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Episode 27
Today my dad said he wanted to meet you. He wants you to visit the company for a bit.
Can you come with me?
Come in.
Oh good! How long has it been?
Last time we met was in the US, and that was 3 years ago, wasn't it?
That's right, President.
But why didn't Soo Jung come with you?
She's coming soon.
Ahůshe's probably stuck in a traffic jam.
When Soo Jung arrives, let's all have lunch together.
Sit, sit.
Right, our Soo Jung seems to have taken a liking to you.
What did you think of her after meeting her?
Before Soo Jung comes, I have something I need to tell you.
Okay, what is it? Do tell.
The truth isů I already have a partner whom I'm going to marry.
Then why did you come here?
Our company has been experiencing troubles lately.
We've had issues from the investors of our resort town project.
Is this all you came here to say?
I'm very sorry.
I think it's better if you leave before Soo Jung comes.
Please help me, sir.
Resolving this matter definitely won't backfire on you and your company.
You'll know this yourself if you would just take a look at the contract.
The future plans are in excellent shape.
I'm in no mood to talk about this. Please leave.
Just leave!
Soo Jung.
Dad, I'm going to have a chat with Kang Ho first ľ I'll be right back.
Let's go, Kang Ho.
Hmph! Really!
Kang Ho.
Thank you for speaking the truth.
Any other guy with troubles like what you have,
would have definitely have cheated me to serve his own goals.
I'm really sorry.
No, that's not it. I was just a step too late.
I don't know who she is,
but I really admire her.
She managed to attract the amazingly handsome Kang Ho.
Soo Jungů
If you guys ever break up, remember to look me up.
I was just kidding!
What have I done?
Are you okay now?
Yes, I'm much better.
You should send mother back home now ľ I'm fine now.
You always say you're fine.
If you're really okay, then stop fainting!
I'm sorry, Mother.
You really have to listen to the doctors this time.
Relax and let go of all your anxiety.
It's me, Mr. Kang.
Our Kang Ho came to see you?
Kang Ho said those words to you?
Mother, what's wrong?
Oh my, many apologies, President Kang.
If I had known Kang Ho already had a woman in his life,
I definitely would not have made such arrangements with you.
I'm very sorry to Soo Jung ľ but what good will come out of this now?
All right, thank you for understanding.
Mother, what does this mean?
By any chance, Kang Ho...?
Everything's ruined now.
Kang Ho went to see President Park and said to him,
"I already have a partner whom I'm going to marry."
"So I can't keep seeing Soo Jung anymore."
What are we going to do now, my son?
Didn't we say that Saekang Group was our only way out of the company crisis?
That boy, Kang Ho ľ has he gone mad?
Honey, please take Mother home now.
I'm fine by myself.
Kang Ho is here.
What did you mean by this, you child!?
Why are you hitting him?
What for?
Are you crazy?
Do you even have the right to call yourself a Baek?
However much you lack a conscience
How could you do such a thing under our circumstances?
Your father and I worked so hard to support this family!
If you really can't love her...
Then at least pretend to love her!
Fix up the problems first and then do what you want!
You heartless and cold-blooded bastard!
Never call me mother again!
From this day onwards, you are no longer my son!
You can't do that!
Mother, that's enough, everyone's looking now.
This is reallyů
Goodness gracious!
Brother ľ brother-in-law...
You had better quickly get inside.
It's me, Secretary Kim.
I'm about to go to sleep.
Have Manager Kim from the Engineering Department come see me.
I'm so sorry.
What are you doing?
That was enough for me.
Don't worry too much about the troubles of the company.
I'm sorry for you.
As a father, to have you do such a thing ľ I'm sorry.
I've been through worse troubles.
If you keep heart, nothing will ever be difficult.
So you don't have to worry.
We just need to sort out a few of the planning records.
So don't beat yourself up over it.
Dad, I'm really sorry.
All right, that's enough ľ you better go home now.
I need to rest.
It wasn't expensive, but it has my heart in it.
Nan Jung. Will you marry me?
He used to go out and buy jjajangmyun for me everyday.
It feels weird now that he doesn't come anymore, I'm not used to it.
You just had lunch, why are you eating instant noodles?
OhůI just always feel like eating for some reason.
Mom, can we get some sauce and seafood tonight,
and make something really spicy to eat?
