True Stories (From my Crappy Childhood)

Uploaded by HiyaTanya on 28.10.2010

thank you for doing this not force I'm happy to share the gratitude of a feel
for having them there
he was one of a kind
some key meetings are is the town
what it calls for now
about seventeen or so
yes the borrowing hard for a business trip to Canada
well your car for this issue
no one really the recession
police say city that three eighths
all right
that's not fair
what's that
of the big debates
that's not to say about and three eighths mentioned and stuff
for success
the strike less do that
he came back
four months later
and about the car
Clinton said
he is one of a kind
yes it was
he passed away
can you tell us anything else about on around that same time we're going to use
and legal proceedings and during one of the meetings he pulled out a box of such
a certain that he is reporting my conversations for six months
yes and I mean that's a race
these primaries
at some
that's leading
another issue with him
I have one more instance in memory
so there's really little about more so
in Russian
common law does that say to the hope is that as coming out the poll his release
and we did him
how is it done
so what he is walking home
he thought it be really fun to see family have to pitch in
he was devoted to be it's a little tongue and
if the be fun
but there's some cities
have you ever tried to catch a kitchen
good night
we'll see you a little bit
it's not possible
we're out there for hours
I'm Susan page and so on his talk isn't there
i'd buy a car
stay with us
the institute's like the building it's not
seeks its it
he's on the dream
putting purchasing kitchens on the sock is in that car
without knowing it was done
this is a year
this is a credit to document
not sure if you read or for instance in review know
and that is I am grateful
really grateful for the data he had the kids
now in funding