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The world is a big theatre...
and we are only actors.
by William Shakespeare.
The world is a big theatre...
and we are only actors.
Hey man...
who was with you when you wrote this line?
Who was with you?
What Ravi could not see a poet saw.
What a poet could not see this drunkard saw.
From which angle could you see this world which this drunkard...
could not see man, Shakespeare.
Hats off to you, hats off.
I am short by 2 rupees.
No, no.
Please take, I only need 2 packets.
This is your usual problem...
I am not giving it to you, go away.
Brother... - Go away.
This is the only place in this world...
where one can dream without any worries.
Go away, not possible. - Please.
You would have kept a count of everything.
If the Gods knew the feel and taste of liquor...
renting the nectar of life to all the residents of heaven...
they would take this liquor on lease.
Stupid fellows.
Reverse... reverse...
That’s not the step.
See how it’s done.
Where is that?
Seems like all the animals from the National Geographic channel have come here.
Dhanuanna, Dhanuanna.
Don’t know why but 4 or 5 people...
are beating up your father at the liquor shop.
Please don’t hit him, he is my father.
Who is this guy?
Please don’t hit him.
I have no one other than my father. - Who is this guy?
Brother, I beg of you.
That guy spits on me...
and you touch me and talk to me!
Kick him.
Hey! Get him...
Hey! Who are you?
Dad... Dad...
Hey Dhananjaya.
Why did you beat them up like this?
Will they let you go?
If anyone hits your father will you keep quiet?
Whoever it may be?
This will be the state of whoever lays his hands on my father.
Dad get up, let's go home.
Why do you do this?
You are the only one for me.
See, you are all bruised.
I give you money every day for drinking.
You can get it home and drink right?
Mom at least you tell him not to do such things.
Dad, please have.
I am going to work.
is it still paining?
Let's go to the hospital.
I have liquor instead of blood in me.
I am a little low on charge.
Give me Rs. 20.
I will be fully charged.
Everything will be fine again.
This is the season when it is 20 my friend.
What dad?
I am asking if it is paining and you are saying...
liquor will make everything fine.
"Liquor is the medicine for all illness"
This is said by all great drunkards.
Ok, ok, I have kept it under the pillow, take it.
Thank you my son, thank you.
Hey God, bless everyone.
Amma, business going good?
Nothing like that Dhanu.
It's just doing alright.
Your flowers.
Good morning, Dhanuanna...
Ya, morning, morning.
Your tea...
Can you please fix these slippers? - your tea.
Give, grandma...
Can't stitch it, shall I apply gum? - That's fine.
Take son.
Don't you have change, grandma?
No, I just have 1 rupee.
That's fine, give, it's my first earning today.
Ok, ok, one minute.
Stitch this!
Ok ok.
If Kantaram comes there ask him to wait.
I'm coming.
What is this?
Why? Don't you know?
Are you giving alms?
What'll you get for 1 rupee?
You can't even buy tea.
One ball of thread is Rs 24...
one box of gum is Rs. 47...
the alcohol you drink at night is Rs. 50!
You will give whatever they ask, right?
Can't you pay for people who work hard?
Take out your slipper and check. I have put 18 stitches.
If it is 25 paise per stitch it will cost your Rs. 4.50, doing this...
Many times, I even get hurt.
I can't eat with this hand. I eat with this hand.
Day and night police come.
I have to give them Rs. 10 each.
How can you just give me Re. 1 and leave?
Nowadays have to hear from everyone!
If you pay properly for the work done... - Here.
no one will say anything.
Keep this in mind or you will be ruined.
What else do I have to learn?
Hey, you are so cute!
Why are you getting drenched in the rain?
I will take you to a place where you won't get wet.
She might be here to get her slipper stitched...
I will take it back after I stitch.
You are totally wet.
How will you know that it is going to rain, right?
Hey Chinnu.
Where should I search for you in this rain?
Where is your umbrella, Chinna?
Who gave this to you?
Stop here.
Hey, bujji.
Come fast.
Kids are dancing, come and see.
Day by day, you are becoming a kid.
They lose their pencils...
similarly you lost your umbrella.
You are being loved too much.
It's all your love, grandma.
Whatever I do, whatever I lose...
you won't say anything because I am your sweet granddaughter right?
Isn't it bujji?
There is no doubt about that.
Hey sweet heart!
At least call up your parents today.
Please call chinna.
If they love their daughter, they will call.
Why should I call?
If you want son and daughter-in-law, you call.
You are my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and friend.
If you talk about them once again.
That's it!
Where did you go?
If you drink like this...
what will happen to your body?
what will happen to your body?
there is no money to buy flowers also.
If this continues...
what will we do for food son?
Did you eat anything in the night?
Take, at least eat this.
I don't want food or anything else.
Give me money.
Amma, sit.
How dare you hit her? You rotten fellow.
Dhanu, leave him.
Leave me! Leave my hand!
How can you raise your hand on a person who has...
been standing here thinking her son would have starved since morning.
Useless fellow!
Stand up!
Leave him, Dhanu. - Leave me, leave.
Leave my hand! Leave me!
if one shirt tears, you can buy one more.
If your wife leaves, you can marry again.
But if you lose your mother...
no matter how much you pay, you can't have her back.
People who don't have a mother will know the value of one.
I don't have a mother, I know her value.
If you don't have a mother, you would not be born.
You won't have anything to eat.
Here, get the flowers.
What are you staring at?
Let's go. We are getting late.
My slipper is torn.
Let's get it stitched first.
You have been seeing him all this time.
He is talking like a nut case.
He talked properly.
You did not understand.
I won't come, I am getting late, I will leave...
you get your slipper fixed and come.
