond high quality armor protection for your whole body?
Fit, comfort and ease of use.
It’s important I can easily put my gear on and off is key for me when preparing to ride and taking breaks in my training sessions.
Low profile design fits easily underneath most of my clothes.
The liner used in those products is made of Hydradry material, which wicks the sweat off my skin.
You can find exactly the same liner in Icon helmets.
Protectors are enriched with d3o inserts.
d3o is an inteligent impact protection system.
The straps on both the knee and elbow protectors let you fit them perfectly to your individual body.
On these staps you can see some adjustment lines, which you can trim easily.
Each line if reinforced with a seam so the strap doesn’t shred.
Now one of my favorite products is part of the ladies styker series...
the vest
it’s main purpose is to protect both the back and the chest.
It is well-molded and a new ventilated chest plate replaced the old rubber chest plate that was in the previous model.
The back protector is made from plastic pieces, which are now ventilated.
The biggest upgrade in the Stryker series is the d3o material that is located underneath the armor.
The vest fits a womans natural curves. The arm and waist straps allow me to easily fit the vest to my body.
I would like to wish you all the best, enjoy your ride, don’t fall too much and don’t get hurt!