Série 3 Por Cento | 3 Percent series - Piloto | Pilot - Ep.1 [Closed Captions]

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The world is divided in two sides: the Good one and the Bad one.
I was born in the Bad one.
That way!
Living on This Side is hard.
Lots of people, few resources.
There's only one chance to enter That Side...
this selective process.
Why did you stop?
Can you tell me where the girls locker room is...
C'mon, hurry up.
Everybody change!
What are you waiting for?
C'mon, c'mon!
You have one minute!
-You better hurry! -Thanks.
My name is Rafael.
Are you ready? Go...
I've heard many things about That Side...
that they have everything we need, everyone is treated the same.
This was the only chance I had to achieve something.
Welcome to the selective process.
As you turn 20...
you have this unique opportunity to go to That Side.
Only 3% will make it.
That's the only way you can leave this pitiful world you live in.
There is no second chance.
Any second attempt is not allowed!
you should thank the leaders from That Side for the opportunity...
they are giving you.
Repeat after me: "Thank you very much"...
Thank you very much...
-"For giving us the chance"... -For giving us the chance...
Repeat properly!
-"Of a better life"... -Of a better life...
-"Much better". -Much better.
-"Thank you very much!" -Thank you very much!
Attention... Get in.
-You need help? Want me to push? -No.
-Are you nervous? -A lot.
-How about you? -I don't know. Maybe.
I want it to start as soon as possible.
-Are you nervous? -I am...
I have to go to the restroom.
My older brothers didn't make it to That Side...
On This Side people used to say things about the cruelties of the Process...
but the will to make it could make us face anything.
Except at that time, I wasn't thinking about That Side.
Don't you remember me?
I'm Bruna, Chico's sister.
I don't know any Chico.
Why do you want to go through the Process?
To make it to That Side.
Sure, but... is there any special reason?
No. It's the same as everyone's.
I thought in your case it could have to do with...
-With what? -With medicine maybe...
They say many diseases are healed on That Side.
How about you? Any special reasons?
Me? No...
I know you. Why are you lying to me?
-Lying? Are you nuts, girl? -Next!
You're not 20! You are 21!
What are you doing here? Your Process was last year!
For the last time, you're mistaking me for someone else.
Hold your IDs up, c'mon!
Have you forged your papers?
-What if they catch you? -Stop nagging me! Shut up!
-Bite me! -Is everything OK?
Is there a restroom here?
-No. -Good luck in the selection process.
Don't tell anyone, OK?
Is your voice really like this?
No, I'm just a little nervous.
Sign here.
-Are you nervous? -No.
Show me your document and sign here.
Michele, right?
We could go out some day...
Write down your phone number.
As if you had phone numbers...
Could you sign again?
-Now! -The pen doesn't work.
First off, I have to tell you we don't have any kind of policy for the handicapped.
You really think you can make it through the whole Process?
-You know only 3% can make it. -I think I can...
Do you think I can't?
If I say no...
-will you go home? -No... I want to make it.
So you'll be treated like anyone else...
-Great. That's what I want. -Like anyone else, only worse, right?
-Oh... No... -What?
I think I'm going to need another form because I signed on the wrong spot.
-Another form? -Please...
You mean I'll have to go get another form... Is that it?
I'll make things faster for you!
-You're out! -What?