Hey Madhu... Madhu.
Sir, can you please stitch this slipper?
Why are you staring like that?
Nothing ma'am.
These ears arehearing such respectful words for the first time.
Are you new to this area?
It's just that whoever comes here decides that...
he is just a cobbler, he stitches slippers...
he should only get so much respect.
Hey you! Go... come, that is only great respect!
You all of a sudden called me sir...
I got scared madam.
Also I am happy that there are people who call us sir.
What is your name, madam?
You are exactly like that.
Give madam.
It's ok, give madam.
Please sit, I will stitch and give.
What is your name?
The name given by my parents or by the public?
What do you mean?
Public calls me the one who stitches slippers...
parents named me Dhananjaya.
My mom used to lovingly call me Dhanu.
isn't Dhanu a good name?
Very nice!
Nobody uses that name.
How much?
Give whatever madam.
You have even given me respect for the first time.
Even if you don't give, it's fine.
Please take.
If you had not given this yesterday...
I would have become completely wet.
If human does not help human, then who will help?
I'll leave.
If you don't mind can I say something?
These slippers are not meant for these feet madam.
I don't know what she taught, nothing went into my head.
How to learn everything by heart?
Did you think D.V.G verse is easy?
You have to struggle a lot.
Only then will it come to your mouth.
I don't know if it will come to my hand or mouth.
I told you we didn't have to go to her class.
See now my boyfriend has given me 16 missed calls.
He said come soon, we will go to a movie.
I don't know how disappointed he will be.
Oh no!
Please don't cry.
I will take you.
Why are you crying dear?
See, you should not cry. I told you I will take you.
Please wait.
Why did you have to come alone in this scorching heat?
See there are so many vehicles moving around.
What if something had gone wrong?
Take, wear.
It is all torn dear.
Yes brother.
Ok, wait a minute.
Take. Shall I leave?
Yes dear.
May I go?
Ok brother.
Can I ask you something?
Yes, dear.
Your son and daughter-in-law don't love me at all, bujji?
Is it possible to not love your daughter?
Then they are in one place, we are somewhere else.
Is work more important than me, bujji?
Why are you talking like this today, chinna?
Nothing bujji, today, on the way...
In today's world...
relatives don't support each other.
In such situations if someone is caring so much for a person...
whom he does not know.
He must be a son of a saint like lady.
Very sad...
he doesn't have a mother, bujji.
That is why he loves everybody so much.
Not everyone has such a heart dear.
Now go and sleep.
These slippers don't suit these feet, madam.
Hey Saru, if you keep walking like this, college will close...
If you keep walking like this...
college will close before we reach there.
Why are you wearing such slippers and torturing me like this?
Come soon.
I am coming, right?
Sir, what is the time sir?
Oh! It's already 9.30?
Why, shouldn't it have?
I still haven't opened my shop sir.
If you didn't open your shop then will the time stop?
Get lost.
You are wearing a watch so I am asking.
Do you think I don't have a watch?
The small needle's fallen so I have left it at home.
Who is this falling at my feet early morning?
Saru madam, you?
Why did you fall like this?
You didn't listen to me, now come.
We will go to the hospital.
Does anyone go to the hospital for this?
Show me your hand, madam.
Nothing will happen, be quite madam.
It will heal soon.
My father puts this only on a wound.
It will become septic.
Does that mean we are not humans?
Hey Saru, get up let's go, it's getting late for college.
Ok, I'll leave.
Saru madam.
If you don't mind take this.
What is this?
all your rice fell down.
What will you do for lunch?
Please take this.
What about you?
I ate well in the morning itself. This stomach is used to all these things.
Please take madam.
I'll leave madam.
Why did you take it?
Don't know what they make it from...
where do they get it from, throw it.
Hey! This is food, one eats it sitting on a chair...
one eats sitting on a mat, one eats sitting on the floor...
one eats sitting on the foot path. No matter where they eat...
they all eat food only, right? Why are you getting disgusted by it?
What madam, is the pain in your hand better?
Pain in my hand? It's totally fine.
You were saying not to put mud. Mother Earth is like that.
She cures us very fast. Wait a minute, I'll come.
Dhanu, the food you gave me in the morning was very nice.
What is it in comparison to your food?
If a person does his work sincerely, completely and...
in proper time, then only he will be commended.
William Shakespeare, I am a fan of yours.
You have become a poet!
Hello man! Give me my share.
Is it already time?
Sun leaves the Earth at this time for the sake of people like us.
Thank you. Bye.
Who is that?
He is my father, you didn't know right? I will introduce, wait. Dad...
What man?
Come here.
Dad, this is Saru madam.
Hi uncle.
I am Willi Seshanna, Son of Gilli Giribav from Mysore.
I am very big fan of William Shakespeare.
My name is Saraswati.
1'st BA Maharani's college Banglore...
very big fan of Kuvempu.
East and west what a matching...
nice to meet you.
May God bless you. You know I am very busy.
I have to go to the temple, take His offerings.
Carry on bye!
Your father speaks very good English!
He speaks many other things madam.
I only don't understand anything. For the amount he has read...
he should have been something else.
But his luck, nothing ever happened.
He was saying something about offerings?
You won't understand all those things madam.
Dhanu anna, who is this? Your friend?
Nothing, new face so I asked. Here is your tea.
Don't want.
Why don't you want?
Don't want buddy.
If you don't want at least buy it for her.
I said don't want right? Don't want, go.
Ok fine, why do you have to get angry?
Your friend is sitting here for a long time talking...
you can't even offer her a tea?
It's not like that madam. You sitting here is one thing...
but having tea here doesn't look good.
The people here are not good madam.
Why not good?
