What is the Best Weight Loss Diet?

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The Best Weight Loss Diet
Dr. James Merchino, DC, MS, ND
A lot of people ask me, what is the best way to lose weight? What is the best diet program
out there? Well, the program that’s best is actually
the one that uses the three laws of natural metabolism to get the weight off so that you’ll
keep it off. It’s a program that I’ve used with my patients for over 39 years now
, and here is how it works. The three magic principles that literally
will turn your body into a fat burning machine that will ensure short and long term success
are: 1. Every day you have to shrink your fat cells
2. Every day you have to feed your lean mass – your muscle tissue.
3. Every day you have to starve your body fat.
This can all be done without a punishing, grueling, deprivation program. People think
when they go on a weight management program that it’s going to be all this deprivation
and it’s going to be grueling and punishing. And when your brain starts to think that’s
how it’s going to be, then that one part of your brain is saying, you know, we’re
going on a program. And the other part of your brain is say, you know, one day, thank
God, we’ll be going off. And as soon as you’re thinking about the on/off program,
you’re not going to have long term success. Instead, this has to become an extension of
who you are. The principles that you live by to lose weight have to be principles that
you can stay within the long term, so it can be grueling.
You need to feed your body and work with your body like an athlete does; you feed your lean
mass, starve your body fat and shrink your fat cells every day. This is what will transform
you into the person that nature intended you to be; thinner, fitter, leaner and healthier.
This is how you’re really set up generically. It’s all explained in the three videos available
here. These are videos from my live weight seminar that I’ve used with patients for
many, many years, and I want you to see the principles so you can understand how easy
it is to actually get the weight off and keep it off.
So be sure to watch the three short videos presented her e to learn the three magic principles
that will literally turn your body into a fat burning machine. It’s the same program
I’ve used successfully with patients for over 25 years now.
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