Space Lab entry (Physics Experiment)

Uploaded by alswl993 on 24.11.2011

I'm Min-ji Kim and an 18-year-old student from busan girls' high school in South Korea.
I'm Kyeong-min Lee, 18 years old, busan Dong girls' high school student.
The experimental subjet is to see how density difference of two liquids which are in the same bulk works in microgravity.
We guess density difference would be nonexistent between water and soysauce in microgravity.
On Earth, it is natural that soysauce go down under the water beacuse it's heavier than water.
We should prepare water, soysauce and a glass tube for an experiment for a space.
First, pour water and soysauce into a tilted glass tube one by one, and be careful for them not to touch the tube.
Second, astronaut blows it carefully so that each surface of water and soysauce reach together.
Like this.
Third, stand the horizontal glass tube vertically so that soy sauce goes up.
Finally, observe whether they are mixed or not.
We guess density difference would exist in space,
but they would not mix together because this gravity is so samll.
What's your opinion?
Please try this experiment!