You don't have to make beansprouts soup everyday!
If you want to eat something else, give me the money to buy it.
Or you could always go to the seaside and do some of your own fishing.
Mom! It's not like I told you to make galbi (seasoned beef) or anything.
Why are you so stingy?
Silly girl! Don't you know how expensive seafood is right now?
Reallyůhonestly ľ Eun Nim as well.
I'm so upset I can't even talk about it! Really!
We have to make our rent payments very soon as well!
And we've run out of rice so quickly too!
Even with your father's entrenchment funds,
how could there ever be enough for our family to spend?
Honestly, all you think about is money, money and money!
That's all you know!
That's right! I love money, what about it?
If there was anyone on earth who didn't like money,
make him appear before me right now!
Seriously, you're spitting on me!
I'm sorry.
I can't do it.
Only Eun Nim can help our brother-in-law.
That's the only thing you can do to save the company.
The company's in a really bad situation right now.
So pleaseůplease let my brother-in-law go.
Let him be with Saekang's only daughter Soo Jung.
I'm really tired too.
Why are you acting like this too? Why?
You're crying.
I'm not, why would I be crying?
You're obviously crying, and you're still saying that you're not.
What's wrong with you... just don't mind me.
Kang Ho didn't dump you, did he?
Getting fired from the company wasn't enough, was it? He had to dump you too?
That's not it ľ just leave me be.
Are we really experiencing poverty now?
What are we going to have for our next meal?
Mom, mom, mom!
What is it? What more good news is there?
No, Mom.
Whichever way I see it, I have a feeling that Kang Ho dumped Eun Nim.
What? That fast?
Why else would she be crying? She never cries!
Especially in front of us.
Eun Nim is crying?
I'm really disappointed with Kang Ho.
If he was just going to dump her,
why go through all the trouble to win her heart?
Eun Nim really was touched by Kang Ho.
This is too much.
However much you look down on people, you can't treat them like this!
It was so hard for her to join the company in the first place.
And she gets fired just because they said so.
Yes, even an earthworm will die when stepped on so many times.
Of course we can't just let it go.
What are you going to do, mum?
No. Why do you want to know the reason behind Miss Go leaving her job?
Butů how did you meet Miss Go anyway?
Eun Nim is my daughter.
What are you saying?
How could Miss Go be your daughter?
How could you say Miss Go is your daughter?
Isn't your daughter Nan Jung? Oh Nan Jung, Oh Nan Jung!
The child's name is Go, you don't even have the same surname!
At that timeů
It wasn't like something that mattered, so I never told you.
I remarried 20 years ago.
Eun Nim is my husband's daughter from his first marriage.
Ahjumoni, why don't you just tell me.
By any chance, our Eun Nim didn't get fired,
because of her relationship with Kang Ho, did she?
That's right. What about it?
You came all the way here to try and settle something like this?
Of all things, how could you trick me like this?
How could you be like this?
Mother, there could only be one reason.
That Nan Jung girl Kang Ho couldn't even stand.
So then she continues to scheme, getting Kang Ho to fall in love with Secretary Go.
That's not true! What do you mean by scheming?
I'm not that smart ľ I wouldn't even be able to think up such a plan!
There's nothing much to say about this.
Our family is in such a mess right now all because of Miss Go.
I beg you ľ I really beg of you to just leave.
So just because she happened to have come across Kang Ho,
you had to get rid of her, right?
I told you to leave already!
never come to our house again!
I don't want to come here again anyway, that's not the issue.
How could you do this?
It wasn't even spring, where one can nurture love ľ neither is it summer.
They're fighting through the wind and rain in winter,
and you're forcing them to isolate each other.
What on earth has our Eun Nim done wrong?
Is it a sin for two young people to fall in love with each other?
What are you doing still standing here? Hurry up and take this person out.
In this household, if Kang Ho really is the precious son whom you all cherish,
then our Eun Nim is likewise the same to us!
No, what kind of family...
Treats a man and woman who mutually love each other as if they've committed a crime?
Be quiet! I'm so sick and tired of this!
Stop being like this, will you?
Ignorant people who defy us like you will definitely be punished!
Punished, I tell you!
What's this she's saying?
She really can speak away on all sorts of tangents.
Let go! Let go of me!
