LineShow 2012 - MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S - News by

Uploaded by GeeksHive on 27.06.2012

The latest case has a mirror in front of the keys, you can point at everything that is in front of you, like this.
There is a handsome gentleman over here... Ops, there is a hand.
Just snap a picture. See, it is directly to your camara.
If you are already recording and you want to mask your screen, You can simple slide over...
Slide back and it is there...
It is the same thing as with the camera... I'm sorry with the video.
We also have the IPad version where the mirror is adjustable.
So if you're trying to have the perfect angle it is just a quick fiddle up and down.
Like I said, everything is seen directly to your camera, you can do whatever you want.
A lot of people use it for recording, to record yourself, for photos, videos, tutorials, for the children.
Does it continue recording when you black the screen?
Yes, it is a privacy experience, you can continue to take any videos, snap pictures and everything is right there.
Very simple settings are right here. It explains everything.
It has landscape and portrait modes, you can do both, you don't have to worry about having only one setting.