Building Energy Efficiency │DuPont™ Tyvek® Fluid Applied -- "Designing Comfort"

Uploaded by DuPont on 25.10.2012

0:00:02:000,0:00:34:500 >> Deanna Steinhauser: Dominic has Charge
syndrome. He was in the neonatal intensive care unit. One night we get a phone call that
our son had just coded which means he stopped breathing. And because we had because we had
nowhere to stay up there we were 45 minutes away. And so that 45 minute drive to get back
to him, not knowing if he was ok or not, was the worst, probably the worst point in my
entire life. And then this social worker told us about the Ronald MacDonald House and it
changed everything.
0:00:38:500,0:00:58:500 >> Anne Czarnecki: The Ronald McDonald House
is a home away from home. We’re a stone’s throw away from the hospital and that’s
so critical so that families can come back and forth within a moment’s notice. We’re
so excited for the new house to have 86 bedrooms compared to our 21 right now. Our goal is
to never turn away a single family.
0:00:59:500,0:01:16:000 >> Joe Antunovich: This building and the New
Children’s Memorial hospital has been constructed just five blocks from each other. One of the
very early goals is to make this building as energy efficient as we possibly could.
So we turned to DuPont.
0:01:17:000,0:01:27:000 >> Ted Williams: When we were asked to be
involved with this project it was quite an honor. At DuPont our number one goal is to
create products that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
0:01:27:500,0:01:36:000 >> Joe Antunovich: Tyvek Fluid Applied system
creates a weather tight enclosure and it’s a onetime application.
0:01:36:500,0:01:48:000 >> Ted Williams: Over the lifetime of the
building the reduction in energy costs could be up to 40%. It means that that money could
go for food or medicine or things that they need to run their charity. I don’t know
of any other better way to use our science.
0:01:50:000,0:01:56:000 >> Deanna Steinhauser: If we didn’t have
the Ronald McDonald House as part of our life. We wouldn’t have our family together.