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I see.
we can see so many fans have gathered.
Episode 6
{\a6} B.O.N Funsubs Presents
{\a6}Express Boy
{\a6} Translator: kylagurl
{\a6}Timer: LukiaWhitney
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{\a6} Editor: janana
{\a6} QC: Raspberry Latte/melica
{\a6} Coordinators: Hanjae/melica
Rong Rong...
Do you want to come and take a look?
Your Boss came to repair it before.
But it still leaks.
There should be no problem this time.
If it leaks again, I won't pay!
Dr Su.
I've even changed the rubber for you. I don't think it'll leak this time.
Biao Ge?
I won't accept your money if it leaks again!
I think there's hope for our Taiwan,
Having Officer Lee himself here to help me fix water pipes...
That shows how good our security is.
What's wrong?
Nothing, I didn't sleep well last night.
I hope it's not because of me.
I already said I'm not going to accept your money.
Cheer up.
Silly girl. Laughing and smiling.
If you cry again, I won't take you out for good food tonight!
I'll pick you up at 8 pm.
No wonder people say that those idols and stars
are extremely hard to handle.
Especially that sissy manager. He doesn't get it.
No matter what, we're still professionals.
He actually asked us to buy coffee!
He even specified,
"Mocha... Please a mocha."
He's really too much! Don't you think I'm right?
Where's your owner? You're very hungry, right?
Another abandoned doggy...
What? You want to keep it?
Don't tell me I need to ask you for approval?
Listen here...
Rotten brat! Are you up for a beating?
How do you talk to your senior? What kind of attitude is that?
We're in the midst of a mission.
Don't tell me you want to bring it back?
So what if I bring it back?
As a senior, I'm telling you
you're not allowed to bring it back!
The company has no such rule!
Lao Da has said it before,
the junior must respect the senior.
So you're not allowed to keep it if the senior says so!
Keep it for what? Are we a shelter?
Rotten brat! I've tolerated you for a long time...
Don't be too cocky, I'm telling you!
If there's nobody here, I'd have...
- What? - I'd have...
Come, Doggy!
That's so damn filthy!
Wei Jue Ye, you're here to wait for her to finish again?
Ru Ru, do you have tissue? Hurry! Faster!
- What's wrong? - It's that...
That wretched dog... Bastard!
- What a cute dog! - Cute? Your head!
It thought my foot was a telephone pole!
Hurry... Do you have?
Do you have tissue?
Alright, I'll try to find one.
Miss, five hot mochas to go.
Sure, coming right up.
There's no use rubbing it off like that.
Go and wash it at the basin.
What an unlucky day.
Mister, your total is $320.
$400, keep the change.
Thanks, please come again.
Since you're so pretty, I'll definitely come again.
Sir, please behave yourself!
I only touched you, seeing you're so pretty.
- What's wrong with you? - How can you say that?
- I want to touch you! What about it? - How could you say something like that?
Let go of me!
I like to touch you! What about it?
What do you want?
What are you doing?
Rotten brat!
Mine! It's mine! You!
A hero trying to save the damsel in distress?
Aren't you friends?
Hurry! Come and stop the fight!
I don't know him well!
Stop fighting! Wei Jue Ye!
Hey! Aren't you two not fair, two on one?
I'm telling you!
You better stay out of my affairs!
Don't be a busybody!
Dammit! What has it got to do with you?
Dammit! Go to hell!
2 against 1? You call yourself a man?
Stop fighting!
Wei Jue Ye! All of you! Stop fighting!
Stop fighting!
Damn! Beat it!
Stop fighting! I'm going to call the police!
You dare to provoke people from Evil Boys' Delivery Express?
Have a death wish?
The ones from Evil Boys' Delivery Express... Remember this!
Why were you such a busybody?
Why did you help me?
You think I wanted to?
No matter how bad you are, we're still on the same team.
Aren't you afraid Lao Da will find out?
What's there to fear?
The punishment of 3 rounds, 6km.
Rotten brat.
You must return it.
You didn't return the last few I lent you.
Miss... It's only a meal.
Why do you have to doll yourself up so much?
You're really annoying.
Pretty Doctor is going on a date with Taiwan's Plumber?
Forget it.
But what? Go on...
I think you're being stupid.
What's wrong with me?
Biao Ge?
Nothing. I'm almost done.
What about you?
Something came up at the station.
I might be a bit late. Is that alright?
It's alright. Work is more important.
We can have dinner later.
It's alright,
get back to your work then and call me again later.