Why shouldn't I drink?
If I tell you won't understand.
If you still want to have...
I will take you to some other place, come.
What madam, what are you looking at? Drink.
No, I want tea in a glass cup only.
If I had to give you this tea, I could have bought it there itself.
Why did I have to bring you till here!
Why would people who have almond milk in silver glass...
have tea in a glass cup!
All this is for people like us, not for you.
I paid Rs.10 for this, it will become cold...
drink it soon madam.
Don't want, I want tea in a glass cup only.
What can I do if a princess living in a palace wants to...
walk on footpath?
Fine, I will get it.
Drink it slowly madam, you will burn your lips.
Totally happy.
Wait, I will keep the glass and come.
After having hot tea, I will give you a cold beer. Come, baby.
Aren't you ashamed of talking like this to a girl in a public place?
Ashamed? You should be ashamed! You had tea.
But when decent boys call you decently, you won't come!
Come on, let's go! Come!
Leave my hand! Dhanu!
He is all alone and we are so many.
How will he get the guts to face her?
Hey Seena!
What sister? Why are you standing here wearing a sari?
Celebrating? How come you are here?
I had gone to Dhanu's shop to give him sweets.
Why hasn't Dhanu opened his shop yet?
Who opens their shops on Sankranti?
If you still want to give him these, I will take you to his house.
Will you come?
Come, let's go.
Sister, watch where you're going. It's dirty!
Seena, your house is also here?
Yes sister.
Hey Seena, who is this girl? Where are you taking her?
To Dhanu's house.
Ok, drop her and come fast for lunch. I'll be waiting.
Who was it, Seena? Asking you to come to lunch?
My aunt's daughter, sister.
In future, my wife!
Is it so? In that case, take good care of her.
Now only it's like this. Think about how it will be, sister.
Sister, Can you see that lady going there?
Dhanu's house is right there, can you go? I have some work.
Ok, fine.
Saru Madam, you? What are you doing here?
Today is Sankranthi, so I came to give you sweets.
Saru madam, you are looking great in saree.
You came walking all the way from there?
Madam, I hope no one cast their evil eye on you.
Nothing, you take this.
Look at me, I'm making you stand outside and talking. Come in.
Yes Sharada?
Today is her birthday.
Is it so?
Give him a chocolate, dear.
Give one to sister also.
I'l leave.
Why do you have tears in your eyes, Dhanu?
If my mother was alive, she would have celebrated my birthday right?
Why are you sad thinking about that? Ok, when is your birthday?
I don't know my birth date. How will I have a birthday?
You should not be sad on a festival day.
You should always be happy.
Shall we go see a movie?
Yes, I will take you. Shall we go?
Should I tell?
Well known by all Indians, great person of Karnataka...
Karnataka film actor and winner of Gana Gandharva, Filmfare ...
Kala Jyothi, Padma Ratna, Veera Kesari, Padma Bhushana...
Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Winner of a million hearts.
Winner of National award for his singing.
Father of two great sons.
The unforgettable, Raj Kumar.
All hail the great artist Raj Kumar.
You have spoken very pure words in such a pure place.
This is a royalty please accept it. Also take this...
Sir, I am a fan of Annavaru.
I don't drink. I'll leave.
Oh my! Well said.
Art has no death, artist has no peace, audience.
Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds...
Or bends with the remover to remove.
What great writings!
Written by William Shakespeare page no 116 translated by NS Laxminarayan Bhat...
correct uncle?
Oh Kavishila
what a surprise...
sit down.
You know sonnets?
Yes uncle.
What is the matter juliet?
Uncle, when is Dhanu's birthday?
1564 big bottle William Shakespeare...
1964 small bottle Willi Seshanna...
both are matching.
Oh I am sorry. I don't know my son's date of birth.
That's fine.
Do you remember which school did he study in?
In a theatre, below the wise tree, wearing a coat wrote...
Shakespeare studied 9'th standard in english Government school England...
that's all.
No uncle, I asked which school did he study in?
Dhanu, my son Dhanu.
He studied 5'th standard...
which school I forgot.
Private school?
Government school?
Corporation school?
Corporation school. Kingiri.
Kick him.
you know Corporation school Kingiri?
When they would have joined school, till where would they...
have studied when they would have left school.
There is no time to do the work given here.
Some one or the other keeps giving me work every day.
It would not have gone anywhere, it should be somewhere here itself.
I will search and give it you, please sit madam.
How did I get you?
How did I like you?
You are very nice.
How many days do I go without saying anything?
I am not able to.
I have decided.
In this life if this heart ever decides to get married.
It has to be with you, Dhanu.
Bujji, I'll be back. - Okay.
What Saru madam?
You have come early morning to the shop, no college?
What? Have you taken a silence oath?
If you simply sit like this, it won't be nice madam.
It's nice when you keep talking continuously.
Say something.
I need to tell you something.
Please tell.
I love you, Dhanu.
I love you, Dhanu.
Is it because of having tea together or watching a movie?
Not like that. I like you a lot.
I love you a lot.
What nonsense are you talking madam?
I digest any nonsense easily madam.
But after listening to whatever you just said...
not even water is going in madam.
Tell me if you want tea or coffee, I will order it.
Have it and go to college madam.
I don't want coffee, college or anything.
What else?
I want you.
I can't sleep at night, can't eat either.
Today is my exam but I am just not in the mood to go, Dhanu.
Want to be with you all the...
Hey! Did a mad dog bite you? Are you mad, crazy?
I'll put a stone on your head.
Why are you torturing me like this early in the morning?
It will be good if you just leave.
I have been telling you, leave this place, go, go...
call me mad, loose, mental, crack or anything...
you want, but I want you, that's it.
