Pacquiao vs. Bradley: The Philippines makes Predictions

Uploaded by poolboyinla on 02.06.2012

Let's find out if Filipinos think Pacquaio will still be champion.
Let's go.
Who do you think will win?
Why Pacquiao?
Because Pacquiao...
is handsome.
In every fight,
he always wins.
Are you sure?
Filipinos are strong.
Pacquiao seems to be in great condition.
He is a great boxer.
What do you think?
Why Bradley?
because he is very good and is undefeated.
Even if Pacquaio is Filipino, I won't root for him.
because his body is different.
He is big and has great abs
and his face is scary.
Speaking of looks...
you are much better looking than either of them.
Pacquiao is very good,
but Bradley is also vey good.
I don't know.
I just think it will be a good fight.
What do you think?