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Uploaded by Menards on 22.12.2010

If you know what it’s like to flux and sweat copper pipes in tight, confined areas…
or to clean and glue C-PVC fittings…
or to use insert fittings that reduce the flow of water in the system and need
a crimp ring and tool to complete a PEX joint. You know what a pain it can be.
But with the Watts quick connect fittings joining copper, PEX and C-PVC piping just got easier.
And today on Around The House we’ll show you how they work.
Installation is easy. Quick connect fittings have an insertion depth line molded into the body of the fitting.
First, make sure that the pipe is cut straight.
Insert the pipe until you feel the first sign of resistance then continue pushing until it bottoms out.
If you need to remove a fitting, simply depressurize the system.
Depress the collar of the fitting squarely against the face of the fitting and pull the pipe from the fitting and reuse it.
In our simulation we will show you the holding power of the fitting.
Keep in mind that normal household pressure is between 50 and 80 psi.
We are building the pressure to 1,000 psi where the pipe blows out before the fitting is damaged.
All Watts quick connect fittings incorporate an exclusive o-ring guide for improved reliability.
This ensures zero leak connections by protecting the o-ring from damage during connection.
Increasing the connector’s side load capacity, correctly aligning the tubing with the o-ring every time
and preventing the o-ring from being dislodged.
The fittings use stainless steel teeth in the collets to connect to multiple materials
without the need for special tools or glues.
After a joint is made the pipe can still rotate while connected even under maximum pressure.
The ability to rotate under pressure makes these fittings ideal for vibrating and dynamic applications.
The Watts quick connect fittings join the pipe on the outside.
Because there is no internal barb, the flow is increased by more than 30 percent.
If you should have a burst pipe due to a sudden freeze. Simply cut out the damaged pipe, insert a quick
connect union, measure and cut the proper length of PEX pipe, and insert the pipe into the fitting.
Watts quick connect fittings can be used on all types, brands, and colors of PEX tubing.
When plumbing an entire house the Watts quick connect manifold system operates much like an electrical box. The main
water supply lines bring water in to the manifolds and the individual distribution lines move water out to each fixture.
All outlets have a built in valve which allows you to stop the water to any fixture without shutting down the entire system.
This exclusive modular design allows you to individually purchase the sections and to simply snap them together to build
the ideal configuration for each application.
Watts quick connect fittings come in one-quarter inch up to one inch pipe sizes, and various configurations,
valves, and accessories to meet your every need. And are available in both plastic and brass. Try the new Watts
quick connect fittings today. It’s FDA, NSF, and IAPMO certified. And you can find them right now at your local Menards.
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