Next generation problem solvers

Uploaded by OUresearch on 05.03.2009

I think the key thing for us is to help students to become enthusiastic
about inquiry learning in science.
We'll be continuing our microclimate surveys today.
You choose where you think
the best place to put a new picnic bench in the school grounds would be.
Students are used to engaging with others through technology.
They use social networking sites, they use Wikipedia.
This activity guide takes them through the different steps,
through planning their investigation,
then gives them another web page where they can input the data.
Because they're able to share data with others in their class,
they're able to compare some of their data with class averages,
so they really have a sense of how you need
to interrogate data that you collect.
We're aiming to use these experiences to help us design
a customisable toolkit to support evidence-based inquiry learning
where we can design something that will be useful to many more teachers
than the ones we've already been able to involve.