Newbie Geocaching 101

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RAYMOND: What are we doing?
>>> CAREY: You’re going to find out. I’m a little in the dark.
>>> REINI: Technically they’re still muggles
>>> CAREY: Reini said I’m a muggle
>>> REINI: What do you think is going to happen when we go out today?
>>> MAGGIE: We’re going to find some treasure.
>>> REINI: Here I am today in my favorite park with some of my favorite people
This is Carey Steingraber and her two kids.
>>> CAREY: This is Raymond and Maggie. I have a feeling that we’ll try and go find
some treasures, hopefully nothing that is too intense with a 3 and a 7 year old.
>>> REINI: So the blue dot is where we are. So we have to go toward the park.
>>> RAYMOND: That would be that way.
>>> REINI: I think they’re going to love it.
You know, what I love about the whole thing is that you don’t know what is going to
>>> KAITLYN: One of my friends showed up at school one day wearing a Geocaching t-shirt
and I was like, “What is Geocaching?”
>>> POOJA: I heard about it from my friend Adam, and I’ve been Geocaching with him
once. >>> ADAM: I’m Adam Long, also known as adaman797
on We’re going to go look for a nightcache.
>>> POOJA: I’m excited for my first real Geocaching experience.
>>> ADAM: Basic gear, I have a GPS.
>>> KAITLYN: Time for an adventure!
>>> JOHN: John Schultz. I’ve been doing this since late 2005, and I just hid my 700th
hide two days ago.
>>> ANGIE: My name is Angie and my Geocaching name is MissAmerica1.
That was my 10,000th find.
>>> CAREY: Are we going in the right direction?
>>> REINI: Yep, so see remember we were back here?
See we have to go all the way out here and that is where the cache is.
>>> CAREY: Ooo, okay we’re getting closer.
>>> RAYMOND: Let’s run!
>>> REINI: Advice for new people… I would say just get out there.
Find someone who has done it before.
>>> JOHN: First one, don’t rush into hiding your first cache for a while.
Be patient. You may not have good luck in those first few weeks or months of caching.
>>> ANGIE: And, you know, going to Geocaching events you’ll end up teaming up with other
caches and be able to travel with them and get maybe more caches and get more experience.
>>> ADAM: And so now we’re just following this trail of white reflectors.
>>> POOJA: This is really exciting. Yeah.
>>> KAITLYN: Well there’s a park up ahead, on the right.
I bet that is where we’re going.
>>> ADAM: Yeah, because most Geocaches are on public property so
GPSes are currently only accurate to within 20 or 30 feet so for a normal Geocache, once
you get within 20-30 feet, it’s best to just start searching.
>>> REINI: 18, 17, 16…
>>> RAYMOND: I found it!
>>> REINI: You found it? Good job!
>>> CAREY: I mean to be out in nature too with the kids and doing something fun and
you know, keeping them motivated with a prize at the end is great and kind of being a part
of something pretty unique, so we’re excited.
>>> ADAM: Sometimes you can’t even see them you just have to feel with your hands and
a piece will – like something will come off and you’ll be like, “Oh that’s the
cache” So one rule about Geocaches is that they actually
cannot be buried. I think that’s our logbook.
>>> KAITLYN: I didn’t expect Geocaching to be urban.
It was really satisfying.
>>> ADAM: They did great.
>>> KAITLYN: It’s so easy, I don’t see why everyone isn’t Geocaching.
>>> CAREY: I’ve been a muggle my whole life, so I’m okay with letting it go now.
>>> RAYOND: My favorite part was about looking for it.
>>> CAREY: Open your mind and explore and just kind of go with it I guess.
>>> REINI: Find the cache that’s nearest your home and just go for it.