Johnny Knoxville, Eddie Barbanell and the R-word

Uploaded by EndtheRword on 18.02.2010

Let’s just face it,
this isn’t going to work.
That’s it. When the going gets tough
give up, that’s what you’re good at.
You’ve got a chance to change
your whole life, Steve.
Become a man.
Become a winner.
Now show some backbone,
dig down deep and go kick
that ‘tards ass.
Don’t ever say that word to me again,
I mean it.
These guys are my friends.
I don’t use that word anymore, uh
the r-word, not because I’m politically
correct, I’m far from politically correct.
I don’t say it because it hurts my friend Eddie.
And honestly, I just don’t think most people
like, I think most people don’t say it to be
mean or insensitive, but they just never
thought about it, that it is being mean
or insensitive and a, you know, hopefully
this will make people think about it a little.
Oh my stars for the love of Liza,
you scratched my CD.
I think that they shouldn’t use that word
because it hurts people.
Why would you want to hurt people?
Working on that film, completely changed
the way I thought about people
with a mental disability. They’re, I mean,
Eddie is my best friend now, you know.
So, you working on the computer there?
No, I’m walking my dog.
You don’t, don’t pity them,
don't talk down to them.
You know, be open to them,
just be open to them, be open to people.
It changed my life, I, it could change yours.
Right, talk to them, be their friend.
Love them, hug them, do anything
to raise their spirits of people with
different abilities, like, it’s like God taking
something away from them in one area
and making them extraordinary in another areas.
That’s perfectly put Eddie.
Breakdown the walls.
Breakdown the stereotypes.
Breakdown every wall you can.
I break them. I broke that obstacle.
The obstacle will never get in my way.
And, and if anyone puts me down
and makes fun of me, you know what,
they’re not my friend.
I have this friend. That’s all I that's all I have.
And if anyone make fun of you,
you are going to verbally assault them
until they feel about this big.
No I would not, I would put soap
in their mouth and wash their mouth until
the r-word is not in their mouth anymore.