Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Vegetable Wall Piece

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This is another fun way to use wooden spoons to decorate your kitchen. I use the wooden
spoons that were natural, you could also use the wooden spoons that are already white or
painted white or you could even use wooden spoons that are different shapes and textures.
Any one of these would be a fun way to do this and I use the ones that are the natural
color. The first thing you want to do is to find vegetable seed packets that are the colors
that you want for your kitchen or you can go Online and Google vegetable seed packets
and you will come up with these pictures. You're going to take your bowl of your spoon
and put it bowl side down on your seed packet, or on your print from the Internet, and trace
around it. Then you're going to cut it out and lay it on your bowl. It's going to be
a little bit too big for the bowl because it's flat and the bowl, of course, is curved.
Once you have it cut out and you put it on your bowl, you can see that it's a little
bit too large but you want to cut it just a little bit evenly all the way around, keeping
that shape, so it'll fit right in your bowl. Then you're going to use a liquid glue like
tacky glue, Elmer's glue, or some other liquid glue, and put a nice fat bead of glue down
the middle, put your seed packet, or paper, on it and then spread it to the sides and
kind of hold it as you spread it so that it adheres. They'll be a very little bit of wrinkling
but you won't see it. Once you have finished that and your glue is dry, you'll want to
seal it with Mod Podge or some kind of varnish. You want to seal your entire spoon because
it's going to hang in your kitchen where, naturally, you'll have humidity. For this
one, I used the flat top spoon, as well as, the round bowl spoon. Once I had my seed packets
on all of these, I took this Heather piece of artificial flower, and wired it to the
back of the middle spoon. Then I took my asparagus and tied some raffia around it and hot glued
it right down the center of the spoon and took this big old carrot and this bean pod
and glued them on the other two spoons. You want to glue your spoons together, at the
bottom, with hot glue and also where they touch, you'll want to glue them together because
if you don't, when you hang them, the spoons will slowly spread and fall. For your final
touch, once you have glued your spoons together at the bottom and where they touch at the
top, you'll want to put a hanger on it. These wonderful little screw eyes are great for
hanging things. They're small, they won't split your spoon and you can screw them in
at an angle or you can take a piece of ribbon, just make a loop, cut it off, and put a big
dab of hot glue and then turn it over into the bowl of your spoon, and hold it down with
a point of a scissors or the point of a pencil until the glue is cool, you'll also have something
that will hold it. When you have something that is very light, the ribbon and the hot
glue work just fine but if it's a little bit heavier, you'll want to use your screw eye.
You can just play with your raffia, move it up and down, put it where you want it. Before
you glue it on you arrange your vegetables how you'd like them and once they're glued
on, there you have it, a nice vegetable wall hanging for anybodies kitchen.