Please understand me Saru madam.
Look at you, look at me.
You live in a palace.
I live in a hut.
See, these are hands hurt using a needle...
yours are used to holding pens and writing.
How can these two hands meet, madam?
Somehow I'm working through difficulties and happiness.
Please let me be, madam.
I will take whatever you said as a joke.
Please take madam, go to college.
I plead you not to come back here.
I beg of you madam.
Please go, madam.
in this life if this heart ever decides to get married
it has to be with you.
You look very good when angry.
I will leave.
Why hasn't he come yet?
Will he come or not?
What is wrong with her?
After abusing so much she is back again!
My bad luck!
She has become a head-ache!
Hey Seena, come here.
Yes sister?
Please give me tea.
Take the money from him.
Why do you worry about money sister?
You just drink it.
Why are you staring at me like that? I will not ask you ...
I will not ask you to pay for that.
I'll leave.
I'm leaving sister.
You can go later, come here.
How is youraunt's daughter?
What will happen to her? She is fine.
Nowadays, I'm in a lot of tension.
Why do you ask about that sister?
She has joined a school wears a colourful dress daily...
is surrounded by a lot of fair guys.
I am slightly dark and maintain myself with a lot of difficulty.
What is this Seena?
Small things that you understand...
are not understood by people who should understand!
Let that go. Am I not good Seena?
Who said that you are not good sister?
Aishwarya Rai is nothing in front of you sister.
Who said that? Just tell me the name, that's enough.
Ok, cool down.
Ok, tell me.
The way I'm sitting in front of you...
what if your aunt's daughter was sitting...
would you be able to work?
Who would work?
Taking the opportunity, I would haveÉ
taken her around Majestic, market, Lalbagh, Cubbon Park.
First go see your work!
You are reacting as if I'm talking to your girlfriend.
You won't talk and won't even let others talk.
Sitting alone and eating!
If you'll eat, I will also eat!
How many days will you stay without talking?
I want to see that.
I'm waiting since morning.
See how he is leaving without talking to me.
If he goes away today, I'll come back tomorrow.
Why is this female doing this?
How do I make her understand?
What madam, why did you come to such a place at this time?
What will the neighbours think if they see us?
What madam? Why are you torturing me like this?
I beg you, please go.
You are getting tortured?
Don't feel bad.
Only today don't ask any questions.
Just come with me for 10 minutes.
I will not torture you again.
Will you come?
Let's go.
Dhanu, tie this on your eyes.
Walking itself is difficult during the night.
On top of that you want me to tie this and walk!
Let it go, madam.
You came as soon as I called.
Please tie this for me, just for 2 minutes.
What are you doing?
What are you saying?
I'm not understanding anything.
Give it here.
Come, let's go.
Why are you looking at me like this, Dhanu?
Today is your birthday.
Take, please cut the cake.
Why are you crying?
If you cry on your birthday...
you will be crying the whole year.
Don't cry Dhanu.
From now on don't feel, I don't have a mother.
I don't know my birthday, nobody to celebrate my birthday.
You should always be happy and smiling.
I have done all this for the same.
In life, my heart recognises you as the first and last person.
Whomever the eyes or heart likes...
first is the person who stays till the end.
Knowingly, unknowingly...
my heart has fallen in love with you.
You will always remain in that place.
This heart has learnt to walk holding your fingers, Dhanu.
Until the steps stop...
my feelings will remain the same.
Thanks for coming here and spending these 10 minutes with me.
I'm leaving.
Hey Saru! What is all this?
Why are you writing his name on your hand?
Have you gone crazy?
I thought you would just talk and meet.
But, what is all this? What are you doing?
I am not able to talk.
Leave my hand.
Please Madhu, leave my hand.
All this is not good, my friend.
Listen to me Saru, forget him.
If I ask you...
to forget your love...
will it be possible?
It's not like that dear.
Look at his level and this guy's level.
You see the level before loving someone?
I love him due to his good heart.
One who looks at level and loves,
doesn't know about the heart and it's pain.
Leave my hand.
Hello, uncle?
Dad! Dad!
What happened to you?
Don't you know anything?
Both of you are pretending!
She has written some cobblers name on her hand.
What did you think?
Do you want to ruin my pride and position?
If this gossip spreads, how will I face anyone?
Where did I lack?
I gave you so much!
Of all the people, you go and find yourself a cobbler!
Didn't you find anyone else?
Having kids like you is worse than having none.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
I told you not to leave her here.
But when do you listen to me?
You said your mother is with her. She will take care of her.
Now what?
How would I know that she will do something like this!
I left her here so that she would be happy and study well.
I will kill her myself...
for making the mistake of bringing her up.
Hey! Leave me!
I want to kill her!
Why are you taking so much tension?
Listen to me.
Why are you behaving like this?
Will hitting her solve the problem?
If we hit her, her love for him will grow...
and increase our problems.
How about we kill him?
runaway somewhere, escape.
Why Saru madam? What happened?
My father and uncle were talking about killing you Dhanu.
I beg of you, please runaway Dhanu.
Kill me?
What did I do wrong?
They can't touch me! Need guts.
My dad always keeps saying I was born with a good luck charm.
If they dare, let them touch me!
No Dhanu...
my dad came to know that I love you and he wants to...
get me married to my uncle.
He is not a good person.
If he comes, he will kill you, Dhanu.
He is right madam...
you are not right.
I told you that day itself.
Love doesn't work in real world.
We both don't have any match.
When do you listen to me? Love itself is wrong.
On top of that, you love this cobbler!
Whose parents will accept madam.
You marry the person your parents have chosen.
You will get silk sari, gold necklace...
food on a silver plate, comfortable sleep.