Even if you didn't let me leave, I would have left anyway!
Let go!
Wait a minute!
Take this and give it to Secretary Go.
What's this? Why are you giving it to me?
It's alimony.
So from now on, don't let her meet Kang Ho ever again.
I saw her previously, and gave it to her.
But I don't know what she was thinking, because she refused to accept it.
She'll regret not having accepted the money later on.
So take it and give it to her.
What you're actually saying is...
To let everything go once she accepts the money.
You think this will solve everything? Don't you have any shame?
What do you take me for?
Too bad if you don't want it.
But alas, it was a generous amount indeed.
Let's go out to soak in the baths for a while.
You'll hurt your back if you keep lying down like this.
I'll pay for you!
That brother of yours is really something!
Our Soo Jung... Kang Ho already told her clearly that he didn't like her.
But she still insists on me making the investment.
Looks like Kang Ho is one extraordinary man!
Sorry about this.
It's not you who should be sorry.
It's a pity that your brother and my Soo Jung didn't work out.
But business is still business.
I've looked over the contract, and it doesn't look bad at all.
Butů I have one condition.
What is it?
That the sales rights for your production of rice cakes,
To become NETROT's main product,
will be given to my company ľ is that okay?
Sales rights to become NETROT's main product?
From what I seeů it's a fine product.
Of course that's fine ľ I personally am relieved for you to handle it anyway.
If it's going to go international,
all we need is to collaborate with the foreign companies.
That's right.
It's good that everything progressing so fast.
Then we'll just leave it at that, eh?
Thank you so much.
I will definitely work hard to meet your expectations.
I have good news.
Saekang Group will sign the contract.
Is this true?
It is.
I just met President Park and came here straight away.
But how did this happen?
It didn't work out with Soo Jung, I thought it would be impossible!
But President Park didn't see Kang Ho in a bad light at all.
He did have a condition though.
They want the sales rights for the rice cakes that Kang Ho organized to produce,
to sell as the main product for NETROT's international release.
No, this time it's us who should thank them now, for wanting to market our products!
Yes, so I agreed to his condition without seeking your permission.
You did well ľ you did well!
That's right ľ I must call President Park and thank him.
It's Baek Il.
Oh yes ľ hello!
Thank you ľ for deciding join the investment.
Not at all. It was only because it was definitely worth investing in.
Plus I get the bonus of sales rights of the rice cakes for NETROT.
It's a pretty good deal.
Seeing Kang Ho's honesty, it really reflects the future of Baeksan.
He was the main reason I decided to invest.
I thank you for your compliments.
Well, I hope to meet you very soon, so I can thank you in person.
Good work.
That's right ľ have you called Kang Ho?
No ľ I'm going to call him now.
He's not answering the phone.
Hey, it's me.
I'm calling you because of the acting preparations.
We're casting the protagonist right now, what did you think of Jang Mi?
Jang Mi?
No, she won't do!
She's young, beautiful, she's perfect for the role.
No, she isn't the type that I like.
You can't make your decisions just on the type that you like.
Instead of Jang Mi, I rather like Lee Yoon Hee better.
Can she act in weekend dramas?
She's only interested in movies.
Who does she think she is?
If you don't want her, then let the other one take the role!
It's not like there aren't any other actresses.
Then let's just make it Jang Mi.
Fine then.
I'll consider it.
You think carefully about it too.
Why don't we find an actress with potential, and good prospects ľ how does that sound?
That's not a bad idea either.
I'll go find an actress like that.
I'll email you.
Okay then.
What day and age is Lee Yung now? How infuriating!
Unni, isn't PD Bong coming today?
Is he busy?
No ľ why would he come here anyway?
Doesn't he usually come everyday?
He always interrupts our household anyway.
He'll take a walk and end up coming here.
Unniůthis is a small district after all.
You don't have to be so uptight about it.
We make good kimchi too.
That's right ľ you're right.
Our kimchi really is nice.
Don't we do a marvelous job making it all?
Oh my, what is Geum Ja unni doing here at this hour?
How have you been?
Unni, hello!
Do come in!
What is this bag for?
Just a few days ľ it's only temporary.
Isn't it refreshing?
He just drove past?
Why did he pretend he didn't even know me and just drive past like that?
What is it? Do you know him?
No, it's nothing.
Let's go.
