How to Make Valentine's Day Gifts : How to Make Valentine's Day Hair Barrettes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.02.2008

Hi! My name is Lanie Evans and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm going to show you how
to make some Valentine's barrettes. Here are some of the items we're going to use today.
A barrette, basic barrettes, foam hearts, glue stick, scissors, and some ribbon. Also,
I have some little eyeballs that we’re going to use as well. Basically what you're going
to want to do is run a bead of glue on top of the barrette. I like to put any kind of
streamers first and then follow that up with the ribbon that's going to cover the length
of the barrette. You can leave it like that. You can add some more decorations as well.
I'm going to add some hearts to this one. This is one example I've made. Here are some
other examples. Then of course, without anything fancy, you can just do the ribbon. That is
simple and cute as well.