How to Perform a Shutdown on a Sony VAIO PC with Windows 8

Uploaded by SonyListens on 26.10.2012

Windows 8 features many new ways to interact with your PC.
This video will show you how to locate your power options,
what options you have, and how to shut down your computer.
There are multiple ways to shut down your computer using Windows 8.
Windows 8 has made some changes to wear shut down is located and the options
for shutting down.
The new shut down feature puts the computer into a state similar to
except without any power.
This allows the computer to reboot much faster than previous versions of Windows.
Most times you will want to use this normal shut down option.
If you are having any type of a technical issue
you may want to try a full shut down.
A full shut down its where the system is completely shut down similar to the
previous versions of Windows.
So let's get started with a normal shut down.
One option is to hold the Windows logo key and tap the I key to get the
settings pane.
Select Power.
You have the same options from previous versions of Windows, which include sleep
shut down and restart.
Select Shut Down.
Another option to shut down is to hold the windows logo key and tap the C key.
Select Settings.
Select Power.
Select a shut down option.
You can also hold down Control, Alternate, and Delete keys at the same time.
Select Sign Out.
At the lock screen, hit any key.
Select the power button on the bottom right to access the shut down menu.
Again, if you are having any type of technical issue, you may want to try a
full shut down.
Press and hold down the power button for five seconds.
This will perform a complete shut down of the system.
Just remember, it will take much longer to reboot after a full shut down
versus a normal shut down in Windows 8.
Again, a full shut down is only recommended for troubleshooting purposes.
I hope you've enjoyed this video.
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