Top 20 reasons to be an architect

Uploaded by howtoarchitect on 28.11.2011

Hi. Im Doug Patt and this is How to Architects Top 20 reasons to be an architect. 20. Its
a noble pursuit. 19. Its a noun and verb, an object and an action. 18. It involves a
wide array of learning and skill. 17. To stand in front of a building and be the reason for
its being is rewarding. 16. Architecture affects peoples lives in intangible ways. Its like
momentum. You cant see it, but you know its there. 15. Architects are generally creative
just about every day. 14. The field of Architecture has been mythologized but its great dinner
party conversation. 13. You have the power to inspire. 12. Architects work with people
but if you dont like people there are ways to hide too. 11. Architects keep people safe
by making safe places for people to be. 10. Architects and architecture are kind of like
the wizard of OZ, behind a curtain but always there. 9. Its a highly prized skill, not always
appreciated, quietly revered and its yours forever. 8. Architects learn something new
just about every day. 7. Architects take ideas and turn them into buildings. They make something
out of nothing 6. You can do all kinds of things with the education other than just
be an architect. 5. You get to draw. 4. You get to learn how things go together, come
apart, function and fail. 3. You get to immerse yourself in an intellectually stimulating
environment like the university 2. The company you keep with the living and the dead is like
non other. Theres nothing like learning from or sparring with an architect. 1. Architects
are like great painters. They take something simple like an apple or a pear and, with paint,
make it more beautiful than it actually is. Just think of a building as a functional box.
Then think of how beautiful great architects make them when they make great architecture.
Im Doug Patt, well see you next time.