You will live like a queen, madam.
If you will stay with me...
cotton saree...
simple food...
sleeping on a mat, walking.
Your life will be like this till the end, madam.
All this is not for people like you.
If you are with me, how well can I take care of you...
will be more important than how much will I need you.
You need capability for that.
I don't have the capability.
What can I do?
It's not like that, Dhanu.
Please understand.
Just go home, madam!
Dhanu... Leave my hand, uncle...
Dhanu! Dhanu!
How can you say she will be better off with a cobbler?
Aren't you ashamed?
Look uncle...
everyone thinks somehow finding a rich girl marrying...
settling is enough and thinks of living their lives comfortably.
Why someone else...
look at me.
I was thinking when I marry Saru, how much wealth and...
money will I get?
But I never thought about her happiness even for a day.
But uncle, he thinks where she will be happy, how will she be happy...
with whom will she be happy?
We are lucky to find such a guy.
I left from here with the intention of killing him.
Within 10 minutes...
Within 10 minutes...
he changed my mind.
In spite of all this...
if you marry me to Saru...
Neither me...
nor she would be happy.
Because she can't love me the way she loves him.
Please listen to me.
Marry Saru to him only.
She will be happy for a lifetime.
I called you to listen to me...
not to listen to you.
I would rather kill her than give her to him.
You went with full determination...
and now...
you are talking about the philosophy of love.
I know where and how she will be happy and what to do about it.
It's not like that. uncle.
Hey! Don't talk...
just leave.
What has happened?
When you were here there was life.
After you left, there is nothing at all.
Just like I lost you, I lost everything.
Why are you talking to yourself dad?
Are you missing mom?
I am remembering life before she died.
I couldn't give you a good life son.
You must be thinking...
My dad... is a drunkard...
never thought about me.
When would you have thought that?
What a dad has to do for his son...
you are doing that for your dad.
Dad, look here. Why are you talking like this?
What did you not give me dad?
I have a home, a shop.
God has given me the power to earn.
On top of all that I have you.
Isn't that enough, dad?
Life is not how you are thinking son.
If God is ready to give happiness and sorrows...
you should take it...
else you will have nothing.
Sometimes everyone will be there...
and in a blink nobody.
In such a situation...
she is ready to spend her life with you...
and you are rejecting her.
Marry her.
Which girl dad?
I heard everything you said on the road.
look here...
look at me.
Until your mom was alive...
my life was really good.
How your mom is for me...
that girl is for you.
See, this is the time for you to get a good life.
Don't say no son.
Marry that girl.
What Dhanu, the flower lady is not to be seen today?
Today is Monday. So she went to Shiva's temple to pray...
for her business to prosper.
That's why she is not here.
Grandma, I will buy flowers and come.
Are you fine dear?
Why dear?
My dad is taking me to the village tomorrow morning.
I want to see Dhanu, want to talk to him.
Can you please ask him to come to the temple now?
Ok, take these flowers, dear.
I will go.
Don't know why but I am very tired.
Chandru, you take a round and come.
I want to go around two more times.
Ok, come soon. Let's go.
Saru madam.
Why did you ask me to come here madam?
Tomorrow morning, my dad is taking everyone from here Dhanu.
Dhanu. He will get me married to someone there.
I cannot live without you. Look, I will never ask you for ...
silk saree, gold bangles, or anything else. ...
No matter what problems we have. I will spend my whole life with you.
Dhanu. I beg of you Dhanu, please take me somewhere.
Without you, I will die Dhanu. I will die.
What is this madam?
Why do you love this sinner so much?
You trust me so much?
Wherever I take you, you will come?
Even if you take me to die...
I will happily come with you Dhanu.
Don't talk like that madam.
How long will it take?
What are you doing?
It's getting late...
come soon.
Saru madam.
I will leave.
Get up.
Wake mom and her.
We have to go, it'll get late.
where are you?
please come here at once.
What happened?
Saru is not in her room.
She should be in there. Check properly.
I have looked everywhere. She is not here.
Hey! Why are you shouting?
Our Saru is not in her room.
What are you saying?
Let me see.
Hey Saru?
Why is she not here yet?
Hope she is not in trouble.
It's ok, she'll come.
Why are you crying, Saru?
Have come like this a lot of times expecting you would be here.
You weren't there then.
But now that you are, due to...
that happiness.
Shall we go Dhanu?
You said you will come wherever I take you.
Will you come in whatever I take you?
If you take me walking, I will come with you.
Why are you asking me this?
it's just that I don't have money to take you in a bus...
car or flight.
We don't have to go walking.
Look there.
It's very nice.
I don't want anything you said.
For me, this is bus...
car and...
This is like a howda for me!
You take me anywhere on this howdah...
I will come with you.
Shall we go?
Why all this?
What happened?
Where am I?
Where am I?
Brother, you are in Nimhans.
Me in Nimhans?
Yes brother...
you have come to your senses after 3 months.
I have been here since 3 months?
Did you kill him?
No brother...
it took us the same time as you to get alright.
He had broken all our bones too.
The person who made me unconscious...
and kept me away...
from sun and moon...
should not be alive, should not be alive.
I need him, I need him.
Find him and get him!
Where is he?
Who boss?
About 3 months back...
he had spit on my face...
He and his son.
He did come here brother...
it's been quite some time.
Are you trying to trick me?
Tell me the truth.
I swear on my mother they didn't come here.
Am I crazy will I accept you sharing on your mother
Tell me the truth...
or I will cut off your tongue.
Come here...
This is my number.
If he comes...
ask him to call me!
Ok brother.
If he doesn't call...
before he goes up, you will.
Let's go.
