Teenage Motorcycle Racers (Part 8/8)

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- Out on the track, it's one rider against the other.
It's that head-to-head battle, in that it's
almost combat out there.
- Moments away from the first race here in Brno.
With the championship tied between Sturla Fagerhaug and
Jakub Kornfeil, with seven riders still in the chance to
win this championship, excitement is
huge here on Saturday.
COMMENTATOR: Sturla's going to be in about tenth place as
they go into the first corner.
You can see the red helmet.
He's pulled across to the right hand side, but it's
I think that's Florian Marino-- will beat him to the
first corner, and [INAUDIBLE] in about twelfth place.
And there is the red helmet of Sturla Fagerhaug.
Fagerhaug still back in about seventh place, chasing his
arch-rival for the cup, Jakub Kornfeil, as
they come up the hill.
Gagne puts him under pressure goes up the inside.
Gagne takes the lead.
Leads the Red Bull Rookies Cup, the penultimate round
here at Brno.
from the Californian out onto the start and finished, to
complete lap one.
- We're still in second right now.
It's all good.
COMMENTATOR: Fagerhaug breaks off, passes two guys going
into the [INAUDIBLE] advantage.
He drifts a little bit wide, [INAUDIBLE]

beautiful line out onto the start and finish.
There is number 84, Kornfeil, just hating the fact that
there are about eight guys between him and his arch-rival
for the Cup.
They're three abreast, they close up.
Fagerhaug [INAUDIBLE] it's five abreast
going into the corner.

COMMENTATOR: It's Fagerhaug there in about fifth place,
ahead of Hiura.
It's Florian Marino that leads Danny Kent across the line.
Florian Marino wins his first Rookies Cup race.

COMMENTATOR: Absolutely fantastic stuff.
Incredible fastest laps of the race from Danny
Kent who was second.
Alejandro Pardo was third, Fagerhaug was fifth.

STURLA FAGERHAUG: Even though I only finished fifth, I'm
still leaving the championship three points ahead of Jakub.
Because he finished, like, eighth.
I pulled away a bit again, but it's not by much.
Lots of things can happen in the race tomorrow.

- MotoGP is what it's all about right now.
So, for us to have the opportunity to come back over
here, possibly, would be awesome.
And I would do everything in my powers to make sure that we
could get him back over here.
We just don't know.
It's a funny thing, we're at the right place
in the wrong time.
The economy's tough.
Sponsorships are tough.
I don't know, no more than anybody else here knows,
what's really going to happen next year.
GUSTL AUINGER: So my friends, may I have your attention a
little bit?
So we have our final briefing.
Not just for today, not just for the weekend, for the whole
season maybe.
Anyone needs some help, or some information later on, you
will find me anyway.
But I think, it's nothing more to say.
Thank you from my side, thank you for doing this job, thank
you for improving so hard.
And please once [INAUDIBLE] today.
Thank you very much friends.
Good luck.
HAYDEN GILLIM: Before the year started, everybody put this
thought in my head that I was too big for a 125, and it's
just stayed there all year.
I'm not really sure what I'm going to do next year,
-If he gets invited back, when to sit down, because if he's
not going to be determined and give it his all and come over
here and actually ride like he knows how to, then we would
definitely decline.
- Last year in the US, he was used to winning and winning
and winning.
Now he got his butt kicked, and I think that made him
stronger, and think a little bit more.
BENNY SOLIS: I want to continue racing, I mean,
everyone has their ups and downs, and that's not gonna
make me quit.
JACOB GAGNE: Next year, if I came back, I'd just try to
learn more and just improve my riding, and try to be faster.
Really that's all you can try to do, is keep going faster
and faster.
I'd like Jakub to win the Rookies Cup.
He's not big-headed, he just keeps himself to himself.
And he's quiet and he's a good rider, and I think
he deserves to win.
I would bet on Sturla winning The Rookie Cup.
He has a lot more experience.
I think that he is a better rider.
- Have fun.

COMMENTATOR: So this is it, the final race of the season.
It's all come down to this.
Just straight points between the two guys, Fagerhaug and
Kornfeil, for the cup.

And wow, looking back on another mediocre start from
Fagerhaug, a little bit better from Jakub Kornfeil.
Some bumping going into the corner.
And that's all played into Florian's hands.
And we've already had a faller.
And Nico Thoni is one of those.
He's walking away.
Another man lies injured.

There is number 33, with the red helmet.

Kornfeil does have now a half-second advantage.
Half-second advantage over Fagerhaug
with ten laps remaining.