I'm not hungry now anyway.
Sure, I'll call you later.
Eat first if you're hungry. There's no need to wait for me.
Sure. Alright.
Take care.
- Yea... Bye. - Bye-bye.
Something came up suddenly, so he'll be late.
Something on again? Are you going to wait for him?
He said he'll call me after he's done.
Will you eat cup noodles and wait for him again?
I really think you're very stupid.
Did I guess right? Why do you always wait for him?
He's busier lately.
Then what's going on between the two of you now?
What going on?
Am I right? Didn't Hu Tie Nan say to you everything that day?
What did Lee Sir say after that?
He didn't say anything.
Besides, we're good friends in the first place.
Why get mad at each other over that?
Didn't he come and help us fix the water pipes this afternoon?
You give in because of that?
He is just comforting a little sister as a big brother, isn't he!
Don't be so serious.
What big brother and little sister?
You don't know...
This is "the observer is the most objective".
You really think he's comforting me as a big brother?
I don't know how I should put it...
Just say it. Hurry.
Think about it, if he really loves you,
his wife isn't a problem at all.
- I think... - Don't spout nonsense if you don't know.
He's not with me because he's afraid of hurting me.
Because he's very self-blaming over his wife's death.
How much longer do you want to compete with a dead person?
It's not like you have no suitors.
Why do you keep waiting for him like that?
[These 3 lines are from "Wu Yue Ci Men Ji" from Yue Fei, a general from the Song Dynasty]
God! Even the most perfect man still has flaws!
That's called "imperfect beauty".
Don't worry! I'll take care of you for the rest of your life.
Excuse me, can I leave for 5 minutes?
I need to deliver something.
You're going to look for your girlfriend?
Our Lao Da doesn't have a girlfriend!
Then come back as soon as you can! I'll be afraid.
Sure, I'll be right back!
Ou Gu, you'll take over for now.
Okay, okay. No problem!
Partner, I will cover you!
Go! Go! Go!
You like your Lao Da a lot?
I envy you all very much.
You all are like a family.
Happily working every day.
Aren't you happy?
Do you think I'm happy?
I don't even have one friend.
Baby, let me become the little bear by your bedside.
You know I'm true to you.
Ah Nan, what brings you here?
I came here specially to give you this record!
"Old lover"? Isn't this one so hard to find?
I've been looking for it for a long time, even asked for help.
I bought it with 6000 bucks!
Thanks so much. Why are you so nice to me?
Actually, you've always liked me a lot, right?
But I know you only have that damned cop in your heart.
You're wrong!
Ah Nan, in fact, I've been waiting for you to come to me.
Actually... Actually, I've always loved you.
I really love you!
Ah Nan...
Hu Tie Nan!
Hu Tie Nan!
Hu Tie Nan!
Hu Tie Nan! What are you doing?
Nothing... I wasn't doing anything.
Look! Are you really dating that Kelly!
Says who? You must be wrong.
Ah Nan, are you alright?
I'm fine.
Look! The paint has peeled off but it's not fixed.
I was just looking at it, wondering when it should be fixed.
Rong Rong, I'll make a move first.
- Take care! Bye-bye. - Bye!
You take care too!
Bye-bye. Hurry and go back home!
Take care! Bye-bye!
Ah Nan, you were looking for me so late?
Would you like to come in and have a seat?
No need.
I found this when I went to your room yesterday.
Old Lover's record!
How come you have it?
I have no idea too.
Maybe I bought it when I was little.
I remember I heard it at the seafood place that day.
Then why didn't you keep it for yourself?
My player is broken.
That antique can't be repaired anyway.
I'd rather give it to you.
I won't stand on ceremony then.
Wow, I really miss it!
Right... Kids these days don't like to listen to songs like that.
Kids in our time didn't know either.
Even back then, it was a very old song.
Are you going out?
Yes... Never mind. I'll be going out later.
Want to come in for a cup of tea?
No need! I have to work tomorrow.
- I'll leave first... - Oh, sure... Bye bye.
- I'll make a move first? - Yes...
- I'm leaving? - Thanks! Bye bye.
Bye bye... Bye bye...
Hu Tie Nan! You're a big idiot!
You're a big idiot!
I don't want!
I don't want! I want to die!
Is that the legendary Hu Tie Nan - very cool and extremely formidable?
This is life...
Come, quickly...
Ou Gu!
Clear! It's safe!
With you all around, I can really feel at ease.
Your satisfaction is our greatest reward.
Thank you!
You should rest.