- Please enjoy. - I'm back.
You've worked hard, Chul.
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
Just say it.
Our little Chul.
I'll work for the rest of the month, but I want to quit afterwards.
Soů you have time to look for someone else.
Noů what are you saying?
Now who's telling you they'd double your pay?
Is it that troublemaker person again?
No ľ this is a resignation.
I want to study and get a proper job now.
I see.
If that's what it is, then I can't really make you stay.
You think this will solve everything? Don't you have any shame?
What do you take me for?
Too bad if you don't want it.
But alas, it was a generous amount indeed.
What have I done? What have I done?
I've gone insane! Insane!
Too bad if you don't want it.
There's enough money to buy a house.
Don't go back ever again!
It was probably just a misunderstanding.
Ah! I've gone mad!
They've broken up anyway!
And there's money to take!
Since when did you have so much pride?
Aigoo! She put the money into my very hands and I didn't even take it!
I've gone mad! Mad! Mad!!
What should I do now? What should I do?
Mom, what's wrong?
Are you in pain?
Where did Eun Nim go?
She went to the baths with me and just came back.
What's up?
Get Eun Nim to come here for a second.
Actually no! No!
Don't call her, don't call her.
Eun Nim and I... we...
We definitely have no luck with money.
How can I get the money back?
It was in my hands, but then I threw it away!
Mom, what are you saying?
Nan Jung.
Your mother was feeling very upset.
So I went over to Kang Ho's place.
But then Kang Ho's mother gave me money, in order to keep Eun Nim away from him.
Are you serious?
This is making me mad! What's that supposed to mean?
So what did you do, Mom?
But your mother ľ being so mad at the time, said,
"What do you take me for?"
And then I threw the money back and came home.
I've gone crazy! Crazy!
Mom, you did great!
But what's wrong now?
I'm telling you ľ there was enough money to buy a house!
What? Enough to buy a house?
Thenůhow much was it exactly?
Even though I feel that way
Eun Nim refused the money.
They fired her just because they wanted to.
The two have broken up anyway.
And then there's still the alimony. The two have broken up anyway.
And then there's still the alimony.
What are you saying?
You went to Kang Ho's house?
Why did you go to Kang Ho's house?
What do you mean why?
I went because I was feeling so upset about you!
You were so hurt, I felt so bad!
I went to stand up to them a bit.
And I feel much better!
Mom, what did you think you were doing?
Don't you feel any resentment?
They just fired you because they felt like it.
And Kang Ho's mom offered money to keep the two of you apart!
Why didn't you take the money?
Everything's already ended like this.
You should have at least taken the money, you silly girl!
Eun Nimů
Eun Nim!
That's right... I just can't.
I can't bear see our Eun Nim suffer.
If it really hurts that much
Then just let everything go.
Dad ľ what else can I do?
Mother, are you going to the hospital?
Yoo Bin's dad said you had to go.
He works so hard in the mornings
Give him a call and tell him to come home and rest for a while.
Tell him I'm going to be staying at the hospital overnight.
How come you've come home? Did the doctors say you could leave?
Come sit down.
They let him stay at home for the day.
He was allowed to come home.
But Kang Ho ľ where did Kang Ho go off to?
How would he dare come home?
Even if he did come home, I would throw him out of the house anyway.
No! What are you saying?
It was because of what Kang Ho did that everything resolved so well.
What do you mean everything was resolved?
Today the President of Saekang,
asked for the sales rights of Kang Ho's rice cake production for NETROT.
And consequently decided to invest in us.
Is this true?
Noůjust then ľ this morningů
Didn't Kang Ho meet with President Park and told him he couldn't be with Soo Jung?
How comeů?
The potential international sales are an excellent prospect.
President Park was touched my Kang Ho's honesty.
And so was Soo Jung.
If it was any other boy, they would have made a business out of marriage.
He has now earned their trust because he was honest.
How on earth could something like this happen?
If only we knew things were solved this way...
Then we didn't have to put him through all of this.
What do you mean by that?
Ah, I don't know anything ľ ask the child's mother.
If I were he, I wouldn't ever want to return home.
Honey, what did Mother mean by that?
It's nothing.
I was just so upset this morning
So I got a bit angry.
Was I wrong to be angry?
The company was about to lose everything.
And he rebelled just because of a woman?
