Just Say No To Boys : Glee S2 Spoof 1

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On the last season of Glee. Secrets were revealed.
I'm pregnant. And Puck's the baby's daddy.
New relationships were formed.
Artie I-I-I-I
Shut up bitch! I know you ain't got no stutter.
Finn and Rachel got togeher.
Wanna make out?
Giving Beth up is for the best baby mama.
Beth, just know mommy loves you... and mommy will completely disregard
your story line next season.
The New Directions sang and dance their hearts out at regionals...
*SINGS* Ohhhhhhh!!!
And they lost.
Well this sucks.
At least we're getting another year! *CHEERS FROM GLEE CLUB*
And that's what you missed on Glee!
Hello ladies and welcome to another G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B meeting. Now-
Yes, Brittany?
What does G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B. Stand for again?
Brittany I've told you three times already what it stands for.
Girls whose story lines revolves around their boyfriends.
Oh yeah.
Can't we come up with a shorter club name?
Why not?
Because I said so.
That's not fair.
Excuse me? Why are you talking? You know you're only allowed four lines
per episode. Do you really want to waste them having this pointless
Good. Now-
Sorry I'm late girls!
What are you doing here, Berry?
I'm here for our annual G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B meeting.
What do you mean why?
Finn dumped you.
I wouldn't say dumped per se. Finn and I are on ... a temporary break.
You're broken up.
Don't remind me!
And this is what brings me to the topic of our meeting. Ladies. We've
become pathetic.
What do you mean?
Think about it. All we do all day long is obsess over our boyfriends.
Arite has cute glasses... he reminds me of a turtle...
Quinn, we're all simply in love. I wouldn't go as far as saying we're
Really? Need I remind you of what you were doing last night?
Rachel? Is that you?
I-I ... t-that was-
Pathetic. I know.
I'm not obsessed with Mike.
You are with his abs.
Their so perfect... and so Asian.
And what about you Brittany. Have you completely forgotten about your
best friend.
Sup Brittz?
Do I know you?
Brittany? It's me Santana.
Your best friend.
Hey look! There's Artie!
Bye Helga!
Haha! Weeeee!
It's ... Santana.
Well, Ms. Perfect! What about you and Sam?
I'm not obsessed with Sam.
No. I don't want a boyfriend. I'm independent and I want to stay that
way. I don't need you. We are not gonna date.
So our next date will be at the movies on Friday. Pick me up at
seven, don't be late.
Well, she did hold out for half an episode.
That's impressive.
It's pathetic.
Okay fine! We're all pathetic! Even me.
Well, that stops today!
We don't need men ladies! Our characters can
develop without the help of our boyfriends!
Yeah! We need to change and change is what we're going to do!
Oh my God. Are you President Obama?
Are you like in disguise right now so no one will find out who you
Britt, that's not Obama. She's Tina.
That's what he wants us to think.
We're going to show this high school that girls need not to be
codependent on their boyfriends. We can have a story line that doesn't
revolve around them! We are independent! Are you ladies with
Um girls...
Sam looks so cute. I wonder if he's been practicing on his prom king
acceptance speech.
Finn is adorable. He's gonna look so charming in the tuxedo I pick
out for him on our wedding day. Which takes place in five years,
three weeks and twenty one days from now.
I wonder how fast his wheelchair will go on a roller coaster track
... with me in his lap... that would be super hot.
Um... guys? Are you okay?
Rachel? What's going on?
Be my baby daddy!
Hi Mercedes!
Tator tots.