The concert is tomorrow.
Will it be alright if you don't sleep?
You sleep first. I'll practice a little more.
No way!
And you haven't eaten anything all day.
You're more naggy than Andrew!
My mission is to send you safely and punctually
to the concert hall.
If you have to be sent to the hospital at the last minute,
will that be okay?
Because you didn't eat or sleep,
I'll have incurred a big loss then.
Are you alright? Did I say anything wrong?
Alright... Stop crying.
I won't force you.
Don't cry.
I'm under so much pressure. I really can't take it anymore!
I'm really very scared.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
- You have to help me! - I will definitely help you!
What is this?
Put this in Hu Tie Nan's car.
You want to use another's hand to kill someone?
I'm just helping that fan.
Think about it clearly.
Which one do you prefer dead, your father or Hu Tie Nan?
Are you sleeping?
No, I was watching TV.
Oh... I'm sorry I was busy until now.
It's alright. Did you just finish?
Are you hungry?
No, I just had dinner with Miao Miao.
I see... Then...
Have you eaten?
I've been too busy I haven't eaten yet.
I thought I could take you out for supper.
Sure! Where are you?
Haven't you eaten already?
Never mind. You rest early tonight.
We'll meet another day.
I can accompany you for supper.
Alright! Can you leave now?
You said you were watching TV? Your eyes are red!
I dozed off a little just now.
It's cold outside; put something on.
Wait a second for me.
Don't try to put on makeup! I'm very hungry!
I won't!
Boss! What do you want now?
Will you continue non-stop until you get all the prizes I have?
I'll definitely get it!
It's all your fault!
I could have formed a straight line!
Alright! I'll give in.
I'll give you Winnie the Pooh.
Hurry and go to sleep! I'm closing my stall.
Why are you so petty? I want to play one more round.
It's too troublesome to stay open late.
It's best to go home safely!
Alright, I won't play anymore.
I'll give all of them to you.
Hurry and go back. I have to get home to my wife.
What's the big deal if you have a wife?
Do you have one?
Lao Da! I've bought the supper!
I even asked the Boss to cook a bowl of vegetarian noodles for you!
Thanks! Let's go.
What's the big deal if you have a wife?
Lao Da! Look!
It's so cute! Let's go and have a look!
- Are you tired? - No...
You're still denying?
I thought you usually go to sleep very early?
Says who? Sometimes, I stay up late to watch TV too!
After Ah Nan gave me that scolding, I thought for a long time...
I was thinking whether I let others misunderstand me easily.
If I misunderstood you, I wouldn't be eating supper with you now.
Ah Nan said... I shouldn't have hurt you.
Aren't we good friends?
He thinks too much.
Hearing you say that, I can rest assured.
Miao Miao was very funny that day.
She said you were a big brother comforting a little sister when you came to visit me.
What? You aren't that much older than me.
- I am old! - No...
To be honest, Miao Miao is right.
Aren't you like my real sister?
I don't want to be your little sister.
You're so ugly! If I'm your sister, I'm on the losing end!
The car won't have problems, right?
Let's synchronize our watches now!
Before we set off, let's check everything one last time!
Then get ready to move.
Yes, Sir!
Boss Hu, there won't be any problems today, right?
Don't worry! Everything will definitely be fine!
- Long Yan, help me check the car. - Yes.
Today, we'll divide our group and ride in three different cars.
I'm warning you, today is very important! Don't give me any problems!
Don't worry!
- Boss Hu! - Oooh! My little princess.
- Are you all ready? - Yes!
Don't worry! We'll definitely send you to the concert hall safely!
OK! Everyone, get ready to set off!
Come on, let's go.
The new rising star - singer Kelly,
is holding her debut concert today!
Kelly, despite working less than a year in her career,
is gaining huge popularity now!
For a few consecutive weeks,
her album sales and songs being sung in KTV have topped the charts!
Some fans have even started lining up at the concert hall
several days before the concert.
Right now, let’s talk to a caller about the latest updates at the venue!
Alright, Broadcaster,
I'm currently at the venue where idol singer, Kelly,
is holding her concert.
Through the screen,
They are very excited.
Although recently, there were a few unfavorable rumors circulating.
Kelly has decided to ignore all of them and go ahead
with her debut concert.
We hope that her fans will continue supporting her.
We wish Kelly a smooth and successful concert.
I know you're very nervous.
But I must concentrate and get you to the concert hall safely!
Will I die?
Hey! Who am I?
I'm the Evil Boys' Delivery Express's Hu Tie Nan!
