pARTyzant guitar tapping lesson 1

Uploaded by partyzgit on 29.11.2008

As I promised I'll show you the basics of two handed tapping on the base of " Hit the road Jack"
First one must to supress strings
because left hand's job is not only playing notes but also supressing unplayed strings
To supress strings you need to put the first finger on strings not pressing them
If you put and press between frets
the string will ring, that's what we don't need so just put finger slightly
It's time to start to play the note ,
in our song it is C - 3rd fret on A string
Hit the note near the fret, not on the fret
Hiting near the fret sound will be full and rich
You must remember to also supress the other strings with this finger at the same time
Now we'll add rest of notes of the song
Rememmber to supress unplayed strings
The right hand we'll play 2 notes
we will create accompaniment
Remember to hit the notes near the frets
The first finger of left hand keeps supressing strings
The important thing is also that the right hand's finger
shold be perpedicular to the neck as possible as not to supress the other strings
You shouldn't hit with bent fingers as they supress other strings
but if we play accompaniment using those strings they won't be heard
That's why it's necessary to put fingers perpedicular from the very beginning
To make sure the left hand makes good supress let's do an exercise
We're gonna be playing accompaniment by left hand ,
and right hand will hit the supressed strings
That's all for today
Next time I'll show you how to play the theme