I was thinking of our family, I was thinking of what you said.
Is that still not okay for you?
Did it really happen?
Yeah. When Mother heard what Kang Ho did she got so mad.
She slapped him as soon as she saw him.
You don't know how scared I was.
That's why I'm a little worried right now.
If I were Kang Ho right now,
I might have wanted to leave too.
Of course, Kang Ho isn't that type of guy.
But this is the very situation he's in at the moment ľ in every way.
Even Eun Nim disagreed with him,
because the company was in trouble.
The number you are calling could not be connected.
Why isn't he answering the phone?
How come I can't get through to Kang Ho's phone?
He didn'tů
He wouldn't have any horrible ideas in his head, would he?
Grandmother, how could you think that?
Then let's call that place.
Miss Go's place.
Just to see if he's there.
Yes, Grandmother.
This is Yoo Bin's mother.
Are you with Kang Ho right now?
No, I'm not.
Ahůis that so.
Because we can't get into contact with him.
Do you know where he might possibly be?
Is that it?
Did something happen to Kang Ho?
No, nothing. Goodbye.
What is it? Did something happen to Kang Ho?
The number you are calling could not be connected.
Hey ľ where are you going?
Oh, just nearby ľ I'll be right back.
What happened?
Kang Ho, where are you right now?
Why didn't you answer my calls?
I came to see you ľ but how long have you been hiding from me?
Why are you in such a hurry to find me?
Because I couldn't find you!
Your family is very worried.
Why don't you go home now?
So you're saying...
That you called me just to say that?
Not because you wanted to see me?
That hurts ľ that's really mean.
Anywayůwhy don't you ring your family first?
I will.
As long as you tell me to, I'll do it whatever you say.
I'll do exactly that.
I'll hang up now then.
If the boy didn't even go to meet Miss Go.
Then where did he go?
Just take a seat for now ľ I'm sure everything's fine.
If you only saw what happened this morningů
Didn't you tell us not to say such things?
I heard his mother gave him a talking to.
Kang Ho wouldn't have such ideas in his head because of a few petty words.
Gave him a talking? Is that what his mother told you?
Kang Ho.
It's so cold ľ what are you doing outside?
What happened this morningů I apologize.
I even hit you.
I was too quick to act.
It was me ľ I deserved to be hit.
Just like what you said, Mom.
If I were thinking for the company, I wouldn't have acted like that.
No ľ you did well.
Saekang Group decided to invest.
Is that true?
Kang Ho is back.
Dad, Hyung ľ is this true?
That Saekang Group is investing?
Why didn't you answer the phone, everyone was so worried.
Come ľ sit down.
They wanted to have rights for your product to represent NETROT.
And that was the reason Saekang Group decided to invest with us.
Is that even better for us?
Of course it's better without the condition.
But it's not a bad condition either.
I've talked with President Park on the phone.
You've scored high points with him because of what you did for Soo Jung.
Because he liked your honesty, and so decided to invest.
That was his way of helping you in return.
That's how he put itů
But it was probably because Hyung's contract was too good an opportunity to resist.
That would be why he chose to invest.
Goodness, our Kang Ho has quite a hand in business.
Good work, Kang Ho.
Does this count as my having received the investment then?
Of course!
You got the investment!
Right, Sae Hun?
Right, Grandmother.
Then Father, that means you have to keep the deal.
Huh? You two made a deal?
The deal was that if Kang Ho got the investment,
then we will agree for him marry Secretary Go.
That won't do!
Even if you got the investment
If your brother didn't write the contract properly,
how could the investment have passed?
Isn't that right, Daughter-in-law?
You do have a point.
A deal is a deal ľ as long as you know that.
Father ľ thank you so much!
I have something to do now. I'll be going then.
Where is he going off to at this time of the night?
Where else would he go? You don't even need to ask.
Then he's gone to see Miss Go again?
Are you really going to let them be together?
Mother, why don't you just let it go.
No! That can't do at all!
You want me and Ae Rang to be family?
Huh? What do you mean?
Miss Go is Ae Rang's husband's daughter from his first marriage.
She shares the same father as Nan Jung, they're step-sisters.
That is a fact that somewhat irritates me too.
Stop sighing.
I'm the one who has the boring life.