Shankar, what are you standing here for?
The driver will be good, they will reach home safely. dont worry.
Were they your relatives?
they had come with the presents to build a relationship!
If you had come 2 minutes earlier...
they would have cut you into pieces.
Me? - yes.
Who Shekhanna?
Kani! Who else?
He is looking for you and your son.
If your son falls into his hands, he will kill him.
You have only one son. You will lose him for no reason.
Ask him to go somewhere.
What Shekhanna?
He has the luck and fortune of a king!
No one can hurt him.
Happy! He will live happily!
Dhanu, let's sit there for some time.
Stop please.
Are you tired, Dhanu?
Tired? No.
If you are with your love, you don't feel tired or...
lazy, you had said that right?
You are with me so I'm no feeling any of that.
if you are with me like this till I die...
I will show you the entire world on this howda itself.
I swear on my mom.
By distancing yourself from me...
how much love have you kept within you?
Dhanu, look there.
If we had seen earlier, we could have bought them here itself!
What happened? You need flowers right? I will get them, wait.
Flower man, wait please.
Did you get them Dhanu?
You didn't get them?
No Saru.
You should always be happy like this.
Whatever troubles I face, I will look after you like this only Saru.
he has only one daughter. Someone has wooed her and run away with her.
So I got them to you.
Do you think I am a saint to sit and...
listen to his sorrows and problems?
I am already in tension.
Get out of my sight before I change my mind.
Boss, I have told them if you accept the job you will finish it at any cost.
He is a local face. You will surely know him.
See the photo once.
Don't you understand?
I am already feeling crazy.
Hey! Stop, stop. Get him back get him. Him?
Don't know why but his mood is not fine. We will come some other time.
Hey! Stop, stop. Get him back get him.
Yes, this guy.
He has run away with my daughter.
Take whatever money you want.
I want my daughter back.
If you have to, you can kill him.
Your daughter will return safely. Go!
Take him and go! Take him and go!
Hey kid! I thought you will be playing hide and seek...
with your dad. But you are playing a family game...
with this female. It doesn't matter where he goes.
We will find him in three days. If he has gone with her...
he can't escape us?
Let us find him.
We will find him!
He is not anywhere, Anna.
If he is not anywhere, where would he have gone?
Why Dhanu? You've parcelled food here itself?
Don't know if there are hotels ahead and you can't bear hunger.
So I parcelled it.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
Yes sir?
Polish this.
I should polish this?
Why not?
What sir!
It feels like after a man has expired...
he returns and asks to put make up on him.
You want me to polish a torn shoe?
Throw this and buy a new one sir. What sir?
All MNC companies give buy one get one free, Take these.
This is my lucky shoe.
Ask for Rs.2 more, I'll give that...
but don't talk about my shoe!
Polish it!
Is it so sir? Ok. Because of you'll only I earn my daily bread sir.
Why? What are you thinking?
Nothing, it's worn out so I'm confused about the colour.
Don't know which one to apply.
Take this black, apply.
This one sir? Thank you sir.
This is a lovely colour sir.
This is for feet or for hands!
What are you staring at my face for?
You thought I was dead?
I won't die till I kill your son!
What are you looking at?
I have searched the whole of Bangalore but did not find him.
Did he run away with her?
He is very fond of you right?
Didn't he tell you where he went?
Where is your son? Where is he?
Boss, there is no point in talking to him. Beat him up!
Stop it! You will kill him. Hey! Get up.
You will die in vain.
Where is your son? Where is he?
I think he loves his son a lot.
He won't open his mouth.
If you don't tell me, you think I'll leave him?
Be ready to cremate him, because...
the day I find your son, that day is his cremation.
Boss, there is a fortune teller near Thumkur.
If we ask him, he will tell us exactly where they went.
Shall we go boss?
Ok let's go.
Look there.
Stars are shining so beautifully in the sky.
They are always like that, smiling.
Seeing them I feel happy, Saru.
The way they are so happy in the sky...
you should also be happy with me. I have only wish.
Do you know what?
Have you slept already?
Oh! This is the story! Wait!
I will teach you a lesson,
Didn't you find any other place?
Do you have to stand here?
There is so much place under the sky!
I know you are trying to steal her away from me!
All that will not happen! She is my girl! Go away! Empty this place!
Hey! Go away!
Hey! You won't listen to me right?
I know how to put my Saru to sleep. Get lost!
Are you thinking if you are here, my Saru will not be able to sleep?
Get lost! How is that?
What will you do now?
You can't do anything! Get lost!
I will colour you up! Get lost!
You sleep Saru.
Sleep comfortably!
It's been 4 days since my daughter left home.
Where is she...
how is she?
Why are you crying Ratna?
Don't cry dear.
Nothing will happen to our daughter.
They catch him.
They will not let him go.
They will kill him...
and get our daughter.
Why have you become such a bad person, Chandru?
You asked to kill that guy...
and bring your daughter home right?
Was it only his mistake?
Didn't your daughter make a mistake too?
You can clap only when both hands are in sync.
don't do anything.
Please leave him alone.
What do you mean?
You are telling me to leave my daughter to that cobbler?
If God has written her life with that cobbler...
no one can change it.
I have been with her for quite some time now.
If she wanted something, she would always ask.
Grandma, is this dress good?
Grandma, are these slippers nice?
She used to ask everything. But when it comes to that guy...
she has run away with him without saying anything.
It shows how much she loves him. Please understand her...
See Chandru...
if a girl spends her life with the person she loves...
that's called life.
She will be happy with him somewhere.
Don't harm him please.
Don't harm him.
If by chance...
If by chance something happens to him...
our Saru will not be able to take it.
She will kill herself.