He goes for the inside line, and this really is gonna slow
things down for his pursuers.
These guys are messing each other up.
They've got to use the slipstream.
They've got to settle their own differences, and really
chase after Kornfeil.
It's very sad to see Hayden Gillim pull into the pit.
He's not had the luckiest of years, hasn't he?

COMMENTATOR: And it's Fagerhaug that picked up the
slipstream from everybody, and goes shooting past,
and takes the lead.
So it's all changed in just a couple of corners.
Fagerhaug [INAUDIBLE]
and Kornfeil goes up the inside.
This is all heating up to be the most dramatic Rookies Cup
race of the year.
They're on the brakes.
He goes up the inside, back through the gears.
He can't do it, Fagerhaug is too quick around the outside.
So close, those guys, absolutely almost sitting on
the same motorcycle.
Two guys, three guys, five guys side by side.
[INAUDIBLE] swoops across the nose of all of them.
Beautiful job from Jakub Kornfeil.

Yes he does.
Jakub now fighting for every [INAUDIBLE] corner, but
Sturla's having nothing of it.

It's all down to these-- just last lap at Brno.
For the first time Jakub does make an
overtaking maneuver there.
He seals the lead, but he's got two guys
looking over his shoulder.
Jakub Kornfeil at leads.
Hiura moves up into second place, just what Fagerhaug
didn't want to see.
Perfect maneuver from Jakub Kornfeil.


- Whoops.
- What happened?

- This is going to get settled between Jakub Kornfeil and
Sturla Fagerhaug in the last two corners here at Brno.

COMMENTATOR: Jakub Kornfeil is gonna take the Cup, the Czech,
at his home circuit.
He wins the 2009 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.
- OK.

I think he's very upset now, very sad.
I feel sorry for him.

- Quite right, mate.


MATHEW SCHOLTZ: I suffer from something called fat-ass.
When I come out of the corners--
HAYDEN GILLIM: You weigh as much as Jake.
MATHEW SCHOLTZ: My back just, just like loses--
HAYDEN GILLIM: No, you weigh as much as Jake.
MATHEW SCHOLTZ: I dunno why, but--
MATHEW SCHOLTZ: I dunno why, on the straights my back is
just like falling behind.
Stop whining.
MATHEW SCHOLTZ: I'm whining.
I got fifteenth.
- You got one point, which is good.
You took the last point.
It's good.

JACOB GAGNE: Those few laps were pretty crazy, it was us--
I think five-- at the front, and everybody was
going back and forth.
I knew them two were fighting for the championship, so I
didn't want to mess with them too much.
But, I just tried to find a way through, and it worked out
really good.
So I'm happy.
- It's good.
The championship coming down to less than 2/10 of a second
in the final round, I think, is amazing.
Jake Gagne rode good.
Daijiro Hiura.
All the guys in that group seem to respect that
championship battle that was going on
between Jakub and Sturla.
To me, good clean competition.
There was a little bit of bumping, but I don't think
anything that was real intentional.
STURLA FAGERHAUG: Yeah, I'm quite disappointed.
The race was great and all, but I lost the
championship, so--
anyway, it was my fault I crashed the last two races, I
got hit by Daijiro on the last lap, so that's a bit
Anyway, great race.
I'm just looking forward to my next race.

MATHEW SCHOLTZ: I do feel bad for him, because he is one of
my best friends.
So yeah, I feel bad for him.
- I'm sure, as disappointed as he is in the final result and
being second in the championship by two points,
he's going to be that much smarter and that much better
of a racer for the rest of his career.

GUSTL AUINGER: I'm a bit sad because the season ends so
there's so many heart blood in it.
And I'm not happy to go home now.

- These guys are all such young kids, they could still
become lawyers and bankers and whatever else they want to be.
But, I think we have enough talent here that we might even
have some future world champions here.
JACOB GAGNE: I just love the feeling of riding, of going
fast, and racing, and having a competition, and
everything about it.
That's why we all race.
We love it.
HAYDEN GILLIM: Even after I retire, I'll probably still be
riding at home, riding dirt bikes.
I'm hoping to die at an old age on a motorcycle.

- I couldn't imagine life without it, because it's
always been there.
Racing has always been around.
So I would miss it completely.
But I'd be OK if my kids decided not to, but I would--
I would definitely miss it.
- When you get a two-stroke bike right, and you rev it,
and it comes by you on the pit wall, and you feel the
resonance of the exhaust, and the tone.
And he's down and he comes absolutely howling by you,
it's beautiful.
And this is what all racing people like to see.

And the unfortunate things that go with it, i.e, taking
all your money.
Or a child, or husband, or boyfriend getting injured.
But the passion for this sport overcomes all that.
If you're passionate about it you come
back and you try again.