Wegmans Garlic & Herb Rubbed Boneless Pork Loin

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 24.10.2011

Hey guys, Chef Mark here.
I'm gonna show you a new twist on an old favorite:
a roast pork loin.
I'm gonna grab one of these guys here,
the boneless pork roast.
It's gonna be perfect for it.
We're gonna put this into a 48 hour cure,
a garlic and herb cure.
Trust me, it's well worth the wait.
The cure that we're gonna use for our pork
has our garlic and herb mix in it.
This is actual garlic, basil, rosemary that's actually cured in salt.
It packs a lot of flavor for our pork.
The last thing I need to do is grab a sauce for my pork,
and I'm actually gonna turn to this guy right here.
It's a cranberry orange chutney, which I love with turkey,
but it's got some good flavors in it which I love with pork,
things like some apples and some cinnamon in there as well.
Got everything I need, so let's go put this thing together.
We're gonna make a cure for this,
so we're gonna combine Sugar in the Raw.
So it has some brown sugar characteristics still within there,
but it's in a crystallized form here,
and we're gonna mix that.
So I've got four and a half teaspoons of this,
and then I'm gonna mix that with a whole tablespoon
of our garlic and herb seasoning here.
What we're tryin' to do here is we're gonna take our pork here
and put a nice rub on the outside,
but the ultimate goal here is we're gonna--
basically gonna try to make a brine out of this without the liquid.
So we're gonna make a salt and sugar cure on this,
much like you would do on a brine,
so that in the end, we're gonna have a really nice
moist and flavorful and even tender product
on the inside.
So just make sure we get this completely coated on all sides here,
'cause then what we're gonna do, I'm gonna place it on a sheet pan
that I've lined with some plastic wrap.
I'm gonna make sure I get the rest of this on here.
All right, and then, gonna put the plastic wrap over the top
and on the sides so that completely seals this,
and what's gonna happen is we're gonna put this in the 'frigerator
for 48 hours.
The salt's gonna pull some moisture out,
but then it's gonna start to draw that back in
with all that sugar
and the garlic and herb mixture on the inside,
and it's gonna flavor it throughout
and make it really nice and tender and juicy.
So you spent 48 hours enjoying the time,
and now we're gonna come back to look at our pork loin.
And you're gonna unwrap this thing,
and what you're gonna notice is--
is that all that herb mixture has dissolved,
and it's inside that pork right now,
and it almost looks a little candied on the outside.
Looks a little bit darker than when it started.
All right, then what we're gonna do
is we're gonna take some basting oil here
and drizzle over the top.
Put your hand on there and rub it on the top,
and then we'll do it on the bottom.
All sides of this we're gonna coat completely with our basting oil.
Just give it a little extra added layer of flavor for this,
and it's actually gonna help us to--nice even roast,
and we're gonna put this in the oven at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes.
At that point, I'm gonna turn it down to 350 degrees
after it's been somewhat seared in the oven,
and we're gonna cook that for about another hour or so.
We're shootin' for 145 degrees.
All right, so here it is, the moment of truth.
We've roasted this thing in the oven for about an hour or so.
We're at 145 degrees, and I've let this rest here
for about ten minutes, allow those juices to redistribute.
And let's pull this guy up here and get you a good look at it.
I'm gonna put off a couple of these slices,
and what you're gonna notice here,
this thing is gonna come out super tender,
and if you could look inside there, there is a ton of juice on the inside.
It looks delicious.
And that's the biggest difference in lettin' this thing cure
for those couple days, it's gonna be beautiful on the inside,
and when you go to eat this, it's gonna be super tender.
And what I want you to do,
I'm also gonna serve this with a little bit of our chutney here,
but what I want you to do is go onto wegmans.com
and look at our recipe for our dry cured turkey.
Very similar to this, equally as delicious.