Eun Nim... since we're both in such a bad mood,
why don't we do some drawing?
What? Draw? Why don't you just get some sleep?
Ahůbut why is the night so long?
I feel like eating something.
Better watch your weight.
You just had 2 bowls of rice.
I don't know why I'm always hungry, maybe it's the pressure.
Ah the boredom! The boredomů
Unni, both of you aren't asleep yet?
Hey ľ you came back empty-handed?
You could've bought us a pancake or something.
I was going to, but the stores closed.
I'll definitely buy you some next time!
That girlů
Since when has your skin become so harsh?
Want me to give you a mask?
Let's do a makeover!
Where did I leave my phone?
Ah ľ I must have left it at home.
Eun Nim!
Go Eun Nim!
What's that noise?
I think it's Kang Ho.
Kang Ho! It's so late! What are you doing here?
Look over there.
Kang Ho what are you doing?
You twoů
What are you guys doing?
Kang Hoů
Mother, Father-in-law.
I'm sorry that I came here so late.
Are you drunk?
No, I didn't drink a single drop.
Thenů what are you doing here now?
About thatůI have some good news.
My family have agreed to let me marry Eun Nim.
Thatůthat isůis that true?
Noůthat's impossible!
Please have some tea.
Thank you, Sister-in-law.
Your family was so opposed towards the two of you.
Our Eun Nim has many faults that can't meet up to your family's standards.
How could you say that?
It's not Eun Nim ľ the one with all the faults is me.
Your grandmother agreed? And your mother as well?
Yes ľ they will.
What does that mean?
What do you mean by they will?
Doesn't that meanů it's possible that they won't accept her?
My father has agreed.
My mother and grandmother can't go against him ľ don't worry about it.
Ahůis that so?
Wellů it's good that he can accept our Eun Nim.
From now on, I will definitely make Eun Nim happy.
And make sure she doesn't have to worry about anything else.
What are you doing?
Be careful ľ you might get hurt!
I'm so happy I think I'm going crazy!
Don't be like that. Tell me honestly.
Have they really accepted the two of us?
Reallyů you're still feeling the cold water. They have! They have!
Didn't I say that already? Just trust me on this!
It's just thatů it feels like a dream.
How could it be a dream? This is reality.
I wish I could just hurry up and marry you.
Butů if we wanted to get married soon, where should we begin?
I'll go online and check what we have to do when I get back home.
Eun Jung! You'd better go.
Unni ľ I'll be back on Saturday.
Okay then.
Okay ľ take care of yourself and beware of men.
Aigoo, really ľ what sort of things are you telling her?
- Dad, take care! - All right.
- Eun Jung ľ you take care too! - I will!
- Aigooůyou go out first. - Okay.
Aigooů really.
Yesterday I gave them such a scolding, how am I supposed to face them now?
They're actually going to get married, I guess we have to see each other.
I'm not going to see them even when it's time to meet them all.
Ask Kang Ho what we need to do when the time comes.
I'm worried to death even though they've allowed you guys to marry now.
Aigoo! Even though you're getting married, we can't just marry you off that fast!
If we send them blankets, shouldn't we wait until the feud is over?
If we are going to through with it, just do what you can depending on our situation.
No ľ what do you mean by situation? What's wrong with our situation?
All your reserved character has loosened.
You still have Nan Jung's debts, but there's not much left anyway.
Why are you bringing this up?
I'll do what I can, you don't have to worry too much.
Mom, what is there to worry about?
Will his family look down on us that badly?
They're all filthy rich, haven't you seen them in those TV dramas?
They'll definitely give us a generous red pocket.
Is that right?
Of course, Mom!
Since we're going to be related, they wouldn't let us suffer like this!
Is that right?
Of course it is!
Hey, where are you going now?
I'm going to wash up all the things from breakfast.
No, no ľ why are you doing that?
You don't need to do it.
I'll do all that kind of stuff, you go and put on a face mask.
You silly girl! Why are you giving me that face?
Come here, sit down. Sit! Sit here!
You! You're luck will disappear!
I'm going to work!
Okay then.
That child ľ honestly.
His father gave him permission to marry.
He looks so happy that he could die! He's so excited.
Mother, you're actually going to let her and Kang Ho get married?
Then what do you think we should do?
I'm going to work.