I will fall at your feet.
What is all this mom?
Why are you talking like this?
Don't I want my daughter to be happy?
I'm doing all this for her happiness only.
Taking away her and your happiness, can I be happy?
If she is destined to be with him...
then let it be so.
You please don't cry mom.
You please don't cry mom.
Don't cry.
Chandru here.
Boss, that girl's father.
Stop the car..
Yes tell me.
Where are you, Kani?
NH4. I'm on National Highway. What's the matter?
under the stress of my daughter running away with him...
I asked you to kill him and get my daughter back.
According to our deal...
I will give you as much money as you want.
But don't do anything to him. Happy or sad, let them go and live anywhere.
Leave them alone, Kani.
Tell him ok.
Ok, fine.
What was he saying?
Not to harm him, to let him go!
His is a new commitment but...
my commitment is an old one.
He said yes yesterday...
and today he is saying no.
But for me, I require only him.
Time is going away...
we'll have fun.
What are you looking at me get into the car.
Boss, what do we do? Where will we find them?
We are left useless on this road.
We were left useless for 3 months, drink up for now.
drink up...
it's been 3 months...
drink up for now.
Hey Sarangi! Come here.
What boss?
Hey boy! I will give you money, play a nice song.
Whom do you want boss? Crazy star, rebel star, challenging star?
Play whichever star you want.
Is it so? Ok boss.
I will only sing better.
Give him money and send him.
Hey! Boss has mixed emotions, play something with some feeling.
You should have told that at the start boss.
Please give him money and send him away.
Send him away.
Here, keep this.
Do you make Rs 300 Ð 400 daily?
No boss, if I make Rs 200 that is only a lot.
But if I have a good start then there are some chances.
The other day, a boy and a girl, were my first customers.
What a lucky hand they have.
Since then my business is going great!
If I get 2 customers like that every week, it's more than enough.
I'll leave now. Goodbye, goodbye.
The other day, a boy and a girl, were my first customers.
What a lucky hand they have.
Since then my business is going great!
kid! 4 days back you got 2 customers you said.
Were these the people?
Yes boss. The same ones.
The same ones? - Yes.
Where did you see them?
On this road itself, I met them some distance ahead.
They were on a cycle.
On a cycle?
Hey! You were saying we have come to some useless place.
See, we have come to right place.
Utmost, they would have travelled 400 kms on a cycle in 4 days.
Let's go!
Saru, look there.
Shall we go? - Yes.
Dhanu, why is he sitting near God's ear and praying?
I think that God is deaf so he is praying like that.
You are always like this.
You will say anything.
Hello, why is everyone going near God's ear and praying?
The speciality of this God is that whatever you ask in his ear...
it gets fulfilled.
What Saru, what all languages do you speak?
Anyways, what did she say?
If we sit near the God and ask for whatever is in our heart with...
all our devotion, it will come true.
That is this God's speciality, Dhanu.
Oh! Is that true? Then wait here.
I have to ask something, I'll ask and come.
Saru, does this God know Kannada?
Just go.
Just wanted to know, that's it.
God, I don't know if you know Kannada or not.
But I don't know any language other than Kannada.
I just want to ask you one thing. Please understand and fulfil it.
My Saru is a very good person.
Poor thing, she has left her father, mother, grandma...
everyone and come with me.
She is my life.
Give me whatever troubles you want I'll bear it...
but please don't give her any problems.
She should always be smiling and happy.
Take. Saru, I asked whatever I had to ask.
If you want to ask something, go, ask and come.
I want to ask only one thing, that is you.
He gave you to me, that's enough.
If he wants to give me anything else, I don't want Dhanu.
Let's go.
Did these two come here?
Yes, they did.
They did? When?
2 days back. They packed lunch and went.
Which side did they go?
They went that way.
This side?
This side? Let's go!
Go sit there, Saru.
Two tea. - Ok.
Take it.
Saru, you have tea, I'll come. - Where?
I'll come, wait. - Come soon.
Hey! Hey! Wait!
Why are you taking my howda?
If I catch you...
i will kill you.
Stop now!
You escaped!
If I had caught you...
I would have beaten you up.
You wanted my howda only?
If I was not careful he would have taken away my howda.
If I had caught you, I would have taught you a lesson.
In our place people steal at night.
Here they are stealing in broad daylight!
Can't trust anyone here.
Boss, there was a girl sitting here. Where did she go?
I don't know.
Boss, there was a girl sitting there. Did you see her?
No, I don't know.
Did you seeÉ
Get lost!
She was sitting here itself. Where did she go?
What are you saying?
I can't understand anything.
She was sitting here only!
I don't know, go.
She was sitting here only!
I don't know, go.
Saru! Saru! Saru!
Where did you go Saru?
Did you see any girl?
Grandma, did you see any girl...
Son, don't cry.
Do you know Kannada?
I know a little Kannada son.
I worked in a hotel in Belgaum for 2 years.
I beg of you...
where did that girl sitting here go?
I'll die without her.
When you went somewhere...
Hello sir...
Please take, sir.
Who is this?
I don't know.
Ok sir...
This area inspector is a bastard!
Everyone is afraid of him.
That's why I didn't tell you anything.
What did he do with your girl, I don't know.
Go and see son.
Sir, you got a girl named Saru?
Yes! What?
Hey, tell me what the problem is?
I'll call you later, keep the phone now!
You pimp!
Keep the phone!
Hey! Come here!
You caught a girl, Saru, from the tea stall. Where is she sir?
Hey Shinde, what is he saying? Ask him to talk in Hindi!
You caught a girl from the tea stall, where is she sir?
What are you blabbering?
if you want to talk, talk in Hindi...
else get lost.