Be it large or small packages, we'll bring them to the end of the world!
That's right! Yo! Yo! Yo!
Bring them to the end of the world!
Put this in Hu Tie Nan's car.
You want to use another's hand to kill someone?
I'm just helping that fan.
What... What are you doing?
I'm sorry. Are you alright?
What's with you? You didn't get enough sleep last night?
Elva, are you afraid of death?
Not even a bit.
I'll *chao sheng earlier if I die earlier.
{\a6}*Taoism: Become an immortal. Buddhism: Reincarnate.
What about the people around you?
Are you afraid of your closest ones dying?
Depends on who it is.
Who told you to do your hair like that?
Didn't I say you have to make it messy?
You can make it messier!
Oh my!
What to do? She's not here yet.
Dr Su, you're here!
- Are they inside? - Yea.
Dr Su! You're here!
My heart had been jumping like crazy since this morning.
I have this feeling like something bad is going to happen.
Don't worry.
Boss Hu will definitely bring his "case" to the venue on time.
What if something really happens?
Then... Then the concert will be doomed.
Stop mumbling like that!
We still have Officer Lee around. Relax...
Boss Hu...
Do you know what my greatest wish is?
It's to be like normal people.
Able to hold hands with the person I like.
Go shopping, eat, catch a movie together.
I never imagined the price of fame was to be so restricted.
Don't think too much! Everything will be fine.
What about you? What's your greatest wish?
My greatest wish is...
for her to lead a good life and be happy.
If I manage to survive this time,
I'll definitely reveal my love relationship to the media.
I don't know how many men will jump off buildings committing suicide.
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...
Can you put on thicker make-up?
No one's answering the call.
Could it be that something happened?
Oh my God!
I'm sorry. I don't know why that happened too.
Weird... Water was just added to the radiator this morning.
Kelly, we have less than a minute.
Get out of the car! Quick!
We still have half an hour!
Hurry! Get out!
Wait! My seat belt!
It's stuck!
Stopping the car is not permitted here. Please move.
Let's go! Get out of the car!
Kelly? Are you making a movie?
What are you filming?
It's the Evil Boys' Delivery Express!
Where are you going?
Wait for me there!
Why did it explode?
This is for real. We're not filming.
Inform Officer Lee Ah Biao from City Station immediately.
Oh, alright.
Let's hurry! We don't have time!
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...
Police! Don't move!
What's in there?
Sir, these are just cleaning tools...
Alright, thanks for your cooperation.
- You may go. - Thanks, Sir.
Where exactly are you taking Kelly?
Cut the crap! What do you want?
I told you not to fill up the tank before it's empty, didn't I?
It's very bad for the bike.
Are you going to lend it or not?
Can I have an autographed photograph of Kelly?
Alright, alright.
This is my business card. Look me up at the company tomorrow.
Remember to go for it! It's 98-octane.
Alright, move! Nagging...
Evil Boys' Delivery Express!
Lao Da!
Get out of my way!
My little princess, you're finally here!
Hurry... Hurry and put on your make-up!
Come on, hurry!
Excuse me!
Here, make-up artist,
hurry and touch up!
Yes? I am...
It's full outside?
Sure. Right now, I'll...
Faster! Hurry and touch her up!
Alright, that should do.
Come on, we're going onstage.
Come on.
It's full out there now!
Everyone is here to look at you!
The one you have in your heart must be Dr Su.
Oh right! I forgot the receipt.
This time, we escaped death.
Your wish will surely come true!
Alright, let's go onstage now.
We're late.
The dancers at the back!
Follow us! Hurry up!
Hurry, catch up with us!
What are you all waiting for? Let's watch the concert!
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...
Have you ever doubted yourself
The more you think about it, the more it's not possible again
From now on, you will believe
In travelling with your dreams
Let me watch the movie
Rehearsing in your pupils
I hear your heart pounding louder
As I get closer to you
You make me free
You make me happy
I'll feel like flying as if I have wings
You make me dreaming!
Make me fly
I'll want to chase if I have freedom
All units, be on the alert!
I've found someone suspicious in the corridor!
Believe that anything
Can happen in this world
Being an absolute true lover
That's our only prospective
Everybody focus
Oh love is everything
More is possible with more love and trust
Maybe you... Maybe I will be the star
You make me free
You make me happy
I'll feel like flying if I have wings
Police! Freeze!
Don't run!
Don't run! I'll shoot if you keep running!
Don't come over!
Biao Ge!
Put your gun down!