Yoo Bin's dad, I know you're busy,
but can you come here for a second before you leave?
Kang Ho says he's going to marry Miss Go.
This is a terrible thing, what should we do about it?
Looks like us two families don't get along very well.
Exactly. You don't feel it's right either, do you?
Sae Hun, why don't you try talking to your father about it.
That's right ľ try to convince your father.
He never listens to us.
You're the eldest son ľ he'll listen to you.
What? What did you want to tell me?
I heard that there was something we had to consider carefully.
Not long ago Soo Jong called to say that they wanted to invest.
Really? That's good.
Once one problem has been fixed, everything just gets so much better.
You've worked hard through this difficult period.
What is it? Is there anything else?
Father... about Kang Ho's getting married,
Grandmother and Mother think they aren't suited for each other.
They want you to reconsider.
Our families are both very different,
but Kang Ho loves her so much, how can I refuse him?
If there is anything else they aren't satisfied with, well, that is when we'll have to help.
Can't we just train her to be one of us?
That's true, Father.
They don't like anything about her, even how she worked as a secretary.
That! That's not her problem!
They just want to separate Kang Ho from her!
They insisted on her leaving the company.
I'm used to your grandmother and mother being like this.
How come you're talking for them now?
Didn't you marry your beloved, Yoo Bin's mother...
And you're living a wonderful life together with her, aren't you?
Kang Ho will live happily too.
We'll speak well of Secretary Go.
Hopefully that will ease the troubles of the rest of the family.
Can you do it?
Did you hear the news? Did you hear it?
What is it again?
Baek Kang Ho and Go Eun Nim are getting married!
Where did you hear that? Is it true?
If Kang Ho's news about getting married becomes public,
the President will definitely agree to their marriage!
That's trueůbut it can't beů
Reallyůhow could Eun Nim do this to me?
How could she just not say anything to me?
I didn't know until Kang Ho came!
Why would our Eun Nim tell you about it? Huh!?
Baek Kang Ho...
Are you and Eun Nim really getting married?
Kim Eun Na, aren't you coming to the meeting?
Oh! I'm coming, coming!
Grandmother! It's Kang Ho!
Ah ľ what is it?
I'm planning to visit you today.
Can we have dinner together?
Of course!
I just happen to have a day off, bring Eun Nim with you then.
Uh ľ it's not because something happened, is it?
Looks like Grandmother doesn't know yet.
Eun Nim didn't tell you?
Kang Ho your family agreed for you two to marry?
Ahů oh my goodness, how such a thing could happen!
Oh dear... okay, do come over soon then!
Oh my... thank you, thank you!
My goodness.. my Eun Nim!
Finally! Finally! Finally everything has ended!
She has suffered so much, now finally she can be happy with her own family.
I used to worry so much, it used to be such a burdenůbut now I can relax.
So now, they want to join as well?
They might invest as well?
Set a date for me first then.
Hey, it's me.
I really waited a long time until I decided to call you.
Why didn't you even give me a call?
I was going to call, but my brain was just filled up with all this work.
Thenů can we meet for lunch today?
Okay. Where do you want to meet?
Hurry up and find someone, then I can make contacts!
How come I haven't received even a single call?
Hello? Ah yes, hello!
I'm sorry ľ I haven't found her yet.
Well, obviously I need to find someone suitable who fits all the criteria, right?
I know you're worried.
They all have to wait a while, so just wait a little longer.
I'll find someone even better, I'll contact you right away when I've found someone.
Yes, yes.
Reallyů if only someone who could do this would appear right nowů
Wouldn't that be good?
What should I do?
Wait a minute ľ yes. OK, I'll go and find her and see how it goes.
Grandmother! I've come!
Ah good!
That was fast!
Ah, you've come, aigoo! Eun Nim hasn't come yet?
Just wait a while.
What's this?
I bought something for you before coming here.
I'm not sure whether you will like it or not.
Of course I like it! Aigoo, it's so nice!
You didn't have to buy it for me!
Quick, sit down, sit down!
Wait a minute, and I'll make you some hot tea.
You just wait for Eun Nim.
Hey! Eun Nim's here!
Who are you?
I am Lee Po Yong...
Go Eun Nim's grandmother's house, right?
Yes. Grandmother! You have a visitor!
A visitor? Who is it?
Grandmother! How do you do?
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