Sir you only caught her, where is she sir?
Hey! I told you once, talk in Hindi!
Get lost!
Can't you understand if I tell you once?
Don't cry Saru!
I will also feel like crying Saru, please don't cry.
Nothing will happen.
please inject her softly. She has become very tired!
What is he saying?
He is asking you to inject me softly.
Oh! Ok.
Did you see this boy and girl?
Didn't see sir.
Don't know.
Don't know?
Hey! Let's go!
Dhanu, you know what you were saying last time.
you will be happy with this guy...
that guy...
they will keep you like a princess, always keep me happy.
Who else can keep me happier than you?
You are getting wet but not letting me get wet.
Who will do all this for me?
You know who is the reason for all this?
Who Saru?
This rain.
If that day it had not come...
I would not have met you.
are you up already?
Let me check if you still have fever.
You don't have fever anymore.
Your forehead is cold.
What is this?
When I couldn't find you once, I know...
what I had to go through.
What if it happens again?
It shouldn't happen again.
So I tied this and slept.
What is this, Dhanu?
Don't untie it, Saru.
Shouldn't I see this?
Nothing like that.
I will show this to you one day.
Till then, please don't ask about it Saru.
Dhanu, look here.
It's so beautiful, isn't it?
People in my locality keep complaining about water shortage.
Here there is no one.
See, how much water there is!
But there is no one to use it!
can I take a dip in the water for sometime?
No Saru,
what if you get fever again?
Please, I'll get out of the water very fast.
Ok, come.
Be careful Saru, you'll slip.
we have got a flat tyre. What do we do now?
I have everything needed to fix a flat tyre. Give me 5 minutes.
I'll fix everything.
Saru, please sit a little to the side.
What happened Dhanu?
I'm taking you with me on this cycle...
but not once did you ask me where are we going?
I didn't need to ask Dhanu.
I'm very happy with you.
Wherever you take me, I'll come.
If there is enough space to follow your footsteps that is enough for me.
I'm feeling very cold.
Is it so?
Wait a minute.
It's getting dark...
that's why it's so cold.
If you tie thisÉ
you will feel better.
Shall we go now?
I'm feeling very sleepy.
Shall we look for a place to sleep here?
You want to sleep?
Ok, come.
You must be thinking...
from where did he come?
I am like a dog.
I don't stop until I find what I am looking for.
I am a little mental too.
Your darling?
my darling.
Hey! It's been long since we left home.
If our wives knock on other's door's it will not be right.
Let's kill him and return.
Hey! Beat him up nicely!
Hey go catch him.
Hey Saru...
please get up, Saru.
What is it Dhanu?
Look there.
Why did you do this?
You should have told me and got me here right?
How did you get this idea of getting me here like this?
You had taken me to a movie.
Do you remember, Saru?
Yes, Amrithadhare...
All lovers think that they should....
at least once...
take their love....
to see the Taj Mahal....
should stand in front of it and say ÔI love you'.
Lovers from all corners of the globe come to see that.
I have only one wish.
Do you know what it is Dhanu?
Just once, you should see it with me.
You wanted to see it right?
That's why I brought you here. Are you happy?
Happy? I feel like I found heaven.
Ok, you go Saru. In some time, it will become sunny...
the heat will increase, your legs will burn in the crowd.
You will not be able to see the Taj Mahal that you wanted to...
to see since so long, properly. That's why I got you here early.
Take however long you want.
You also come, Dhanu.
No, you see and come.
Dhanu, I love you!
I love you!
seeing it from up close is overwhelming.
How much love he would have had for his love to...
construct this, isn't it?
You wanted to give this here?
I can't wait till you give this to me, dear.
Is this all for me Dhanu?
I'll wear them.
Bangles are very nice, Dhanu.
I have worn whatever you had kept in this.
But I can't tie this.
You have to tie this.
Tie this, Dhanu.
You brought this here to tie it right? Tie! Dhanu?
You are sleeping? Please get up! Get up!
Dhanu... Dhanu...please talk Dhanu...
what happened, Dhanu?
Dhanu! Please get up Dhanu! Dhanu! Please get up!
What happened, Dhanu? Dhanu!
It's me Saru, please get up. Talk to me.
Dhanu, I'm scared being alone here Dhanu.
Dhanu! Please get up! I beg of you, please talk Dhanu.
It's me Saru.
Dhanu. I don't have anyone other than you!
If you too go away, I'll become an orphan, Dhanu.
Dhanu, please get up!
people say that they fell in love on seeing a girl's face or eyes.
I fell in love by seeing your feet Saru.
I didn't know that the raincoat and food I gave you would...
get me so much love, Saru.
One should be really lucky to...
live with their love forever. You loving me is my salvation but...
I am not capable of receiving your love. And, Saru today is...
your birthday. Happy Birthday.
I thought of getting you here on your birthday, marrying you and...
leading my life holding your hand, but God did not like that, I suppose.
I came with you thinking I'll be with you till...
I die but everything got over in between, Saru.
Please forgive me. For your birthday...
I have kept something in the bag. I beg of you. Please take it, Saru.
If you don't mind, shall I say something?
These slippers are not for these feet madam.
These slippers look nice on these feet.
These slippers look very nice on these feet Dhanu!
Dhanu, see.
These slippers look nice on these feet.
Dhanu, please get up! Really, these slippers look nice on these feet dear!
Dhanu, please get up!
Just once, please say these slippers look nice on these feet.
Dhanu, please get up!
Dhanu, just once!
Just once, please say these slippers look nice on these feet.
Dhanu! Please say! Just once!
Just once, please say these slippers look nice on these feet.
Dhanu! Please say! Just once!